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Discovering my bisexuality


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on: June 09, 2019, 12:04:18 PM
Hello friends, my name is Gus, I begin by telling you what happened to me 4 years ago in Barranquilla, a city in Colombia, where I am originally from.

Let me start by describing myself, I am a 26 year old boy, brown skin, brown eyes, 1.84 meters tall, corpulent and with a dick that is 25 cms long and very thick (something my wife loves).

My sexual life with women has always been good because I always do my best to please them, but by pleasing one of my friends it happened to me what I'm going to tell you now.

I was chatting, one Tuesday, in my house with my girlfriend from that time when the phone rang, I immediately heard the voice of my friend Alexandra who is a woman of 1.75 height, with huge breasts and with an ass like to eat it with bites, just thinking about that ass I get fixed (in Barranquilla arrecho means hot, sexually speaking).

She called me to tell me that her birthday was near and that she wanted me to give her the most special gift, I missed me but I immediately asked her if she had anything in mind, she immediately told me that she wanted me to give her a trio with her husband because that was her fantasy I talked to her husband we agreed and decided to go out on Saturday and so we did they came looking for me and we went home.

Being in their house we started to get in tune having a few drinks, I could not stop seeing the beautiful buttocks that Alexandra has suddenly noticed that Luis (Alexandra's husband) was excited with the situation and began to kiss his wife with a savagery that I thought was going to drown her, I meanwhile made a discreet approach and I limited myself to caress Alexandra's thigh (I have to say that Alexandra has a well-formed and hard body because of the gym hours she does), I start caressing Alexandra's thigh and she immediately takes my hand and carries it towards her vagina and the very bitch had no underwear.

I started rubbing that clitoris with circular, quick motions so I managed to moisten it soon. She grabbed my dick and almost gave me part of the grip so strong that it gave me, immediately turned towards me quickly stripped me naked and we began to kiss each other like Poseidos.

Already luis was naked and jerking off with the scene and began to lick Alexandra's conch I ate it like the rich mnas of delicacies that conch totally shaved and moistened by vaginal juices when I realize that her conch was already what it was i lie sufficiently lubricated on the floor and she sits on my cock and begins to ride me as if that were her life in the meantime luis also wants to penetrate her so it makes her bow an opaque and penetrates violently by the opaque. ass (and open up realize that Luis likes wild sex) the angry was so violent that Alexandra shouted so loudly that I thought she was going to cower and there it was going to end everything but she asked for more and more strength both I was enjoying as crazy and in  that moment luis took his cock out of Alexandra's ass and came to where me and put it on my face and I couldn't or didn't want to do anything to get his cock off my face on the contrary I was watching luis's cock while he was jerking off 5cms from my face, I was never attracted to men or cocks or at least that ceria I but I could not resist more and I put the cock luis in my mouth and I ate it as if it was a salchichon was the first cock that sucked but judging by the face of luis was doing very well, Alexandra was strange and stopped moving for a while and told me go Gus didn't know you liked cocks so much, you look like a whore, I replied that if I had known that cocks were so rich I would have tried much earlier.

After almost an hour of licking Alexandra and sucking luis' cock the three of us ended up running into Alexandra, she on top of me and luis in my mouth, then we got up and went to shower to sleep a little before I was taken home but while Alexandra prepare the tub luis I approached and told me that was the best suck that had made him could not believe it was my first time, I replied that he was my first man and at that moment hugged me, kissed me and began to caress me.

I was surprised with myself but the caresses of Luis I loved and I enjoyed them more and more and began to tell me insulting things but I ioa as if they were alagos I liked what I heard, He told me you are a whore and I want to possess you I said do with me as you please daddy (I surprised myself became a woman) at that moment I forced myself to suck so hard that I almost drowned while putting three of his fingers gruels in my ass that hurt me a lot but he said it was for me to get used.

After a while of chuapando his dick and he was sticking his fingers up my ass I was feeling a mixture of pleasure and pain but I did not want to end wanted to penetrate me and he turned me and began to penetrate me with his tongue to lubricate my anus and at that point I did not own my will so I decided to give myself to the pleasure I was feeling.

When luis I consider that my ass was well lubricated I lie down on the sofa of the living room I raise my legs put them in his men and I penetrate me of a blow was a beast, an animal but that kind of animal after a while the pain became pleasure and I disguised as the whore that I had become I moved very fast and get to come quickly and squeeze the ass strong enough to live inside my ass and feel his milk hot and thick when I finish coming I lift me up clean the cock with my lenga and we gave each other an unforgettable kiss.

That night the three of us slept together and I lay between my two lovers who represented my two lifestyles from that moment on.

At dawn we had a good morning kiss the three of us and Alexandra and I decided to make breakfast for our male so Alexandra put on a baby doll and went out to the kitchen, Luis gave me an Alexandra robe and told me to put it on because from now on I have two women.

the names were changed but the story is real.


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