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Bisexual dating from a chat


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on: June 25, 2019, 01:30:40 PM
Hello again, this is not my first story but I must admit I haven't written in a while. I'll put you on background. I'm Spanish, 36 years old, I basically do it with aunts but I love to do it with a guy from time to time. It's pure morbidity, most of the time without penetration, but I love it.

I had several experiences with men, most of them bisexual like me, but it's difficult. My bisexuality is a secret that I share with a few people in my circle and I can't afford to go out and get caught like nothing's going on.

It makes me feel good. We started to fantasize. What if you came to the hotel? How would you like me to wait for you? "With a bathrobe and nothing underneath, or maybe nothing directly". I propose you come, we put a movie on the porn channel and we jerk off and... whatever comes up. Okay, but he tells me that he's gay, that his thing is morbid. Last test, call me in the room.  I want to hear you... Good vibe, you tell me: no kissing or hugging. I know myself and once hot I'm camaz almost everything but he seems to have clear that no, better, the cards face up.

I hang up the phone and I realize at that moment what I just did: I just met a guy I don't know at all. I, who am a secret bisexual, who am in a city that I do not know and in an anonymous place and hinóspito as is a hotel. He'll come to my room and we'll be alone. What if he's a gremlin? An unbalanced? What if he steals from me or hits me? The truth is that the boy had given me good imrpesión but...

I was relaxing and excited by the idea. I prepared the hotel's porn movie and slowly undressed, looking in the mirror and imagining that in a few minutes a man's naked body would be next to me. You have to see how excited I am to think of men, and I swear that I am not physically attracted to anything, I do not look at them in the street, but when I imagine a naked man ... Bufff!!!

There was no bathrobe in the room so I made a big bath towel. I lay down in bed and began to masturbate, I was excited but too nervous and I was not steep, in fact, I became small. Nerves could get to me and that's when they knocked on my door. I put on the towel and went to open it. I can't remember going through more nerve in my whole life. I opened the door and.. There was Javier. What a good people face! And what a guy. He's not very tall, he's blond and has a lovely smile, the guys are friendly and open. He greets me with a good handshake.

He's wearing a T-shirt marking the body he's got. Supermuscular arms, this guy's a badass.

Fucking Javier, what a body you have.

If I take care of myself.

What should I do?

This towel off


And just as he says that with his hand he takes away my towel and I stay naked in front of him. He looks me in the eyes, smiles and with his hand takes my cock and starts to move it.

I'll be up in a couple of seconds. When it was already hard (it took very little time) he turns off the TV and the porn movie and says to me.


Lie down, I want you to masturbate while I undress.


Said and done. I lie down in bed and he starts to get naked and you can tell that he loves that he likes to be watched. He takes off his shirt and lets me see his torso. Impressing, two huge arms, good pectorals, no belly, hair but not too much. Hell, I wouldn't even pay to get a guy like that.

The guy keeps his shirt in his hand watching me jerk off. He's enjoying it, this is cool.

He takes off his pants. He wears a minislip that leaves his ass in the air, he shows it to me:

Do you like it?

What do you think

Remember, you won't taste it.

I don't give a damn.

I was already like a motorcycle. He takes off his slips and... well, it wasn't going to be perfect. He's got it rather small. But seen naked like that, he's a piece of a guy.

Put the TV back on, an aunt is sucking.

You suck? I ask

No, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Don't worry about it.

We start jerking each other off first. At the moment I say:

Can I help you?



I take his dick and he takes mine. I'm going to a thousand, but I think something's wrong with this one. That's still loose and small. I take my hand out of my dick and lean over it. I think we'll have to make an effort to help him get into the situation, he's a morbid hetero. With one hand I caress his chest, with the other I continue masturbating. I look him in the face and say...

Would you like me to suck your dick?

You do that! Yeah!


And I put my head down and you know where. I put that little penis in my mouth and started sucking. Several times I have been told that I suck well and the truth is that I must admit that I love to do it. It's a very recommendable sensation, because unlike aunts, when you suck on a tail you know exactly what that person is feeling, how to make them enjoy it and it's also the morbidity of what's forbidden.

But that day I discovered a new sensation that was unprecedented for me and that I can swear to you is a past. That small penis of 6 or 7 centimeters was growing little by little in my mouth, it was getting long and fat and came up to about 15 (more or less). It's unbelievable. The guy started moaning.

The way you suck it, man, the way you suck it. You suck it better than aunts. Go on, keep sucking my dick.


Those comments put me at a hundred and gave me more strength to suck and suck that cock that was already hard and red. From time to time I would take it out to see it shine before my nose while my hand caressed her eggs. The truth is that the guy was very but very hot, we didn't even notice the movie anymore.

Careful, I'm going to run.


I don't usually eat guys' semen (only once), and just when he told me that I was with my cock out of my mouth but I didn't retire, I kept moving my hand. The guy came and all the milk went to my face, something got in my mouth, on my lips in my nose... Buff, I've never done this before and I loved it. I hadn't come and I'd had a half-hour with a dick harder than a stone. What a pleasure! The guy poured milk to fill a bottle, and most of it went to my face and that made him squirm more.

I got up and went to wash up. When I came back, Javier had a face of tremendous happiness. He made me lie down and started masturbating. I begged him to get on his knees so that while I masturbated I could touch his whole body full of muscles, his hard ass and... How he liked it when I touched his ass and his asshole! While he was jerking me off I started to touch and touch, stronger and stronger and he asked me to stick a finger in it. I did, but there wasn't time for much more. My poor dick couldn't take it anymore and I started spreading milk. He did not withdraw his hand and watched with that joy as I ran.

We wash, get dressed and have a little chat. He told me that he has a fixed girlfriend and is about to get married, but that since he did it with that marriage the thing of doing it with guys in this plan puts him a lot, that has been several times on the Internet.

The truth is, I've been chatting for months and never dared. That day I regretted not having tried it before.


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