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Purchased... (II)


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on: June 29, 2019, 01:55:14 PM

Without being surprised to find her older sister naked, the little teenager entered the house demonstrating a security unsuitable for her age. After looking closely at both of us, he said:   

Well, I understood the star of the party was me.

And you are," replied the sister immediately, "I was just showing the lord how the females of our family are.

What's your name? - I interrupted.


Well, Alma and Elsa... they're both the stars of the party. And I, the lucky man who will enjoy your company.   

A few minutes later the atmosphere began to relax. I asked the girls to put on some music and dedicated myself to making a big jar of orange juice with rum and crushed ice. Actually, the least that combination contained was orange juice.   

This is very strong - said Elsa, laughing. 

That way he'll get us all in tune more quickly," I replied. 

I like it - said the little girl, drinking almost half a glass with one blow. 

The three of us sat in the living room, had closed the door of the house to enjoy greater intimacy, and alcohol was beginning to take its toll. Elsa, sitting on the same sofa as me, stretched out her hand and placed it on my dick above the bathing suit.   

I've been wanting to see what's hiding down here for a while - she said, funny. 

And why don't you uncover it? - the sister intervened, laughing nervously. 

Because it's up to us to wait for our orders - replied the first, casting an insinuating glance at me. And it went on: 

The Lord is a man who knows how to treat a woman...and knows how to dominate her so that she can be a bitch to him.

Would you like to be a bitch? - I asked, addressing Alma. 

I don't know," she replied, looking at me shyly. 

Your sister's a bitch. A delicious bitch, I must say. And she's gonna show you how a bitch behaves, isn't she, my bitch?

Whatever my master says," replied Elsa, quickly.

Show your sister how to suck a bitch's cock.   

Without waiting for me to tell her again, Elsa immediately threw herself at me and tried to put my bathing suit down. The anxiety and haste that she showed made her work difficult.   

Wait, I'll do it - I said, and rising slightly I lowered my bathing suit to the middle of my thighs. 

With desperation, like a dog in heat, the beautiful village teacher rushed over my cock as if it were the most appetizing of all delicacies.   

What the fuck are you doing? - Control yourself and do things the way they're supposed to be done.

I'm sorry, Master. Forgive me. I'll do whatever you ask.

I want you to suck my dick quietly and slowly. And I want your sister to see how you do it.

Yes, sir. Yes, sir.

And you - going to Alma - come and sit here, next to me.   

A minute later, I found a beautiful woman sitting on the floor between my legs, devouring my dick with true passion; while at my side was her young sister, half drunk, watching her tenderly leaning on my shoulder.   

Do you like it? - I asked the little girl. 

I like... your thing.

And doesn't it turn you on to see your sister swallow it?

I don't know... but she seems to like it a lot.

You like it, bitch? - heading to Elsa.

I'm fascinated, Master.   

At that moment, I attracted the little girl's face to me and kissed her tenderly on the lips. She let herself be done, but she didn't know how to kiss. I asked him to open his mouth and stick out his tongue a little. When he did, I took it between my lips and began to gently suck it out. Afterwards, I delicately bit his lips and put my tongue inside his mouth. Little by little, his body began to react and one of his hands caressed my head and neck with greater intensity each time.     

Take off your clothes - I said. 

All of it? - she asked in response, perhaps alluding to her sister still keeping her white briefs on. 

Yeah, all of it.   

At just 15 years old, Alma was almost as tall as her sister although she had not yet fully developed. Her breasts were smaller and her hips less voluptuous. However, she was already a woman. In fact, it could be said that it had the measurements of the typical catwalk models that fill the covers of fashion magazines all over the world. At the same time, it possessed the kind of exotic beauty that would allow it to stand out from the rest.   

You know what? I still can't explain why I'm here with two such beautiful women.

And what explanation do you need? - Think that I am your whore today... and my sister can be your female for as long as you want.

What's that supposed to mean? - I asked, convinced that I didn't understand what they were telling me. 

I can be yours today, tomorrow, as long as you stay on the farm. But my sister, if you want, can go to town with you.

To live with me, you mean?

To live where the man who cares for her and keeps her tells her.   

For a moment I was thinking, restless, not knowing what to say.   

And why would he do that? - I suddenly asked again. 

Because you would be giving her a chance to live a better life," Elsa continued, "Plus, it would help Mom and the family now.

And what guarantee does she have that I'll treat her well? - I continued, referring to Alma but directing the question to her sister. 

That's the risk I took, too. Sometimes it goes wrong and sometimes it goes right. All I could get was to be able to study almost three years in a good school.

Would you do it again?

Are you proposing to take both of us? - she replied, letting out a big laugh. 

Everything is possible - I heard myself say it suddenly, without having meditated on the answer. 

Elsa gave me an insinuating and sensual look before taking my cock in her hands to put it in her mouth.   

I love how I suck my mom...and if I take you to live with me you will be sucking cock the rest of your life.

I'd be your slave, always ready and willing to please you.

And you, Mommy, would you be willing to be my slave too? - I asked Alma, while with a gesture of the hand I asked her to approach me. 

You will have to teach me," he replied sweetly, sitting beside me and keeping his eyes fixed on the movement of his sister's mouth on my tool.

Your sister's an expert and she'll teach you, won't she, Elsita?

Yes, I love her, I'll teach her to be a whore for you to enjoy.

You hear that, doll? You think you'd like to be a slave bitch to me?

