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on: June 27, 2019, 02:04:29 PM

A couple of months ago, surfing the Internet, as I often do at night, a girl addressed me in private. "I like straightforward, sincere guys like you." Why? -I replied. I saw how you replied to the other girl who spoke in the chat; and you can see that you are intelligent, because if you put a woman's name and say that she is very pretty, it is not even a guarantee that she is a woman, as you said.

And so began an entertaining conversation, in which, to my surprise, it turned out that "chaparrita" was from my City, and I was studying at a well-known University.

We talked for a week almost daily, until we agreed to see each other. Although she was a quite nice and intelligent girl, I sensed that she was not very beautiful because of the data that she herself had given me about her physique. (She suspects that she vanished when she met her, and to see that she was a girl of 1.60 mts. Full of body, but with an incredible grace, and above all, a fine and delicate skin, like peach)

So I'll see you tomorrow at the place we agreed on?  -I asked.

Ummm...yes," she replied, "I will wear a blue blouse and jeans (we agreed to meet in a public park).

That day I did some errands, and when the time of the appointment approached, I returned home to take a bath and get ready for a first impression.

We did not have difficulties to recognize ourselves, in a natural way we gave ourselves a kiss in the cheek and we went to a coffee, where we talked animatedly by a couple of hours.

I decided to explain to him that he was not like the other normal boys, that he was, so to speak, "dominant" and of a difficult character.

That's how we started a frank flirtation and the appointments ended in a passionate session of caresses and kisses.

Stop, stop! -That you make me very hot and I don't want to commit a madness (I said with my eyes closed while I groaned with my mouth in her round nipples).

Why? If you don't like me or want to be with me, I won't force you," I said.'s not's that...I'm a virgin...and I want to go on like this until my wedding day.

Ahhhhh... well - I said - I respect your decision, I like you and we can be friends, I won't bother about this.

Thank you my life! -"He said at the same time that he gave me a passionate kiss

So I took her as a friend, a situation she didn't like; because she started talking on the phone to my house every day and gave clear signs of jealousy every time I told her I had an appointment.

In the next two appointments, I explained to him that I respected his decision, but that in that case, we could only be friends, and nothing more. And that there didn't have to be any kind of commitment between us.

So if I don't have sex with you, we can't be boyfriends?  -You're like everybody else, they only care about sex. Besides, my friends already told me that you at least hang out with a couple of women. Ten has seen in public places very affectionate with them.

I felt that characteristic anger, which made me answer him almost rudely. "If they've seen me it's because they're my women, I'm not accountable to anyone, nor do I allow anyone to question me or question me... and you know what? we leave her, bye. I said to him, while I stopped from that restaurant, seeing his astonished face. I can only say, "As you wish."

I thought I would never hear from her again, but surprisingly, she changed her aptitude, talking to me the next day, and when she didn't receive the call, she kept doing it, day after day, until after a week, I answered her.

What do you want? I think we've made everything clear, haven't we? -I said-

Don't be like that, love... I want to see you and clear up the misunderstanding," he replied.

After praying to me for several minutes, I agreed to see us, for which I went out of the house to pick her up (she told me that she was telling me about the school and that she was waiting for me at the entrance).

Where do you want to go? -I said indifferently.

I want to be with you," he whispered, "wherever you want.

I drove for a while, until I found a nice place, in the shade of trees (it was half a day and the heat was all it gives). I see you're mad at me," he said. "That and this heat I can't stand," I replied.

Well, let's go to an air-conditioned place, he told me, while he was already on top of me, filling me with gentle and provocative caresses.

I started the car and went to a hotel, when I entered, I noticed indecision in her, so I asked if she wanted to be with me. She just kissed me and put her face on my chest as she drove the car into the hotel space assigned to the room she had paid for.

I've never been to a hotel, especially in these circumstances," he said, "while I looked down.

Look, if we have come is to spend a pleasant time, if you feel uncomfortable, let's not waste our time and everyone along the way. When I saw that I was inserting the key to start the car and get out of the hotel, it stopped me.

No, forgive me, love, I'm just a little nervous," she said as she stroked my crotch.

So we went into the room; she was practically expecting a seizure, so she was confused when she saw that I took almost an hour without touching her, so I took a bath, ordered something to drink and looked for something I liked on the TV. Already lying on the bed, with only the towel covering my body, she decided and taking the initiative lay down on me, while kissing me and I responded his caresses.

She didn't take long to start moaning, maybe she didn't even realize that she had taken off her blouse and bra. We had a passionate mooring of bodies, I felt as if there was no space left between our bodies, only the mixture of our sweat. I had had enough of her breasts and lowered a hand to her pants, directly under her underwear, until I felt her beautiful publics and even more, I checked the excitement she had; she was wet but not able. I began a delicate and circular caress to her clitoris that made her tremble.

