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Mayra, anal debut


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on: May 26, 2019, 08:41:01 AM
After some time of that fiery first sexual encounter between Mayra and Carlos, both of them had avoided each other for days, uncomfortable with the way things had turned out. But after a few weeks they had had a new meeting in which Carlos had delighted the precious woman by making her scream with pleasure, penetrating her in various positions, ejaculating on her in each orgasm, giving her to drink her semen, something that she had discovered, she adored, she marveled at the flow of semen from her great cock, but there was still something that began to obsess both.

Carlos's dick and Mayra's beautiful ass were like opposing magnetic poles, their attraction was evident, and the encounter between the two inevitable evil in spite of the modest Mayra, who resisted any kind of insinuation of Carlos about sodomy. They were made for each other, Mayra's white rounds were the mecca, the paradise for the boy's potent penis, and the ardent carnal desire of both would see their summit in the anal encounter. Even if it happened by chance, on a quiet Porteo night.

Mayra was adorned with papers, contracts and her mailbox overcrowded, it was 8 p.m. and she needed coffee, she left her office with her corporate cup in hand, and took the hallway to the coffee machine, but she went on to the kitchen to wash the container, the whole floor was silent, as was customary at this time, the most backward employees were retiring 7:30. The door was open, he entered and prepared to rinse his cup.

Carlos, whose desk was in the center aisle next to the elevators, knew that only his lover was left on the entire floor, so he had left his post and was creeping towards Mayra's office hoping to find her ready for a sexual encounter when he heard footsteps in the kitchen aisle. She took that course silently, and as she entered she rested for a minute under the frame of the door admiring her without her noticing her presence.

Seeing the beautiful woman with her back to her back, semi-recumbent on the sink once again ignited the boy's desire for her bulging butt, she wore a wool sack, over one of her white shirts that always betray her beautiful breasts, a skirt not too short, below the knees, made of soft cloth, perhaps silk, which magnificently contoured his legs, fitted beautifully to his waist and hip, finely drawing his slender figure and moderately insinuating the thong that hid half his precious buttocks. Overwhelmed by her beautiful roundness, he did not hesitate to approach, taking her decisively from behind, clutching her hips and supporting her already bulging pelvis in the midst of her candid roundness, repressing Mayra's attempt to turn around, surprised to find herself suddenly groped.

Mayra did not hesitate even for a moment to know who was the daring one who touched her, she suppressed a slight access of fury when she felt oppressed when she tried to turn around, and soon assaulted by desire let herself be done, loosening the tension.

The boy's hands passed from his waist to his legs describing the very pronounced but harmonious curve described by his hips, sliding gently over the cloth, his penis progressively taking its usual consistency, rubbed insistently in the middle of Mayra's buttocks making her vagina secrete the first flows.

Soon Carlos, overwhelmed by desire, raised his skirt discovering the charms of the woman, put aside the thin white tanguita, whose thin and tight edges sank only in the warm skin of his hip, marking it with a soft rozagante tonality, penetrated the already perfectly lubricated vagina of Mayra, in short and regular intervals, helped by her that curved her back supporting both arms extended on the table and opening her legs in relaxed attitude received the member with great pleasure, sheltering her object of devotion, giving her all her heat. Little by little Mayra with unbridled feeling full her vagina was frenetically twisted with great speed by moments, and then hitting with force but slowly her buttocks against Carlos when reaching an orgasm, that flooded the boy's cock with its juices, making drops of white flow furrow their testicles arriving some to fall until the floor, staining the gray carpet.

The boy saw not without a quota of suspicion his faithful lover as in a trance, getting pleasure from him in a selfish way, ignoring him, he saw his almost mature blonde self-satisfied, as if masturbating frantically with his penis, making him feel like a great itinerant dildo. This decided him to act. Suddenly and taking Mayra for her fine light hair, she began to move her hips fiercely towards her, making her release forced snorts, straightening her a little with each onslaught, and when she had her pubis leaning almost against the cold marble of the counter, kicked a bench to them and taking Mayra's left leg below the knee, without abandoning the penetration, lifted it up to rest her foot between one of the legs of the bench, with the intention of seeing her venous dick come in and out of the elongated pussy of her pretty whore.

Carlos took Mayra by her narrow waist admiring the beauty of her nudity, dominating the cadence of the sexual act, when at a certain moment, having softened her hip movements until almost stopping, she withdrew her penis from her lover's vagina and without looking, pointed the tip of her scrotum towards Mayra's delicate sphincter, hidden even among the immaculate carnal walls that conformed her buttocks.

Mayra had feared this ending, but the sexual ecstasy in which she found herself prevented her from reacting, allowing Carlos to continue, she felt the boy's alienated penis make its way through the middle of his buttocks, which without offering resistance, gently opened up before the determined passage of the lubricated phallus to his anal orifice, which reacted in regular periods of contraction and relaxation, in a kind of heartbeat at the first contact with the tip of the glans. He felt his ass in a strange way, now it did not produce rejection, a scorching heat overwhelmed his anal area and was accentuated with each of the involuntary periods of contraction and relaxation that in his sphincter had given rise to the situation.

Carlos, once he had settled in and spliced his dick whose head was hidden in the middle of such beautiful buttocks, longed to penetrate it and fill it with his milk, but he took a few moments, perhaps hoping for a reaction that never came, and on the contrary, he saw how Mayra tensed his body a little, and leaning over the counter, leaning his arms behind the sink, his left knee on the bench and stretching his right leg until he stood on tiptoe, he waited placidly for penetration.

Disconcerted by this new sensation, Mayra let herself be carried away by the sense of curiosity provided by the new experience she would now live. She accommodated her body for Carlos, giving him all her attention and with all her senses focused on her rectal channel. She felt of moments her burning ass, a burning heat forced her to contract her anal circle, that then involuntarily relaxed making her feel that it widened more and more, in uncertain waiting of the contact that did not arrive, to feel again the irrepressible necessity to contract her rectal muscles, for longer and longer periods, almost tremblingly, repeating them rapidly until that incomprehensible feeling took hold of her, and her ass loosened again languidly, longing for that physical contact that Mayra unconsciously associated more and more with a penis. Given her condition, Mayra became more aware of her predisposition, determined to anal penetration and feeling somewhat strange but willing to be sodomized, she exclaimed:

"-I don't know what you've done to me, but I want to offer you my ass. Take it," she added, "and fall prey to the desire that the sensation in her hot ass caused her:

"-I want to receive your virility, I want you to sodomize me and obtain the maximum pleasure from me, take me and satisfy your desire, discharge all your manhood in my ass."- It ended almost in whispers, looking at his eyes sideways, as if ashamed.

Carlos, perplexed by the discourse but tremendously excited by those words of his female, unexpected and well received symbols of absolute surrender, was in the most marvelous climax and with infinite pleasure again stopped his head spliced in the middle of the great and delicious buttocks of the beautiful Mayra, making contact with the dilated and latent circle of his anal sphincter; on the verge of immersing herself in the ultimate pleasure, that which is only found sodomizing a beautiful lady willing to be one, in the very midst of the most powerful kind of orgasm that any man can offer, and which only a woman, when offering herself for the first time, can receive; she pushed her thick cock towards the bottom of the precious maiden's ardent ass, thus sealing forever the bond that united them since their first encounter and that could no longer be broken...

Although this story is a new fantasy, it is very similar to lived experiences, and for that reason it is dedicated to those little ladies that I had the luck to love, and to those that perhaps are still in my way.


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