Yes...I want to be your whore slave...I want you to do everything you want to me.   

I immediately attracted her to me. I kissed her intensely, biting her lips. I took one of her breasts in my hand, squeezed it, handled it and ended up pulling her nipple with real strength. At first she just let herself be done, but soon her body began to react and the moans began to sprout from her throat.

At that time, my eggs were asking me to unload all the contents that were boiling inside; however, I decided to control myself. I wanted to make the most of those precious things, and I wanted to do it in the most vicious and animal way possible.   

Dear girls, I want to prove that you are the kind of slave whores that I would accept to have by my side... Do you understand?

Yes - they answered almost in unison. 

So... all my words are orders, and they are obeyed immediately. All my wishes are satisfied, as soon as I manifest them. And if at any moment I hear a no, or I perceive a gesture of displeasure before my requests...everything ends and I put any of you of paws in the street...Is it clear?

Yes, my lord," replied Elsa quickly, as her sister nodded. 

Well - I said getting up - I'm going to prepare a drink. In the meantime, I want you, Elsa, to eat your little sister like she's the lesbian girlfriend you've always dreamed of having. And I want you to give her an orgasm that makes her scream with pleasure, okay?   

The order was nothing repulsive to either of the two creatures; on the contrary, both seemed to throw complicit glances at each other and in an instant they were in each other's arms.

Leaning against the bar, smoking a cigarette and watching the battle of bodies that the sisters staged, I began to realize that it would be very difficult for me to leave that area without taking the little girls with me. In truth, there was no reason strong enough to force me to give up the promising pleasure of having a couple of young slaves living in my house. The opinion of friends and neighbors didn't matter to me. My ex-wife's was even less important to me. And only my daughter's, already married and mother of my grandson, caused me some anxiety. Even so, I thought, if you don't understand me, I'll have to make you understand that I'm not going to explain my actions to anyone.     

Yes, yes, siiiiiiiiiiiiiiii - shouted Alma with total riotousness, while her older sister sucked her pussy with obvious rage and skill. 

So, bring that bitch in," I exclaimed. 

Seconds later, the skin transpiring, the body convulsing and a guttural sound emitted without control, confirmed to me that the small puppy was enjoying an authentically intense orgasm.   

I guess it's not the first time they've done it, is it?

No, it's not the first time," replied Elsa, short of breath, "but Alma had never had such an orgasm.

And has he ever sucked a dick yet?   

Elsa looked at her sister before answering.   

Our father ever forced her, just like he did with me.

Does he still live with you?

No, my ama threw him out of the house because she found him with another woman.

Did she know about your dad with you guys?

I knew at least it was my turn. Sometimes he did it almost in front of her.

And it just touched you?

No, he went much further.

What did he do to you?

At first he used me to make him come with my mouth. Then he started enjoying me from behind. And when Don Jacinto deflowered me, he pursued me and used me as he pleased. Some days Don Jacinto would make me call, they would bring me here to be with him all afternoon or night; and when they took me back home, the old man was waiting for me to take me for good or for bad. I warmed it up when I told him how Don Jacinto had caught me.

Did he hit you?


Did you like it?

The first few times I was scared, but then I wanted him to do it.

Don Jacinto... did he hit you too?

When he found out how hot I was, he sent me to make the room.

What room are you talking about?

You don't know him?   

Surprised, Elsa stood up from the floor and took me by the hand asking me to accompany her. Alma followed us immediately behind. In what appeared to be the smallest room in the house, he pointed to a huge framed mirror that reached the floor. He approached him, touched the frame in a special way and the mirror became a door. When I opened it, my surprise was capital. In what was a space of about twelve square meters, illuminated by small skylights at the height of the ceiling, was a perfectly equipped torture room.   

Wow!... I never imagined anything like that.

I thought you knew him, and that's why you took this house," said Elsa. 

And you've used all this, little sister? - Alma asked. 

I've enjoyed almost everything," she replied, looking at me with an insinuating gesture. 

Alma, go get the drinks... and bring the cigarettes too - I ordered. 

Obeying, though not very happy to leave me alone with her sister, Alma left the small room.   

You're a real masochistic whore, huh? - I said

I like it when a man mistreats me.

I've never used a whip on a woman, but I have to accept that she's provoking me right now.

I'm your slave, your slave bitch... treat me like one.   

Without being able to resist, I threw a beastly slap that went to crash right in Elsa's face making her turn around.   

That's how you want it, bitch?

Yes, so is my male, my master - she replied, excited. 

A second and a third slap crossed his face again.   

Take off that panty bitch bitch...and get ready to suck.

Yes, master - he said to me as he obeyed. 

Kill your master's dick, bitch - I said, pulling her leg. 

That's where we were, standing with me and Elsa on her knees on the floor, taking her by the hair, forcing her to suck my cock, when the beautiful younger sister came back into the room.     

Today I'm going to make you a woman, doll - I said - but first, I'm going to kick your fucking sister's ass.   

Taking my dick out of her mouth, it was Elsa who reacted immediately.   

Yes, I love you, do it, but first let's chain my sister to the wall... 

What? I don't know. - I was able to ask.

Let her prove what it's like to be chained without being able to touch each other, only being able to watch as you nail her to the bottom.   

I looked up, looked around and saw the shackles hanging on a wall to which they were attached by powerful chains. My initial surprise soon turned into unstoppable lust.   

You're a wild animal... and I'm fascinated by it, you motherfucking bitch.   



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