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Curious bisexual history


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on: June 09, 2019, 03:22:36 PM
I'm a 36-year-old Spaniard. Physically, I'm no wonder we're fooling ourselves. Blond and blue-eyed but not handsome, although they say he is attractive for various reasons that are not relevant.

I have some vices, one above all: fucking. I love it and I do it when and where I can. For reasons of my work, I have travelled a lot and met a lot of people and with a lot of them I have fucked. Besides, I have another vice: masturbate. I like it, I like it a lot. I love watching movies and that....

As a great part of the men of this and all the countries, my fantasies have been evolving with the years and I don't know exactly since when men began to appear in them. Little by little they were acquiring more and more protagonism. Until I wanted to try it and... I tried it.

But I'll tell you about that another day. Now I want to tell you the most curious story that I have lived since my sexuality and I hope you like it.

I have a friend named Luisa with whom we have had sex quite a few times, less than we would like because we live in different cities. In our sexual encounters we've done everything, even masturbate together. For some time now, since we can't see each other every time we talk on the phone, we tell each other about our sex life and masturbate together. It's a pleasure.

In his experiences he spoke to me several times about a friend of his, Paco. Paco is a boy from his city that I had met on one of my trips.  Luisa fucked him from time to time and told me about it with hair and details. And what details! Paco has - as she told me - an impressive tail and he was also from my rope: very vicious. Once he called her in the middle of the night and told her that at that moment a guy was eating her tail... Wow!!!

That's how time passed until one day my cell phone rang. It was an unknown number. I took it and... it was Paco. He told me he wanted to chat with me! It was a matter of work, but only with receiving his call and remembering the stories of his friend, his vice and the size of his tail I became hard.  I immediately called Luisa, the bitch already knew that Paco was going to call me because he asked for my mobile. He said yes, it was for some work. As I knew that he was also morbid to suck his dick a guy I proposed that I prepare the ground. The play was next: Luisa calls Paco and tells him that I'm a vicious bisexual who likes to eat cocks, Luisa asks Paco if he'll get on the roll if I throw myself at his cock, Paco says yes to Luisa, but I'm not supposed to know anything about anything.

Obviously Luisa calls me the minute she talks to Paco and says yes, that if I throw myself at him he won't reject me but I have to do it well, he doesn't get his uncles, he gets his morbidity and if I don't know how to warm him up beforehand I won't eat a doughnut and I'll get an important cut (few people know about my bisexuality).

Don't worry, Luisa, I'll take care of the rest.

He calls me Paco again.

I'm in a lot of trouble, man. We'd have to be late.

Okay. [Chuckles]

It bothers you to approach my house

Okay, I got a car, no problem.

It gets interesting. I'm busy until late and around eleven at night I'll call you. I give you my home address.

Can you park? 

Mmmm If he wants to park, it's because he assumes he'll want to be here for a while.

Cell phone rings. Paco's downstairs, I'll get him. He starts telling me about the job and I tell him if he wants a drink. What a coincidence! All the bars in the neighborhood are closed (I already knew it)

Would you like a drink at home?

All right, then.

Paco's coming up. I live in a very small apartment and Paco moves. I've left a gay porn magazine on top of the TV, so that I can see it and it's empty so that it can be seen that it's on the video. I know he sees her, but he won't tell me anything. We began to talk about work, and then various generalities.  This is getting too long. How do I bring it up?

Luisa is the key. I bring up the subject and we start talking about her, her delicious cheekiness and her way of living sexuality. We go deeper and deeper into the subject and I tell her that Louise and I call each other several times a week to masturbate together.

And what do you tell each other?

Our adventures

Did he tell you about me?

Of course, several times.

Looks like he's about to and then:

Do you masturbate a lot?

Hell, I do now. He's got a shot at me, I'm going over there.

If anything, I love to masturbate watching movies.

If I've seen you have one there.

I was just seeing her when you called.

Is that so?

Yeah. You like porn movies, don't you?

How do you know that?

Luisa tells me everything.

Well, yes, I like them very much. Play it if you want, if you were watching it.

I'm playing the movie. As you might expect, the scene was hyper-prepared. She was one of three guys who wrestled in balls in a gym and as the wrestling progresses they get black pudding and end up showering together and fucking in the shower. There's a long silence and Paco says to me.

