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Title: As strange as it may seem
Post by: WilliamFloyd on June 08, 2019, 04:45:20 PM
I'm just writing to tell you that the same thing happened to my girlfriend.

The only difference is that he really blamed me, and even if you don't believe it, it's a really strange feeling. I clarify for anything that I don't like men, however since we bought a belt with a "cock" we have done amazing things. I must say that I bought this device in a sex-shop in the USA, because in the city where we live there is none. We live in an area of beaches in Mexico, and although everyone is very horny because we have not discovered any of these stores.

First we try it on her because there's no point in lying. My penis isn't as big as it is that it's at least 25 cms. I've always fantasized about seeing how my girlfriend's hot is fucked with a big cock, so we started me putting on my belt with my cock and I fucked her as if she was my own; although it seems to be a lie it was exciting to see that she ate all that piece, when she had to sit alone on it cost her a little work, however when I fucked her as a dog only screamed as loquita that I fucked her stronger.

She and I had tried some bisexuality on me before when one day she stuck a candle up my ass. I felt that my dick stopped more and became thicker, and apart is an incredible feeling to feel an object in your ass.

About 6 months ago one day he told me that now we had to change roles, so he lay me on my stomach and gave me a strong spanking, I felt a burning pain but I began to warm up like a whore. She told me to stay like this while she "dressed up." I knew what I was going to do, so even against my will my dick started stopping and lubricating incredibly.

When I went back to bed he told me to turn around and without being able to do anything else he grabbed me by the nape of the neck and put his "penis" in my mouth, starting almost immediately to pump me...? I did not know what to do, on the one hand my mind said that I was doing a blowjob when in fact I was the one who should be doing it, and on the other hand I could not stop feeling the joy of a cock in my mouth, big and with many nerves, I think she realized that I had at her mercy, because I take it out of my mouth and bring it to my penis, the truth, which certainly flowed many juices. I smeared it a little bit and put it back in with a single stroke. There I was, like a whore sucking her dick that now had a little bit of milk. The truth is, that made me even more than a thousand. I just looked up to see his eyes as he kept sucking, passing my tongue around, imagining that what ran through my tongue was a real penis.  Her eyes were narrowed, I imagine that just as I put them when it's my turn to suck me off. Finally, after having me suck it for a while, I forced myself to turn around, and get "doggy to doggy". In fact his words were:

- Turn around, you little bitch! Now you'll see how good it is to be caught by a dog!

I said no, it would surely hurt me a lot because I had already put something in, but never something so big and so thick. Your only comment was to give me a very strong spanking and tell me to shut up... The truth is that I wanted her to do it, but when I said no and she forced me to do it, I felt more excited; it was almost as if she was raping me.

I just felt as if with one hand I was beginning to caress my ass and opening with the other my buttocks. I felt something warm run between them until I got to my ass. I assumed it was oil, which I really appreciated because I couldn't imagine being able to hold that piece of plastic up my ass without any lubricant no matter how much I wanted it.

She was like a stranger, spanking me saying:

- that rich ass you have, your buttocks are hard and now you'll see how rich it is to have inside a cock ..... began to tap me on the buttocks with his piece, and that only made me more excited, I passed it between the buttocks but without putting it on my ass.

The moment came when that movement had me like crazy, and I began to beg him to put it in me, to fuck me with his dickNo more, he told me

- Okay, get soft because I want to put it all in (even her voice was different).

She started to push me and I just felt my ass open, really hurting ...... luckily as I also have already fucked her out there knows it hurts, so she stopped and her attitude changed. She told me to move by myself, that she would stay still, that I could put whatever I wanted.

I stood still for a few moments while my ass got used to having that thick object inside it. In those moments the length wasn't important so I didn't worry about it.

after a few moments I realized that I myself was grabbing my dick and I was making a very rich jacket. She realized it too and started pushing her penis a little bit more. I didn't even complain anymore, in fact, the moment came when I started to back out on my own just like she did to him.  I wanted to have more of that inside of me. But there's a limit to everything, and mine came too. She kept on pumping me but without going beyond that point, which I thought was just the tip because it did hurt but I never thought I could get in more.

- Turn around my little bitch that now you're going to nail yourself ....said this lay face up and with one hand grabbed the false dick, standing at his 25 cms. I as was and without thinking I said yes, and I approached squatting bringing my ass closer to her.

I started to sit down and I thought I was breaking, it was too big but still I felt my ass open when I enter the head. I in all this trance had not stopped masturbating so when I felt like I filled my ass and I realized that it was as if my girlfriend was the one who fucked me I came, pouring milk as few times. When I was sitting on top of her the little milk reached her tits, and even her mouth that had her open and logical that she swallowed a little. after that I got down from her penis, she approached mellow and gave me a pacifier on my penis, finishing cleaning it.

And with a sensual voice he said to me:

- You're my little bitch, and after I've put it in you, I know I'll keep doing it.

I asked her how much she had really put me in and she told me as I continued caressing my cock that when I sat on it I had swallowed it all... I think that was a detonator because feeling her tongue in my penis and hearing her say that made me come again, which she used to bring her tongue back and this time if I get all my milk in her mouth.

That was the first time, and although we have not done many more if I can assure you that I enjoyed it.

I know that many women will find it strange, but I assure you that if you do it carefully, and at the right time your man will thank you. I am fascinated by my girlfriend, I am excited about the way women, I have nothing against anyone but I do not like men. And I know that there will be more than one that would like to do so with your boy, why don't you write me and we'll talk about it?