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on: June 07, 2019, 03:36:21 PM
My name is Tania..., I am currently 18 years old and I am Venezuelan, what I am going to tell you, happened to me four years ago, in the last party between high school classmates after graduating from high school in a house which they rented for meetings, it is worth mentioning that this was not the graduation party, it was the last matinee (party between young day students), I had a boyfriend named Arturo.

I want to describe myself, so that you have an idea of how I am, my skin is light brown, short straight black hair, brown eyes, by that time, I was beginning to have a woman's body, a characteristic of all women in my family is that we have something big buttocks, although my breasts were not large and are not currently, I was a very lucky girl with boys, In the parties they always wanted to dance with me, in the breaks they always looked for me, apart from the characteristics mentioned before, my relatives and close people said that I was pretty, being very popular brought me problems with Arturo, he became jealous, even though I always made it clear that I was not an easy girl, who had multiple boyfriends, until leaving high school, he was my only boyfriend.

Now I remember and I laugh a lot, which is innocence, here we dance a lot of merengue and salsa, it's worth noting that we dance very close, when I danced with any of the boys, I felt like penis began to harden, I was calm because I was pleasant, today I understand that is normal at that age, especially in boys, so Arturo almost did not leave me sitting at any party, so that no one else danced with me.

On one occasion, two friends of mine and me after school, around three o'clock in the afternoon, Arturo and two friends of his, (who were the boyfriends of my two friends), invited us to the apartment where one of the boys lived, at that time there was no one at home because the parents and older siblings were in other activities, whether at work or university, the girls thought it was a matinee, but it was something else, which I will tell you.

When we arrived, we sat near the television and the owner of the house made a movie, had a name like backdoor or something similar, and there were several relatively short stories, but they made emphasis and one of the stories, where the protagonist was a virgin and the boyfriend asked her for a proof of love, and she told him not to,    because I wanted to become a virgin to marriage, the fact is that the boyfriend convinces her that there is a way to make love without losing virginity, and begin to have anal relations, well the rest of the film can be imagined, we left the apartment at about five, my mind was full of questions and strange thoughts.

From that moment Arturo began to insinuate that we had anal sexual relations, I always told him that not until the day of the party mentioned at the beginning, after dancing for a long time, Arturo led me to a somewhat lonely place for us to kiss, there were three doors, one was a ladies bathroom, another a gentleman's bathroom and a third closed with a lock, after many kisses, and certain hand passes, Arturo approached the door closed with a lock, to my surprise, had the key, I do not know how he got it, it was like a kind of deposit, there were empty sheds, stacked tables and chairs, I immediately imagined their intentions, and I did not refuse.

Today I see that energy tends to have the boys at that age, it was the first time of both, and Arturo was nothing tender, I rather seemed desperate, of course, had no experience, we did not address words, we both imagined where everything would take us, I loosened the mail from my pants and lowered the zipper, he did the same, we lowered our pants a little lower than the knees, and he put on my back, by instinct and remembering something from the video I leaned forward, opened my legs (which allowed the pants), pulled my buttocks out, and without any artificial lubricant, Arturo pushed his hard penis in my ass, introduced it completely, I do not remember having had another pain so intense in my life, but it was rich, Arturo ended twice in a row, now I know that boys at that age have that faculty, that scene is recorded in my mind forever, I still remember it as if it was yesterday, in the following days, the pain in my ass was strong, hard as a week, but then came other experiences, I hope to tell them in the future, if you like send me your comments to my e-mail, if you want to add some photo, better collect them.    Bye.....


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