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Hunted (II)


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on: June 29, 2019, 03:03:34 PM

I had a terrible night: although the mattress was comfortable, I could barely move. The handcuffs were put very tight by my catcher, and I had a terrible pain in my wrists and shoulders. I couldn't scream because of the singular gag that, moreover, still gave off a penetrating smell. The part of the panties that came out of my mouth, Silvia had left it towards my nose, which warmed and thinned the scarce air that went through the thick stockings that enclosed my head.

Several times I felt like I was about to drown. At times I was excited: I had the smell of my omnipresent mistress, and that made me a thousand.  So the hours passed slowly, sleeping intermittently. At a certain moment I noticed a slight glow, which became more intense as the day progressed. I was starting to despair. What had happened to Silvia? Why didn't she come? A thousand thoughts crossed my mind. What if he abandoned me? But I don't. Suddenly I felt a key turn in the lock and between the mesh of the stocking that covered me I saw it. He was wearing a white nightgown and slippers of the same color.  His hair was messed up, like he just got up.

- Good morning," he said. How was my bow tie?

And then he took my socks off my face. A breath of fresh air revived me.

- Can I take your gag off without fear of hearing you scream?

I nodded. He took off the bandage that kept the dirty panties inside my mouth and then took it out. Then I thanked him shyly.

- Well, now let's make you a little more comfortable.

He loosened the chain that held my neck and untied my feet from the bed, though he held them together.

Until I can trust you again. -He said smiling. 

I noticed he had some bruises on his face from the kick he had given him the day before. He helped me up.  I sat on the bed with my legs hanging down. I still had my neck attached to the bed by the hanging collar and a locked chain with padlock, so any attempt at resistance would end badly. After all, even if I put her out of combat, in that situation, it was enough for her to leave so that she would be alone and who knows if anyone would ever find me alive? Besides, little by little I realized how ambiguous my feelings were: at times I liked being there, at times I thought about escaping... Time would decide my future, as we shall see later.

He turned around and headed for the little bathroom next door. He wiped my face with a wet towel. Then he took my head and gave me a beautiful, deep tongue kiss. 

Now we're going to have breakfast, but we're going to do it here, until we have your full team," he said. And he's gone. 

I could smell a nice smell of toast while I waited. He came in with a tray with a bowl, a large coffeemaker and a pitcher of milk, plus a pile of toast. There was a silver churn and a pot containing a jam. 

Thank you very much. And forgive me for yesterday's blow. I'm asking you to understand me. -I said.

I understand, baby. You lost on one side, but in time you'll realize how much you won. I'll still punish you later again - and he kissed my mouth deeply.

Now let's have our breakfast. He served an appetizing latte. Firmly, he said:

You're gonna swallow anything I give you. I guess you don't want to piss me off again, do you? 

She took a few sips, until she came closer and taking my head with both hands, made my mouth and hers stick together. Then he released the liquid from his mouth to mine. I swallowed everything. And it was very rich, I must admit. She did the same with six toasts, which she chewed for herself and me. That's how we shared our first breakfast, like a normal couple. I felt better already. My hands and shoulders hurt, though.

Could you please uncuff me, or even loosen them a little?

He hesitated.

- Okay, but eyeball. He chained my feet to the bed, shortened the chain on my neck a little, so that I couldn't get up, so I was again lying on my flank, and he took my handcuffs off. I stretched out my arms and thanked him.

When we finished our peculiar breakfast and as it was, he handcuffed my hands to the head of the bed and told me that we would have some sex. She lifted the skirt off my dress and petticoats, loosened the locks on the underside of the body and lowered the stockings and panties. She took off her panties and panties, sat on my face, her anus on her nose. I started sucking on it. Then she came down and practiced the best fellatio I'd ever had. So, doing the 69, we stayed a while until he had his first orgasm: at that precise moment he released a stream of urine, because my mistress Silvia is one of the women who when they have orgasms, lose a little urine.

We went on until I ejaculated. He swallowed all my semen, and without giving me a break he continued until he reached his second orgasm. Her face and part of the dress were wet with her juices. He rested a little, cleaned himself with his panties, which he also pissed on and put in my mouth, placed a bandage so he couldn't spit it out, covered my face again with his panties and said: - Now I have to go out and get some things for your comfort - he smiled -. Don't go too far, eh?

He left the room locking the door and left me thinking that, after all, he wasn't having such a bad time. Too bad I still had the habit of covering my face, which made it very difficult for me to breathe, and that I already had a disgusting taste for urine in my mouth again. At least he handcuffed me in a more comfortable way...

