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Don't be afraid (the naked and the proud)


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on: October 23, 2019, 04:27:59 PM

Don't be afraid, of course it's going to hurt. I know, but what we also both know is that it is necessary. Do not be afraid, I will not fall into the cliché of telling you that it is just pain but remember that you have endured much more pain before. Do not be afraid, it is humiliating and you have received much more humiliation before. Relax. I do not command you as your master. Relax. I ask you as your friend. Because the inevitable, though imperishable, is still inevitable.

"To grow old is inevitable, to mature is optional." (Anonymous)

You know sooner or later it had to happen. I know you're distressed that your hands are tied, naked, your ass up and full of oil. I know you're anxious not to see me, to feel my cock approaching your anus and to feel the pressure that precedes penetration. I know. But it will happen anyway. So I beg you to relax and distract your mind with what you do best: convince yourself that you are my submissive and you will always be and that your pain is my pleasure.

"To enjoy all pleasures is foolish; to avoid them is foolish." (Plutarch)

But you must also convince yourself that your pain is your pleasure, and convince yourself of it as my penis begins to rub against the walls of your anus, dilating and entering inch by inch. Now you no longer know what it does, a knot holds your throat. You would like to break to cry to see if you can break that knot. But you're not going to cry. Your pride prevents you.

"The only thing that can console a person for the stupid things he does is the pride he takes in doing them. (Oscar Wilde)

Your pride prevents you from shouting, showing pain, or asking for mercy.  Your effort is my reward. And when I see how my penis goes to the base of your ass and I begin to sodomize you, I feel proud that as soon as you release a slight moan and stay with your head against the pillow, breathing hard and trying to pace the rhythm of your breath to the rhythm of my onslaughts. You know that helps you, when you take a deep breath it is as if your anus dilates and allows for a less painful penetration. It hurts but you start to get used to it. You're learning, you're getting used to it.  You are striving to be better than you were at the beginning of the session.

"The secret of my happiness is not to strive for pleasure, but to find pleasure in effort. (André Gide)

I know and I feel proud, prouder and prouder as I continue to sodomize you. I look at your naked back, you have some slight mark, traces of the session that preceded us, nothing important, a scratch and some slight bruise. In a few hours you will not be left marks. For you it is important to maintain your privacy. I respect it. I know that tomorrow it will hurt you to sit down but that only you will know it. Nobody else. That's your reward. Think about it.

"Our reward is in the effort and not in the result. A total effort is a complete victory. (Mahatma Gandhi)

That's your victory.



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