Without warning, I separated her from me, Undress -ordered -

At the same time she noticed that the towel that covered my body was no longer there, leaving my penis in total erection naked.

I don't feel sorry for you...don't bother, love," he said when he saw an angry gesture in me...he leaned back on me and started again that exchange of caresses and kisses. I just wasn't answering him anymore. She understood the message, and without being able to stop moaning and caressing (almost masturbating) my penis with one hand, the other occupied it to go unbuttoning the pants, since I had been in charge of the clothes upstairs. Once naked, she clung to me, maybe hoping for immediate penetration. I wanted him to howl at the excitement, beg me to possess it. Which was not difficult, because after 20 minutes of handling her at my whim, getting her up and down from me, rolling her all over the bed, but not yet penetrating her, they resulted in a couple of orgasms, in which she seemed to faint and tremble, each orgasm, soaked my hand with her liquids, so it was not difficult for me to insert a finger, so she went crazy. She seemed asthmatic.

Ahhhhhhhhh... ayyyyyyyy... ahhhhhhhhhhhh... whispered.

I grabbed her by the neck and pulled her down until she was in front of my penis.

But I... I've never done that... -empty-

I didn't have to apply pressure, I just recharged my hand a little and the next thing I saw was how the tip of my penis got lost in his mouth. He was really clumsy, but I was excited to see his naked body, buttocks up, in the air. Although she was full, she had firm, pink breasts...just like that ass that looked panoramic from my pillow when she was trying to give me pleasure with her mouth.

I returned her to me by the hair, she knew I would penetrate her, so her eyes became inflamed with desire and her lips opened, ready to groan when she will feel my penis entering her.

I decided to have a little more fun, and I resumed my playing with my fingers on her vaginal lips.

She clenched her fists, squeezing the sheets and closing her eyes, tense as a bow, waiting to be used.

I put my finger lightly into it for the second time, not wanting to do it deeply. But because of how lubricated she was, in a movement of her hips, my finger (10 cm) slipped completely and without resistance inside her. There was no hymen, it was evident at the time.

She didn't seem to notice my abrupt change, and she was still in a trance, groaning, her eyes closed, which opened with a start as she felt the slap I gave her, dry and hard.

Aren't you a virgin? -without shouting, but furious, I asked.

But... it's not... if I am...

Tell that to another fool, you don't fool me. If you had told me, I wouldn't have cared, it's that you wanted to make me laugh that makes me angry.

Maybe it was one of those times with my boyfriend....PLAFFFFFFF...(I slapped him a second time without letting him finish talking).

I got out of bed and started getting dressed.

Don't leave me, let me explain love to you," he said crying.

I swear I've never had a man inside me... I swear my love!!!!

I kept picking up my stuff, ready to leave the room.

Please listen to me, my ex-boyfriend wanted us to have sex, and I never let him, so we just agreed to masturbate.  But on more than one occasion he stuck his fingers in me. (she was still crying) I made it strong and several times it hurt me, in one of those bleeds, it surely broke my hymen. But I swear to you that I have never had a man inside me, I swear to you (I used to say at the same time that he got down on his knees).

He hugged me, preventing me from walking to the door - please, please - he said. If I didn't tell you, it's because I was afraid of this, but I didn't mean to deceive you, I swear.

Without saying anything, I pulled out my penis and she immediately put it in her mouth, thinking it was a sign of forgiveness.

When I felt the orgasm coming I pushed her, she lay on the floor, and there, I threw all my sperm at her.

Part fell on her face and breasts, part on the floor.

She moaned and was baffled. Will you forgive me then?  -he asked, as he got down on his knees again, wiping my penis of the remnants of semen.

In response, he received another slap.

She put her hands to her face, which caused semen to be beaten all over her face, covering her red cheeks with slaps.

You will learn to never lie to me again and to serve me if you want to be by my side.

Yes, my love, but don't get angry anymore - you forgive me, don't you? - and he received another slap in response, more than with force, dry and firm.

Lick the ground where my semen fell, none of which wastes it and you won't be the first.

But it disgusts's that the dirty soil...please!  -Then leave me, don't talk to me again or bother me, I'm going.

Noooo, I'll do it my life, I'll do it if you'll forgive me with that," he said as he lowered his mouth to the floor.

He grimaced and could be seen vomiting, but he still cleaned the floor of my sperm.

He told me at the same time that I saw his body naked, on its knees, with its face and breasts full of my semen and the almost black mouth of the dirt on the floor.

All right, I'll show you how to treat me.

Thank you my life, I will make you very happy, I swear. She said at the same time that she was hugging me, kneeling on her knees.

Get dressed and go alone, talk to me tomorrow and don't make me angry or you won't see me again.

As you say my love ... said while I closed the door of the hotel room, leaving it on the floor on its knees, dirty and with my semen all over the body.

That is the story of the most recent of my slaves .... and it is worth saying that has come out of the best ... I will tell you another time.


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