That's how I spent the whole afternoon.

When he came back, he said he had something for me. He came over. He let go a little of the chain that held my neck and the one that held my legs together. He'd forgotten the gag and the stockings that covered my face. Desperately, I indicated it to him with drowned cries. He slapped me.

He loosened the chain a little more, freed my hands to handcuff them to my back and threw me to the ground. He took off his shoes and, placing his sweaty feet on my face, entertained himself for some time in drowning me.

She took off my stocking and gag and told me to lick. I had a sour taste but I realized that I liked the situation more and more.

When he got tired, he said he'd show me his presents. He dumped me and came back with a big bag. He took out a box and opened it, showing me high-heeled and not very thin shoes, closed at the front; at the back, at the heel a thick leather strip came out, ending in a kind of anklet with several rings.

He took my handcuffs off and told me to try them. I put them on.  By means of the anklet they were kept in place. They had small metal rings every half centimeter, and a larger one on the inside of the leg.  He approached me and adjusted them, closing each one with a small but strong padlock.  Then a chain went through each other's hoops, joining the ends with another padlock. My legs could be separated no more than 35 cm. When it was over, he said to me:

This little gift is so that you don't try to go far away when I allow you to circulate around the house to do your work. As you can see, all clothing hinders your mobility and ensures that you remain under my control.

I'll put the rest of the equipment on you.

From the bag, he pulled out a thick leather collar that had a ring on the front and one on each side, adjusting it and locking the device with a padlock. He put a belt on me that had another ring in front and wide wristbands, which he joined with a chain whose ends he linked to another of 1.20 m, finally joining the tip with the lock on my legs. He said

to get me on board. He was slightly bowed to her, making it impossible to attempt any resistance. This woman showed me more and more that she knew well what she was doing, as well as an enormous obsession to control me.

Then he put the necklace on me and said: - Come, let's go for a walk.

I could barely follow her, falling several times. The body-corset made me very tired, and the chains made every step difficult. The shoes were terrifying: they hurt and they kept making me bend my ankle.  Implacable, she kept the chain taut and each fall was a small hanging.

So we got to the kitchen and opened a door that led to the basement. In one of the corners there was a kind of stretcher. He attached the choke collar to a head ring, keeping my face glued to the upholstery.  He let go of my hands and handcuffed them to the sides so that it would be face down.  He attached the chain of his legs to another ring, so that he was half kneeling and with his tail raised. He gagged me again. He lifted my skirts and dropped the bottom of the body, lowering panties and stockings. My buttocks were exposed like this. Then he said:

- Now I'm gonna dial you.

He looked for a piece of metal in a closet and left me. After a while he came back from the kitchen with the smoking mark. I, desperate, tried to move, but everything was useless. Smiling, he said:

Stay still, because if it goes wrong, I'll have to erase and repeat. This will be the first of several you'll wear. And my initials engraved on your body will always remind you of your condition.


I felt a terrible pain in my right buttock. A scream was drowned out by the gag. He left and came back with some vials of disinfectant, which he applied to the burn, causing me even more pain.

So I stayed for a while, during which I got used to it and felt less discomfort. She put a gauze on me, pulled up the panties and socks, closed the body again and let me off the stretcher. Without handcuffing me, he put me in a small cage in a corner, where it could barely fit, locked the door and said: 

Since you're grounded, you won't eat or drink tonight, and you'll sleep there. Ah, I have two pieces of news for you, one good and one bad: the bad news is that I have to travel to Spain in a few days, and the good news is that as my trusted employee is on vacation, a friend will take care of you. Please don't make her tantrum because she's a very sweet girl, and she's seven months pregnant. I estimate I'll be able to meet you again in a week. Ah, tomorrow morning I'll show you your household chores.

He's gone.

The cage was made of iron, with a hardwood floor and a roof as well. On the inside there was woven wire. I couldn't totally stretch. In an almost fetal position, I realized it was the only way I would sleep.

I was pondering that with his departure, maybe I could get out of it. A pregnant woman would be an easier enemy to defeat.

But I thought, what would I do if I ran away? Despite her tortures, she seemed to care about me. Besides, I'd enjoyed myself like no one else so far. And after all, I remembered, I was fulfilling part of my fantasies. I noticed I had a new erection. But I still wanted my freedom.

The new day would bring new surprises and certainties.

Tortured by thirst, I spun until the dream came and I was able to escape, at least for a while.



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