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My first experience


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on: June 09, 2019, 09:30:28 AM
So I was going, today I want to tell you a new story, in this case MY first story with a man.

I put you in a situation - one more time -. I am Spanish, I am 36 years old and because of my work I travel a lot and I know a lot of people. I love sex and for a long time I have been having fantasies and masturbations thinking of other men. If I remember correctly, it all started when I rented a porn movie and didn't realize it was bisexual. I loved it.... So I began to have fantasies with some men: people I saw in the locker rooms of the gym, some classmates, etc....

For years it was all fantasies and a lot of masturbation.  The opportunity never came up. Well, once. I was in my early twenties and a boy stuck to me on escalators in a department store. He looked at me and went to the bathroom to follow him... But I didn't dare (how I regret it now!).

The moment has come, because everything comes in this life if you want it honestly. It was a couple of years ago, in January 2000. I'm not going to tell you where or why, but I was in a bar, at a private party and with a lot of people. Among those people there was a very nice, nice and cheeky (boy-girl) couple, she was very pretty, I wanted her quite a lot but her boy was also with us (I can't complain about my usual relationship with women).

The night was spent between drinks and laughter, his name is Luis and he was a very nice guy, very nice as we say in Spain. It was late and I told them I was going home. Luis and his girl (Monica) offered to accompany me. We went to his car. I sat in the front with Luis and Monica behind.

On the way, more laughs, lots of laughs. The truth is that I had had a couple of drinks and I don't usually drink with what I was happy with, although with total control of the situation.

Monica lived nearby, so Luis left her first.

Lus and I approached my house and right in front of it there was a big hole so Lus brought the car closer to the sidewalk. We were really good and we started talking.

Luis started asking me about my sex life. I wanted to know about my adventures with other girls and my curious experiences. As I counted and without realizing it, he was getting warmer and warmer.

I measure you'd like to see my flat. I invited him up even though I told him he didn't have any alcohol.

Let's get into it, and we'll keep talking. Clear sex. Without realizing it, I was telling my sexual adventures to a guy I hardly knew but I was delighted. I don't know why he gave me confidence and peace of mind, he was just like me and I thought he understood me and even enjoyed listening to me. I don't need to tell you that I was getting hot too when I remembered those stories. At one point I told him:

When I remember that night, I get a thousand, my legs shake again.

What does a special tickle get you?


And what do you do when that happens to you?

Well, it depends. If I'm alone, I'll jerk off anyway.


He laughed and confessed to me that he masturbated a lot. And your girlfriend?  I asked him. That's where he started. Luis also began to tell me about his sex life outside of his relationship. I wasn't wrong, that guy was like me. His biography was similar to mine and his view of sex was exactly the same.  Fucking and having fun and trying to get to know new things little by little. He told me stories that excited me a lot and confessed to me that he was getting warmer. Then he told me

But this hasn't been my strongest story.

What was it?

It's just.. If I tell it to you, you'll still throw me out.

Go tell me...

It was with a man

What are you talking about?!


Until that moment I assure you that I hadn't even thought about it, but when he told me that, my tail got stiff and I got excited like never before.  Just with the idea. She told me that years ago she bathed naked in a pool with a friend and her boyfriend and friend fell asleep. He and the boyfriend went to a salon and naked and got a porn movie. He got hard and the boyfriend started masturbating... The rest you can imagine, he was telling me details and I thought the fly was going to explode.


It has been the most tremendous sex night of my life, it was a different and great pleasure.

Yeah? And you've done it more times?

Yes, very occasionally. Are you gonna kick me out?

No way! I think all men have done some jerking off thinking about guys or watching guys on TV fuck each other, but almost no one takes the first step.

You jerk off thinking about guys?


Would you like to try it?

It cuts me

Are you excited now?

Well... if the truth is that if...

Shall we undress?

Fuck, I don't know.

You don't do anything, I'll do whatever you ask.


And so it began. We get up off the couch and get naked. He had a normal, rather thin body. He was going faster than me, and I wouldn't take my eye off him. He took off his slip and a hard, normal dick appeared. I took mine off and smiled because he saw that my cock was at the peak of its erection.


I can see you're hot already. Come on.


He laid me on the bed and took my dick. What a pleasure it was giving me. An ordinary guy was jerking me off and I was loving it.


What do you want me to do to you?

Whatever you want.


He lowered his head and started sucking. I was on my way out.  I could feel my dick inside a man's mouth. It was the ultimate desire, the greatest morbidity, the most dreamed moment of my sex life. He was sucking and sucking and I was dying of pleasure and then I remembered how he had just told me the wonderful feelings he lived when he touched and sucked his first cock.

I didn't hesitate and told him to stop, I was about to come and I wanted it to last. I told him to lie down and I knelt in front of his tail. I picked it up with one hand. He was fat. I started masturbating him, up and down. I loved that and I noticed how his legs were shaking and he was starting to sigh louder looking at the ceiling.

I couldn't help it, and I jumped in. I lowered my head, looked at his dick for a while while while I wanked him and put my lips closer. I gave her a kiss on the tip, abri the mouth and I put it little by little, paladenando, enjoying. I couldn't believe it. She was sucking some guy's dick. More and more cock in my mouth until I almost reached the end. I began to move my head up and down and accompanied with my hand, as I had done so many times before. Now I was the one sucking.

And I really must tell you that sucking a dick is one of the greatest things I've ever done in my life. It's different from everything else, you do what you've always wanted to be done and you also know the sensations he's experiencing.  It was unbelievable. The maximum of morbidity, the maximum of pleasure.

I sucked and sucked until he couldn't take it anymore and he asked me to stop.  He got on all fours and said to me:


Stick it in me.

I won't hurt you.

No, put on a condom and go get cream.


I got out of bed, put on a condom and picked up hand cream and dick. That's how I started. I was more afraid of him than I was of him. I started at the tip and then another and another and finally came in. When I saw that he was beginning to scream with pleasure I forgot everything and began to enjoy. I shoved it up some aunt's ass, but that was unique and big, very big.

I've been sticking it in him for a little while. He came right away and I took a little longer.

We fell into bed with our cocks full of milk.

Two years ago and it seems that it happened yesterday because the memory accompanies me. There should always be a first time. Always.


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