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Marina a girl with surprise.


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on: June 25, 2019, 07:49:09 PM
After a couple of days we met again in the gym and we met to go out for the weekend. We were having dinner at an Italian and then we went for a march.

To me, she seemed like a very attractive aunt and I jumped in and told her that I liked her very much. Marina got cut short and told me that she liked me too, but she had to tell me one thing. And all of a sudden he told me that he wasn't exactly a girl... that he was a transsexual, that he had been hormoned but that he hadn't had surgery on his penis, because he said he felt at ease as he was. I stood there, and she told me that she already knew she was going to react like this and that it always happened to her. I liked it a lot, so although I wasn't sure, I told him that I didn't care and that I was very attracted to him.

In the end we ended up making out and Marina told me if I wanted to walk her home.

When we got to her house she took me to her room and we started rolling up and she started undressing me. I was a thousand. He threw me in bed and bending down he put my cock in his mouth and started sucking my cock. Then he took off his pants and the shirt he was wearing and was left with a white bra and thong outfit. I took her bra off, leaving her breasts in the air. Her tits were round and not too big. She picked up and took off her thong showing me a rather small penis but totally erect now. Marina was totally waxed. She gave me a bit of a cut because I'm not gay and I like aunts but as I was lying in bed she turned around and put herself on top. He started sucking my dick and at the same time he put his on me.  I opened my mouth and started sucking on him. I thought the truth was very exciting. I started masturbating her by sticking a finger up her ass. She started moaning and came in my mouth as she said, "Yes, yes, go on...". I had to swallow all his semen, because I couldn't get his penis out of his mouth. Almost at the same time I came in his mouth.

Then we were smoking a cigarette and then I told her I was gonna fuck her.


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