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My friend Miguel


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on: June 09, 2019, 05:18:46 AM
I've been thinking about it for a long time: I know I can't forget my bisexual side.

I'm 30 years old, and for the last 10 years I've had an occasional relationship with another guy like me. Nothing serious or prolonged, just the moment. I consider myself heterosexual, that is, I really only like women: the touch of their skin, their breasts, their buttocks, the taste of their pussy, but I can't (and don't want to) reject the idea of being able to caress another penis, of having a friend with whom to maintain something more than a good friendship. I don't have an idea formed in my head about this "accomplice", neither his face, nor his physique, I'm only interested in him being morbid and having a good tail so that I can blow him. The idea excites me very much.

I met him a few years ago through a contact in a gay magazine. I had no experience with men, but the idea had been around for some time and, although I had a girlfriend, I didn't want to stay with the desire.  We had a day to have a drink at around 8 pm and, after the typical initial conversations, we decided to go "for a ride in the car".

We arrived at a place near the sea and decided to move to the back seat, and once there, we began to caress each other over the clothes, chest, thighs, package. The truth is that we had it both very hard, and I was dying to see another penis up close, so I took the action and pulled his dick out of his pants. It was super exciting to have a hot, hard dick in my hand that wasn't mine. Without hesitation for a moment, I jumped on her and started sucking on her. At first I didn't like its taste, but as I passed my tongue I liked it more.

I sucked his cock from his eggs to the opening of his glans until he told me he was about to explode. Then I put the ring finger in my mouth and smeared it with saltwater I put it in the anus without too much problem while with my other hand I continued masturbating that my first cock. His bullfight didn't take long, he twisted trying to swallow my whole hand in his ass while the first squirts of semen surfaced from his glans. It was fantastic.

The smell that emanated, the jolts that I felt in my hand with the one that grabbed his member. Then he was the one who pulled out my dick by taking off my shoes and pants. She gave me a blowjob like my girlfriend had seldom done, and no doubt with much more imagination. He was salivating both my cock and my eggs and, turning around and lowering his head, he invited me to penetrate him. All of a sudden I put half a dick in his ass and, although it hurt a little, he was more excited than ever. Miguel was just pushing back and wagging his ass, and I was enjoying it like I'd never done before. I was pumping for very little time, because my eggs were asking me to dislodge, so in a pelvic blow I introduced my dick to the deepest part of Miguel while I squirted inside him.

Miguel was twisting and his dick began to release again sperm threads dirtying the upholstery of the seat. It was a fantastic discovery. I liked and enjoyed the experience very much. We met a couple of times more, but as I did nothing but call me at all hours I was quite overwhelmed.

I did not want a "boyfriend", I wanted and desire, a friend without ties, a heterosexual with concerns, with his life done, not to give me problems, is there a friend like that among the visitors of this fantastic website?


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