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Deadly Torture (IV)


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on: June 28, 2019, 10:45:58 AM
Mortal Torture

CHAPTER IV: Vaginal Invasion

The next victim would be a young girl and bet slave, this was chained on a table leaving all his vagina thanks to him, as the victim shouted a lot, the prince decided to cover his mouth with some rags to shut her up, he was already tired enough and wanted to end quickly with this new torture.

Smearing in oil his hands began to introduce the fingers very slowly in the virgin vagina, touching the clitoris, masturbating it, so that naturally the vagina lubricates and dilates without major effort, the fingers one by one were lost in that sweet and desired hole he began to enjoy and dreamed of having a virile member that works properly to be able to enjoy that precious delicacy. However, he was content to continue tormenting his victim by telling him that he was going to want him to continue touching her in this way because she would soon be penetrated by things he had never imagined.

The slave's face turned purple, a mixture of pain, fear and the difficulty of breathing. Prince Henry once penetrated both hands, widened the victim's vagina with the same, enough to introduce a tube that was short but wide as a fist.  Then he ordered one of the soldiers to bring some small showers from his lab, and a snake. The slave's face was a surprise that I had planned to do that maniac with her.

The soldier returned with two boxes where the rodents were in one and the snake in the other, nobody imagined the madness that the prince was going to do now. He took a kind of sebum and put it into the tube, then blew it very hard so that it spread into the victim's uterus. Then showing the slave theuchas first, she introduced them one by one into the tube, it was not necessary to push them with anything, because the smell of the bait attracted them.

The other slaves looked perplexed and frightened at what he was doing, they no longer shouted only crying, they were so afraid of being punished that they covered their mouths among themselves so as not to enrage the prince's maniac.

The slave lying on the torture table and motionless by the heavy and tight chains felt as the rodents searched for the fat inside her body, it was madness to feel that sensation. After introducing more than five rodents, it could be seen as the belly of the slave swelled and moved, marking their movements. The victim was shaken desperately, by the internal bites she suffered from the rodents, who were slowly eating her internally, as if trying to satisfy her hunger and looking for a way out of the victim's uterus.

The prince removed the tube allowing the rodents to be trapped inside, then took very carefully the snake that was quite large, and showed it to his victim saying - see this is going to get inside you and you better have room because otherwise she's going to have to do it.

He ordered one of the guards to open the slave's vagina with his hands and without wasting time he directed the snake towards that desired cave. The snake felt the smell of the rodents introduced his head without difficulty and his leather followed the same fate, enriched the snake and removed the soldier leaving the field free for everyone to see how the tail of the snake moved desperately trying to get all inside.  The slave contorted her entire body trying to prevent something impossible, felt the rats bite her entire interior trying to escape from that mortal cave, and felt the serpent increasingly inside her and moving desperately to calm her hunger.

The belly could be incredibly noticed more and more inflamed as if the slave was pregnant from one minute to the next, unlike that the belly seemed to have a life of its own from how to mark lumps that came from inside.

Enrique sat down to watch the image he always dreamed of, that of a woman being penetrated by a reptile, he was very excited to see the vagina of the slave who seemed to have a hanging limb that was actually the snake that still let the tail stick out. As if that were his own member with his hands he began to introduce what was left out until nothing was left.

So that the snake did not escape, the prince took a kind of brooch and put it on the vaginal lips of the slave closing the only exit that the animals had, but letting out from inside a small probe that allowed the entrance of air. The experiment was frightening and uncertain as it was not known what could happen.

Leaving the slave tied up, the prince decided to retire to rest. Closing the cells tightly and leaving their slaves completely alone, with a security guard guard guarding them outside. Before leaving, he ordered that the body of Etelvina be thrown into a grave that he had right there for the victims who could not stand torture. Then I observe each of the victims' faces of fright, pain and suffering, that made him feel good and be able to dream of new tortures.



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