You only get guys out here?

Of course, I didn't warn you. Yes, I do. I've got aunts. Change?

No, no, no, no, no, no.

I get a lot of morbidity.

Me, too.

We're still watching the movie. The cocks are hard and mine is coming out of the fly.

and how do you know I like porn?

Well, Luisa told me. You jerk off a lot when you see them.

Don't you?

Hell, yeah. What do you think I was doing when I was seeing her and you got here?

Mmmm, I see (and he looks at my package and throws himself)

Hey, since we fucked the same aunt and there's trust, I'm getting horny.

Don't say anything to me.

Fly down and each takes out his dick. Wow! It was huge! White and operated on, and she was already very hard. This one's hotter than me! We started wiggling it while the guys were still fucking on the screen. He was already on the subject and I'll let you go.

Well, Luisa told me more about you.

What? I don't know.

That you once called her while some guy was sucking your dick.

What a bastard! I'll kill her!

Don't be an asshole, I'm sure she's told you things about me.

Don't believe it.

Come on, say it.

Well, yes, something is.

What? I don't know.

That you like to do it with guys once in a while.

Well, if you look, he didn't cheat on you. Will you let me?

I take his dick and start moving it.

Of course

I started wagging that huge tail. Jesus Christ! What a cocksucker.  Up and down. I was fat, I couldn't fit in my hand, that wasn't normal.

Trunk, I'm hot.

So do I.

Without telling each other anything, we got up off the couch and undressed.  I thought I was going to run seeing that slim but slim body. I was getting a thousand. Paco was getting naked for me. We sat down again.  With the right he had it done to him and with the left to me. I couldn't take it anymore and I said.

Do you mind if I suck your dick?

It's a good time. He made it clear. What I didn't know was that it almost didn't fit in my mouth. I started with the glans and when I put it in more he started moaning.

Pick up the phone and call Luisa.

That's how he did it. While I was fighting to put myself as much as possible in my mouth that cock called Luisa.

Hi Luisa, your friend is sucking my dick.

Just like he was told, his voice was shaking. I was enjoying the situation like an asshole. And I wouldn't stop. Come suck and move your hand because a lot of your cock didn't fit in my mouth and I had to do a good job. Luisa was masturbating in her room like a madwoman.

He hung up and lifted my head. He took me to the bedroom and lay on his bed face down for a massage. I sat on his ass, he worked my back and little by little I went down. When I got to her ass I sat on her legs and started rubbing her buttocks and opening them for her.

Eat it.

Said and done. I pulled out my tongue, opened her buttocks and started licking her ass and sticking her tongue in at the same time. My dick came out and yours too.

He turned around and let me see his whole immense tail again.  I ate it again until he told me.

Swear you won't tell Luisa what's going to happen now.

Okay. [Chuckles]

He laid me on the bed with a blow and went down to my tail.  He started jerking me off, and I thought I was dead. And I died when he lowered his head to my tail and started eating it!! The famous Paco was also a cocksucker like me. He was on his knees and I was lying on the bed and I was looking at his whole naked and beautiful body.

Stop it, stop it.

And it didn't stop. He pulled out his mouth and I ran into his hand while he was still wagging it. I think I've ever made so much milk in my life. He knelt looking at me and started wiggling. He can't take it anymore and I jumped on his dick.  I sucked and sucked until it came in my mouth... Wow, I had never done that and... I loved it. I swallowed all his milk and fell apart.

The two of us lay in bed for a while talking about how cool it had been. Then we got dressed, well, we put on the slips and talked for a while about our sex life. I told him some of my stories with men and he got hot again. What a machine! I touched her dick over the slip (we were on the couch) and ate it without taking it off for a while. I finally pulled down his pants and ate it again. It tasted like milk and it was really hard. The uncle groaned and groaned and ran again, although this time I didn't eat it, I did it with his hand because I was looking forward to seeing what a spectacle!

Then we got dressed and he went home, his girlfriend was waiting for him. I'm sure they didn't fuck that night, it was dry.

As soon as he left, I called Luisa. I told everything. She had two orgasms, I had one.


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