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I fucked with an unknown submissive (01)


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on: June 28, 2019, 10:53:06 AM
Hello, my name is Ernesto and what I'm going to tell you next happened about 6 years ago and it's 100% real, they are those stories that one always hears happen to others, but never to one, and then, all my friends envied.

I was never a guy obsessed with sex, or looking to hook any mine I came across; it was more peaceful, but that time was particularly exciting and adventurous.

I never thought I could really fuck an almost absolute stranger, not because of incapacity but because, we all know, it is simply very difficult to find a woman who gives herself without knowing you physically. Perhaps men are more primitive and our instincts lead us to use our "friend" as often as women cross us, but women are a minority.

But without further ado I'll go to the story where I'll tell more about the preliminaries, because, once the action has started, almost all of them are similar.

I, by then, was about 29 years old, lived alone and had no girlfriend. I worked in an important company for many hours, even weekends finishing a project, among other assigned tasks.

One afternoon, this girl calls me, her name was Andrea and until that moment I didn't know her, and she worked part-time rotating schedules, for a company that offered us customer service, with a physical location about 15 blocks from where I was.

There was a problem with a client and at that time we could not solve the problem. We agreed to contact her the next day again because she had to give her an answer.

I remember that I was powerfully struck by the sensuality of his voice and that it had produced some tingling that I immediately put aside to return to engage in my tasks. I figured I'd be about 35.

It was so the next day she called me back and I still did not have the solution to the problem within my reach so I asked her to tell the client that in no more than 1 week we would resolve their issue favorably and that she and I kept in touch to let him know the progress and lower the anxiety to our unfortunate client. His voice had me more trapped and I thought that at least, the positive side of the song was that I would still be tied to Andrea for a few days on the other side of the line.

She immediately contacted him and then called me back to warn me that this man had accepted but was very angry. I undertook to solve the problem before her before the stipulated time. The conversation got a little relaxed and I don't remember how I derive from the fact that she happened to live on the same block where I had lived until less than a year ago. To check this we talked about several characters in the neighborhood and described each other, but it seemed that we did not know each other. In addition, she told me that she worked in her free time helping her husband in a printing press that, by chance, was just around the corner from my new home. Finally he invited me to have a coffee at his house one day when I left the office early, which made my morbidity very hot.

Why would a married woman with whom I had spoken no more than 10 minutes on the phone and despite being former neighbors, invite me to her house for coffee? An excitement began to flood me. The more I wondered about it, the more morbid it made me.

The next afternoon I had already advanced with the customer problem and the solution was on its way. I decided to call Andrea so that she could get in touch with the client and update him on the progress so as to lower his anxiety, but she wasn't there and was going to work the night shift.

That's when I decided to call her from home when she got home from work. It was a good excuse because I could speak more calmly if the conversation was extended. When you get home, call her. Andrea could not believe that I was taking the commitment so seriously and as I was on the phone with another client, I left her the house number and that way I could also see that I was really calling her from my home. He did indeed call me back and we were briefly talking about some personal lost and found but the phone burned with complaints and he had to leave me.

At that point I kept getting warmer and warmer his voice and began to mouse me with everything.

The next day it was Friday and I called the office to tell me that the client had received the materials and that he was in the process of repairing his problem. She thanked me again and reiterated the invitation to her house to which I replied "one of these days" and agreed to keep me informed until the problem was completely resolved, which she would ensure and inform me properly.

I was really seeing if the relationship was resolved somewhere else because getting into the house of a practically unknown married woman wasn't a sure thing.

Then what I was waiting for happened even though I didn't expect it that way.

It was 11:30 on Saturday night and I was watching a movie alone, quiet in the darkness of my house, debating whether or not I would go to a meeting at a friend's house. I finally got up to get ready to leave when the phone rings and Andrea's unmistakable voice was on the other side of the line. I was in the call center working the Saturday night shift without too much work and decided to talk to me. There was no doubt that something was also in her hands beyond the labor relationship for the client's business.

She spoke to me softly, sympathetic as always but in a sensual way. His laughter was pleasant and contagious. After half an hour of conversation about trivial personal subjects or the typical ones that serve to get to know each other better, comes a question from those fools on your part that would derive to the desired terrain: 

What's your favorite color?

Generally blue, but it depends, I also like black.

Depends on what?

And,... I like blue as a color but black fascinates me in women's clothing, for example, especially in the intimate. 

Immediately his tone of voice changed radically and became totally erotic, until broken. 

Tomorrow I'm on duty in the offices facing the street, if you come to visit me I'll be wearing panties and black suspenders. 

