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My first experiences bisex (I)


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on: June 05, 2019, 12:04:12 PM
I'm going to tell you what happened to me, I would be around 18 years old, I had already had some strong sexual experiences, but it turns out that I became a girlfriend of a guy whose motto was: WIDE CRITERIA.

   It turns out that I knew him and at the beginning when we went to bed everything was wonderful we did everything, oral sex, anal ejaculations in my breasts and in my mouth, after a while we began to use objects, he liked to put things in my holes, then we went shopping at the supermarket and bought from fruits to large vegetables, at first he liked to put grapes and cherries in my vagina and while we did it we ate them, so I went through the whole department of vegetables, from carrots, celery, to some tremendous cucumbers, he liked to put me in everything, but he liked more that I gave him the show, once made me put a cucumber in the vagina and a carrot in the anus, as it was done as a movie or a show put it a hundred, After finishing introducing me, he put his penis in front of my sack and put it in my mouth, and in just a few minutes he began to ejaculate and I for my part to eat all the semen that his big penis spit inside my mouth.

   After a while, he sometimes showed disinterested in having sex with me, and I asked him why he told me he wanted to try different things, then, he told me that he would like to enter the practice of trios, to which I said that if he liked I would please him in everything, so it all began, and he told me that he would let me know when we were going to start, to then change his mind and wanted to do it as a surprise.

   One night we went to the movies, to see a porn movie, which was good because inside the theater he masturbated me and I masturbated him until the end of the movie, and we were both super excited, after we left the movie we went for a walk and he told me that if we went to his apartment, to which as always I responded that if, when entering his apartment I could not stand more I pulled out his penis and put it immediately to my mouth, I had a desire to blow him tremendous,    But after an instant the doorbell rang in his apartment and what a surprise it was when I saw a brown girl with a tremendous body entering his apartment, he introduced her to me and after talking for a while he said, well, what do you think if we start, and I said to him, At first I felt strange, but after a moment our tongues were already playing each other, while my boyfriend began to take off my dress, and then take it from her.

   At the moment our naked breasts were carving each other in an incredible sensation, but the best thing was when we stripped our thongs and our vulvas began to carve, it was a tremendous friction, I was wet and she was too, it was an incredible thing, Then she opened my legs and put her head between them, grabbed me by the thighs and with tremendous skill separated my vaginal lips with her fingers, leaving me exposed all to her, and was clearly my clitoris swollen, then without stopping stretching my vaginal lips I bring her face closer,    First she smelled me and told me that she had a pleasant smell and smiled, after she was exploring me as she wanted, she pulled out her tongue and deposited it in my clitoris, she moved her tongue with an enormous speed, doing it as I had never been done before, I looked at her alone until suddenly in one of my cheeks I felt the lock of my boyfriend, I did nothing but turn my face so little I saw her and I could not control myself with a single bite I swallowed all the way to the bottom of my throat, while she continued to suck me.

   Suddenly my boyfriend took his penis out of my mouth, bothered me a little bit because I wanted more, then he got behind his guest and abruptly put it in, when he did this, it gave a sigh on my vagina and with his lips I tightened it formidably, my side had a mirror wall in which I saw every movement, and this kept me increasingly excited, as I saw the lock of my boyfriend disappear between the monumental buttocks of that tremendous brunette.

   After a while of enjoying that phenomenal blowjob that made me the brunette, I pinched my nipples, and I moistened them with my saliva, then my boyfriend said change positions, then he told me that I touched me in the middle, I had never sucked a shell I said and she replied that it was not difficult and she tried, then I got into four and I was just getting settled when my boyfriend I had penetrated me, then the brunette stood in front of me and opened her huge legs and I saw her pussy, all shaved without any hair to obstruct my view, she with her fingers opened her vaginal lips this for me was like an invitation, I lowered my head and I smelled it as she had made it with me, then her smell incited me and with my mouth I took her clitoris and began to suck it, while my boyfriend gave me from behind, I passed tongue all over her vagina, I put it in her vagina and finally licked her anus, to then put two of my fingers in her anus, After this she had a tremendous orgasm, while I had it I was slowly taking my fingers out of her anus to better enjoy her orgasm, then I lay on her and my boyfriend kept pumping me tremendously, she under one of his hands until I reach my clitoris and carlndelo while the lock of my boyfriend had her inside I had a tremendous orgasms.

   My boyfriend who was about to come told me that he wanted to put them in my mouth. I told him that I quickly turned around and in surprise he began to beat my face with semen, I opened my mouth and a couple of jets touched me which I ate, after finishing ejaculating I had semen all over my face, the brunette approached me and with her mouth and tongue I cleanse me of semen and then we gave each other a tremendous kiss, exchanging our saliva full of semen between our mouths.

   I really loved being with her and later I had several lesbian relationships, super intense and hot, but that's another story that I'll tell you later.

   I send you all a lot of kisses.


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