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on: June 27, 2019, 01:46:51 PM

I took the hotel we had booked, I all colored by the necklace I wore, I gave the feeling that everyone knew what it was, a whore, someone who was carried only by what his curiosity and pussy indicated, I did not like to feel like that, but from time to time I noticed the warm pressure of his hand, the strength he carried in them, and I already forgot everything.

- We'll need some champagne, in a ice bucket with lots of ice, please.

It was strange, I had no idea why I would want so much ice, but I wasn't going to ask him, I already told him that I would let myself go, that my curiosity could lead me, but that I wouldn't ask silly questions.

We went up to a third floor, it was a very renovated hotel, but with a wonderful rustic touch, it seemed that we were going to get into the Arab era, and while we were walking down the corridor, he was looking for something in his pocket, until a shiny chain came out, from those of walking a little dog, and I put it in my collar.


It's time for you to be an obedient kitten, so don't make yourself beg.


He was pulling the chain and I was following him, my legs were shaking, I knew that someone could come out of any place and see me in this way, but it is also true that I was shaking with excitement, it was incredible, my legs were starting to get ostensibly wet, until he stopped in front of a door, room 307.


Okay, this is it. Now I want you to trust me fully, but, I also warn you, I will not stop no matter how much you ask me. Only if you see that you will not endure it, you can beg me, and I will evaluate if it is necessary to stop... or not. You want to say something before you go into the room?


A chill ran through my body, but I knew there was no going back.


No, you know I trust you, please, let's move on.


All right... Now, put your hands behind your back, please.


He cuffed my thumbs and placed a blue bandage over my eyes, completely blinding my vision.

As the door slowly opened, his words echoed in my ears.


Now we begin to play, milady... don't let me down...






Through chain pulls, I put my feet inside the room. A strange smell filled my lungs, like paraffin, which I later identified as wax. He continued to pull the chain until he reached a kind of pouf, in which he forced me to kneel.


Well, like I said, you're my slave now... and I want you to know very well what your duties are. Now I want to use your mouth... although I'd like to see your ass first, I think it can be very interesting...


He raised my skirt, wrinkled it, on my waist, letting see the garter that he had asked me and my white skin, together with my sex with its slightly trimmed hair. He began to caress my ass, little by little, as if delighting himself in it, tapping lightly, until I noticed a strong whip on one of my buttocks.



Don't complain, milady, it's the first and I promise you that many more will arrive...


He opened the pants zipper, pulled the chain and put my face on his cock which was very erect, slightly wet, full of desire.


Start sucking, my slave.


I opened my mouth and began to give him pleasure, albeit in a clumsy way. While I sucked him, he kept whipping my ass, with force, making me burn quickly, when I sucked him less strong I gave me, but if I did not do it well, I noticed how a lash fully marked my flesh.


You're starting to do better, although I'm going to give you a good reason to do very well ...


I began to hear some vibrating, I assumed it was a dildo, and skillfully placed it so that it touched only my clitoris, receiving all of its exciting vibrations. I had a hard time putting up with that pleasure, I was on the edge!


Let's make a deal; I give you up to your fourth orgasm to make me come down your throat. If you don't get it, I assure you, you won't be able to sit for a week. Do you understand that, slave?


I nodded with my head while that bloody device managed to get the first orgasm out of me that he noticed because of my moans.


Well, we just started the race... I think you should do your best, if I don't foresee that cute white ass will turn very red...


I began to make him the fellatio of my life, I used my tongue, my teeth, my mouth as if it was a lollipop, an ice cream, I was eating the most exquisite cornet in the world, while I ran for the second time.


MMMM, I see that you are doing your best, my lady, you are about to get it...


His words of encouragement got me to run away for the third time but I neglected him, which he didn't like because of the lashes he began to give me. I went on and on, and as I reached my fourth orgasm... I noticed that my throat was filled with a thick, warm liquid, which I swallowed in the moment and without any disgust, it tasted like four orgasms, four moments of fullness in less than 5 minutes.


All right, milady, that's what I call an effective job.


I heard his smile and he kissed me again, took off my skirt and knocked me face down on the bed, while I opened the door for the janitor and picked up the champagne from the door.


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