I swallowed saliva, my voice narrowed and my dick gave signs of wanting war.

The conversation was rushed because she had to cut for work reasons and me because the guys were calling me to go to the meeting.

On Sunday I decided to stop by the office and play along.  It was 5 o'clock in the afternoon and I still hadn't gone when Andrea called me on the phone totally accelerated by the excitement and wouldn't let me talk. She said she thought she saw me look out the window from the street and I confused her.  She was trying to describe me and I was disorienting her. I told him it was me and when I touched him, I told him it hadn't happened. She begged and begged me, admitted that the game had her very nervous and excited.

I cut and felt in control of the situation. She had prepared for me, to show me her intimate garments and was hot with the situation. I went there a couple of hours later and looked out of the office window overlooking the street. I could see, among all the girls out there, one as she had been described in a short black skirt and black socks, but I could barely see her from behind so she didn't even know it. I had long hair, dark Castilian and a good body that confirmed how much I trained in the gym as I was told.

I didn't hear from her until Tuesday, when it was 10:00 p.m. the two of us were in the office and I called her. It would make her hotter and hotter, that was my plan and I would fuck her as I wanted. I didn't know that sexually perverse phase of my personality, but I loved it. It seemed to be the case of a woman married to an older guy who was just for money...

Andrea, I wonder: 

And what are you gonna do tonight when you get home?

I'm going to take off all my clothes, I'm going to open the hot water shower and I'll give myself an immersion bath

Mmmmm, so cute all wet - his voice was total libidinous.

Would you like to feel my whole body wet?

Mm-hmm. Yeah, daddy.

How about we play a little?

I love the proposals 

Thinking of that exhibitionist attitude he showed me on Sunday, I said to him: 

Wouldn't you like me to spy on you through the lock while you undress?

I love to be looked at and spied on while I change or bathe.

How about you come home and play that I'm spying on you?

Me en-can-ta-ria

Or else, you enter home, in the midst of darkness and without seeing us, only by the contact of our voices as now, we are undressing.

If yes, Daddy - I would have sworn by the tone of voice he was masturbating on the other side of the line. 

I thought the phone was gonna melt. I had to cut because the security people were closing the offices.

That week we spoke almost every day to arrange the meeting. There was no doubt that she was the submissive one and I had control of how the actions would unfold.

I, for my part, had no problem, but her husband seemed to be very jealous and controlled him quite a lot. It was the typical case of a woman who was with an older guy for money and with her for sexual favors. She always had to fuck when he set it up. Another clear sign of the degree of submission she had.

Saturday I was in the office. We agreed for Sunday at 10am at my house, as the guy would always play soccer with his friends and then they'd stay for a barbecue.

Finally, the day and time indicated arrived. I had already sharpened my dick and had the eggs that exploded so I could accumulate erotic conversations when the phone rings. It was Andrea: 

You won't believe it, but I had a fever and my husband didn't go to play football but to look for remedies at the pharmacy.

Fever's gonna get me if you don't come here... are you fucking with me?

No, what do you think? I've been waiting for this moment more than ever.

You're a cocksucker liar! - I was already very angry. I thought I had taken myself for an asshole and that it turned out to be one of the many hottest cocks in Argentina.

I can't assure you that I won't and that tomorrow, I'll be better and I'll show you how wet my pussy is for you. 

I had already calmed down a little more, and despite my sexual fever, I believed him.

Her voice became totally perverse and vicious. 

Tell me, how were you waiting for me at your house?

It was a surprise and I'm not gonna tell you

Are you in your underwear now?


I'm in bed and I'm wearing a very white pantyhose.

I'm in bed, too.

And you have it hard?


Your head's all red because you're warm with me?

Yes, - at this point I drew the poronga and started to shake it.

I put my hand under my panties and I'm putting a little finger in my shell and now two. The fever is going down but it's going down to my pussy. Do you get any juice?


I can't wait for you to suck all my're going to put it in me all morning?

Yeah - I could barely pronounce a word, I was in ecstasy.

That is, if you're going to shove it up my ass, but that's without a lining.

You like to get fucked in the ass.

Yeah, I was hoping you'd fuck me in the ass today. I've been denying it to my husband all these days so you'd break it with your dick.

Yeah, you're gonna like the way I fucked you in the ass.

And you're gonna finish me off with your milk in my mouth?

I'm gonna give you a lot of milk. 

At this point she gems and gems more and more strong 

Ahhhhh, I'm about to finish, I'm about to finish... take all my juices, I'll wet your whole face... ahhhhhhh. 

I told him that it was over, but I actually interrupted to pour all the milk the next day and that part of the story will be told in the second part.



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