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My wife started me on anal sex.


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on: June 12, 2019, 04:02:52 PM
After much insistence on my part, one day my wife accepted that we practice anal sex but with conditions.

That night, I was looking forward to the moment, while we were making love, she sat on my cock with all of it inside her vagina and said to me: "Love, you are going to fulfill your dream but promise me that later I will be able to ask you what I want in return", before that proposal and very excited as I was, I did not hesitate to say yes.

With a certain tone of mystery and a malicious look in his eyes, he said to me, "Watch the moment well..." he got up on his knees, took my cock with his hand and slowly lowered his body until he placed my glans in the same anus. It was exploding with pleasure, it seemed that the time had not come to penetrate it. He looked into my eyes, smiled at me, and slowly closed his eyes as he sat on my stiff dick. The year did not take long to yield to the pressure of my glans and I could feel clearly how that year so desired was opened to embrace all my glans. My wife bit her lips and I could barely contain my run. He got up again, taking my glans out of his interior before my despair... "Are you enjoying love?" he asked me with a certain air of evil, like someone who hides something... "Yes, of course I am..." he said to him, he promised me again that you will do what I want... "I promise you, I promise you." I said to him wishing to put my cock back into his anus.

Again, with an exasperating slowness, he sat down on my glans, he placed it in his anus and again, very slowly he introduced it whole...he took it out again and put it back in with more and more rhythm but never beyond the glans. I was about to explode and she knew it. "You promise me, don't you?" she said again. "Yes, my love, I'll do whatever you ask. Everything."  Then, with a single blow he sat down on my stiff cock and this one was introduced whole in his ass that I noticed tight, she bit her lips and said "It hurts but I endure, it hurts me" at the same time began a strong movement with which I was literally riding, my cock came in and came out whole of his ass opening his anus wide open. I shouted to each attack that she gave herself by putting my cock up to the eggs and taking it out again until she made me explode in a bullfight so big that all my semen came out under pressure from her anus wetting my eggs...the sheets....

"It's time to pay for my love." I said, now it's my turn to do what I want. That's what we had agreed on and I saw that my wife was more morbid than usual.

He blindfolded me with a handkerchief and made me face down.  "I'll give you a massage you'll never forget." It said. I let myself be done, I still didn't believe that I had fucked her and that she had enjoyed it.

He began to massage my back, from time to time he caressed my anus and my eggs, this he does often because he massages me many times. I kept putting oil on my back, on my buttocks, it seemed that accidentally the oil reached my anus in great quantity, I had it practically flooded.

She kept caressing my body by brushing it with hers, her tits passed over my back and I got excited again and my dick, again, was ready to be mounted. He made me look at his anus, "Look how you've left it to me," he said, "as you like it, open and dripping milk." That vocabulary was unbecoming of my wife but I admit that I was very excited to hear her talk like a whore.

He put me back on my stomach and put a pillow on my hips, sank his mouth on my buttocks and began to lick my anus with fury and passion, his mouth was full of oil but he didn't care. I would put the tip of my tongue into my anus and I would twist with pleasure. This I did many times, the truth is that I hadn't thought about my promise or what he intended to do.

So I was, with my ass and my eggs in front of her, blindfolded again, when she said "Don't move, I want to collect my favor." I didn't know what he meant, but I didn't care, I was very excited.

I heard some noises and soon I noticed that she was approaching, "raise your hips more" he said, in doing so he put more cushions on the pillow so that I was practically on four legs resting my head on the mattress and ass in front of her.

I noticed that he settled behind me and again his tongue passing through my anus, with one hand he began to masturbate me slowly as he introduced his tongue into my anus. He laid a finger on his anus and introduced it slowly, this he did many times as well. Suddenly he let go of my cock and I felt something strange in my anus, I immediately noticed a finger of his and again that strange touch "You can't move, you can't touch". He ordered me.

Again that unknown thing leaned on my anus, I noticed a big pressure and tried to retreat "Quieto! You owe me." He ordered. Then, that thing tightened with force the entrance of my anus to whose pressure it did not resist opening of blow and besieging as an enormous finger entered my anus.  "Don't worry" he told me... that came from inside with relief on my part. "What is it?" I asked him, "You'll know." I felt again how it rested on my anus and this no longer offered resistance by letting it enter about three centimeters, I recognize that I began to like. Whatever it was, it was like five minutes playing in and out and I started to enjoy it.

My wife, meanwhile, was masturbating again and I was already excited between her caresses on my cock and that piece that entered a few inches into my anus. "Do you like love?" she asked. "Yes, I like it. What is it?" I implored him.

Without answering me, I thought I was breaking in two, in one stroke I felt my anus and my sphincter open and something huge went inside me, I shouted "It hurts, it hurts me What is it? Take it out," she tried to take it away from me but she stopped me. "Hold on, I've held..."

That came out of me and came back in. It didn't hurt so much anymore, I even started to like it. Slowly I felt like I was getting fucked in the ass, again I asked "What is it?" and she said coldly "It's a huge dick that's deflecting your ass." I was perplexed, was there another man in our bed? Was an uncle fucking me? It didn't look like a dick because it was cold.  My wife took my handkerchief and said lie on your back. You can see what you didn't imagine. My wife had placed a latex cock with harnesses on her waist and was fucking me with it. "Did you like it, motherfucker? Do you know what it feels like to get your ass kicked?" He just sat on my stiff cock and with a single blow he shoved it up his ass, "Fuck me screaming, break my ass motherfucker" While riding on my cock he took the vibrator off his waist leaving it on the bed. I took it and I said "let's fuck the two of us", with a little effort I put it in my anus and she took care of moving it while I rode exploding again in an incredible orgasm.


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