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Confession Secret (2)


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on: October 23, 2019, 04:35:55 PM

My days in the convent among those wives of God were quite pleasant, only that I was beginning to have manly needs that were in clear contradiction with my priestly ministry. Yes, I masturbated every time I felt the need, which was frequent, especially after interviews, confessions and talks with the sisters. I did not consider this to be a betrayal of the trust they placed in me, but when they revealed their innermost thoughts to me, I was invaded by a terrible fever that was very difficult to control.

As I said, the sisters were also eager for my company and it had not been twelve hours after the last confession when some of them were already requesting my spiritual services again.

Given the understanding that I offered them, their confessions became more and more indiscreet and subdued, and my indulgence was such that I convinced many of them that certain tendencies were not entirely sinful and that if at times they suffered temptations it was not always the devil who was responsible, but our own human nature, which God made in his image and likeness, and if the Most High did so, it was well done. That is why the passion we feel, the carnal attraction of man and woman, is something that can only be called love. The nuns made me share in their sexual dreams and desires, and admitted that they missed a man who could satisfy them. This put me in a serious predicament because they were sometimes insinuations in their own right.

The mother superior watched over the sisters and me constantly, and if she encouraged me to have any sexual contact with one of them, and by chance Sister Angela surprised us, that meant my end as a priest, because I would be expelled from the church. And in truth I say that it was not easy to live with those women, celestial creatures made for the delight and torment of a poor sinner like I have always been. I take for example the suffering inflicted on me by that situation of sexual abstinence, the day when, having been absent for a few minutes from the sacristy, where I left the utensils of the liturgy, I returned and without her seeing me, I was able to surprise one of the nuns sitting in my usual place of reading, with the habit rolled up and caressing her sex frantically with one of her hands.

I was able to enter and lecture her, but the spectacle she offered me was so sublime and so sure that no one would interrupt it that there, hidden from a corner, I preferred not to lose detail.  Besides, she would not notice my presence either, because she found herself with her eyes closed and enjoying what a hardened sinner she was.

May God forgive me, but I could not fail to admire that angel seeking pleasure for herself! I recognized her: she was Sister Purification, one of my favorite nuns of the convent, for her sensuality and beauty. What a way to enjoy herself with her fingers! What a way to please herself! Her face was the very expression of pleasure. The effort I had to make to repress temptation and not rush to caress it myself was enormous. However, I did not deprive myself of rolling up my cassock and using my very hard cock to masturbate myself as well.

It was better this way, I could hide or hide my task if some other nun entered. What a scandal if the mother superior caught us...!  Sister Purification groaned faintly and that made me mad with pleasure. I tried to lengthen the pleasure as much as possible and not to ejaculate until she also reached orgasm.

The musical notes that the organ let escape reached the sacristy from the temple, where Sor Armonía, another bitch in care, played the keys with her delicate fingers. The sacred music excited me even more, as I believe it also happened to Sister Purification who with a muffled howl announced her orgasm; I for my part gave some strong final jolts to my cock and I ran as never in my life.

In the following days I was very upset.  I definitely needed to fornicate with some of those women, but Sister Angela's vigilance made it difficult for me. What if she herself...?

I don't know if these are my stories. I doubt whether to continue counting or not. Why don't you give me your opinion?


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