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on: October 23, 2019, 04:38:46 PM

It's been a while since things were going so well between me and my wife. She didn't want to work once she was married and I, with my modest salary, could barely satisfy all her whims. That led us to argue for any reason. My work was not physically tiring, since I worked in an office, but it was very exhausting and I arrived home really tired. Our sexual encounters were becoming more and more spaced out, partly because of my tiredness and partly because of the bad vibes we had about our discussions. To make matters worse, the company where I worked, which was a subsidiary of a larger one, moved me to the main company, which was in another city in another province.

My wife didn't like the idea at all, I even thought that I would have to go alone and that she would come whenever she wanted or going bad, to separate us. In the end, with a very bad face, she agreed to go with me, but our relationship got even worse. Already in our new home, from time to time we had sexual relations, I have to confess, and I am guilty of that, that for my part I did it mechanically, and that my wife was not bad at all, physically speaking. I guess what I should have done was make things clear to focus our relationship and try to improve our marriage. My wife, realizing how little enthusiasm I put into fucking her, got angry, which was my sentence, as you'll see later.

Shortly afterwards, the company held a party in which all the employees and their partners were invited, of course, they were also the managers. My wife dressed for the occasion and I have to say that she was very pretty, totally radiant, I flattered her for it, but she only gave me a half smile, totally false. Once in the restaurant where we were supposed to have dinner, I introduced my wife to my companions and my boss, who fell in love with her, I could see it in her eyes. As a manager, he got two chairs for us to sit next to him, or rather, for her to sit next to him, between him and me.

They spent the whole dinner talking and I could see that she laughed at their comments, although I couldn't hear them and I couldn't know what they were talking about. The restaurant had, right next to the tables, a dance floor and as soon as dinner was over people went to her to dance for a while. My boss and my wife, without saying a word to me, got up and went to dance. I felt tremendously angry and jealous.

I have to say now that what I had to do was to arrange for a co-worker and start dancing with her, to pay her with the same coin, but don't ask me why I didn't do it, I just stayed in awe watching them laugh and have fun, watching my boss lose his hands and touch my wife's ass and get too close to her, watching things whisper in her ear. On one occasion, she said something to him, very serious, and later both turned to observe me, she with hatred in her eyes, the curious. With that I had enough, I got up from the chair and went to them, I stood in front of my wife and taking her by the arm I demanded that we go home. She replied without looking at me and in bad ways:

-I'm fine here, don't bother me now, if you want to go, fuck off, I'll find someone to take me back.

I couldn't allow this, but my boss intervened:

-You can leave if you want, Roberto, your wife is in good hands, don't worry, I'll take her home myself.

She smiled, holding on tighter to him, as if the conversation was over, my boss also seemed to have finished talking to me, since he looked at my wife again with those eyes of desire. There was nothing to do, my wife could be very stubborn when she wanted to, and if she didn't want to leave, she wouldn't leave. Since I didn't want to continue my bitterness either, I decided to go home. Let them do what they want.

I drove back to my house, arrived at it and went to bed, in all this time I couldn't stop imagining them in the next step that they would surely carry out. This kept me awake, I couldn't get it out of my head, until finally, hours later, she arrived.

-What the hell have you done all these hours?

-What do you care? -She replied.

-I care because I'm your husband! -I shouted at her.

She laughed willingly, answering that she didn't look like it.  This made me even more angry, and I threw myself at her, with the intention of fucking her and giving her what she deserved. I tore off her blouse with one hand and we were struggling, me to pull up her skirt and tear off her panties, her to prevent me, all this time, she did not stop insulting me and scratching me. It is known that when a woman closes her legs tightly, you can't get her to open them if you don't threaten her with a weapon. She closed them tightly and I was defeated. I left her, convinced that there was nothing to do, she got up and without ceasing to insult me she kicked me out of the room with kicks and punches. I could have hit her back, but I was tired of the situation and left the bedroom. She slammed the door and condemned the lock, shouting:

-I've fucked your boss, he's a handsome man with all the laws. Since you don't behave like a man and you don't fuck me properly, others will have to do it for you, so get used to it.

I punched the door while insulting my wife by calling her a whore. I heard her laugh, and she informed me that she would go out with another man as soon as she felt like it.

The next day, my wife waited for me to go to work to get out of the bedroom, and when I came back at night, ready to talk to her and make things clear definitively she had already executed her plan. There was no one home, and on the table my wife had placed a videotape with a note telling me to do the favor of watching it. I inserted the tape into the device and sat down to see what was inside. I froze. In the pictures you could see my boss fucking my wife, first he undressed her and rubbed her and kissed her all over her body while she was melting with pleasure, then he stuck his cock through her pussy and then sodomized her, which I had never been allowed to do. Later my wife gave my boss the blowjob of her life, and when they had finished, very curled up the two of them, she lamented that her husband was homosexual and did not touch her. The two of them devoted themselves to insulting me and making me look like a silly faggot and cuckold. That was the end of the video. I was petrified and I didn't even feel like getting up to turn off the player. Maybe ten minutes went by, maybe more, when the phone finally rang. It was my wife asking me if I had seen what was on the tape. I didn't get a yes or the insults I would have liked to dedicate to her, instead, silence took hold of the phone.

-Well, I gather from your silence that you've already seen it. There are several copies of that tape about to be distributed to your office colleagues, it's up to you whether we get them to them and you look like a cuckold ladybug or not.

-Don't do it. -I said.

-Are you willing to do whatever I tell you? -she asked.

-You win. -I replied.

-As soon as the phone hangs up, you'll go to the bedroom, get naked, and put on white socks with a garter belt that you can find over there.  Then you'll put on the gray suit I have, you know what I'm saying, the one with the short skirt, and you'll be waiting for me standing in the dining room when I get there.

Without giving me time to object, he hung up. For nothing in the world did I want the film to reach the hands of my co-workers, so, although I didn't like it, I did what my wife ordered, waiting for it to arrive. But to my surprise and shame, along with her came my boss.

-Your wife has told me many things about you, and I must tell you that you are a real imbecile. First you don't fuck her like a husband's obligation, and then you try to force her. Let's see who understands you, you stupid piece of shit. Ask her forgiveness for everything you've done to her!

-Forgive Rachel. -I said in half a voice, between angry and humiliated.

-What a way to excuse yourself, I'm sure you know how to do it much better. -said my boss.

For five minutes I was asking my wife for forgiveness, until the excuses I made satisfied my boss. At that moment my wife intervened:

-As punishment for your behavior, from now on you will be my maid. I always wanted to have one, and since you can't pay for it, you will do it yourself. You will do everything I tell you. Your boss will come every Friday to satisfy me, since you don't do it. So that you don't bother us, that day you will stay working in the office until ten o'clock at night, when you will come here, and you will prepare and serve us dinner dressed as a maid. Remember the tape we have. Just one disobedience on your part and I guarantee that your office mates will have their copy.

But my boss also had another humiliation in store for me.

-As you well know, every fortnight I have to get a sales report from the department. I will make some changes in the organization chart of the company and you will be in charge of presenting it to me. On that day, you'll wait until everyone in the office has left, then you'll put on a little woman's dress and come into my office to give me the report.

I had my eyes on the floor because of the embarrassment I was suffering, but at one point I picked her up and looked him in the face. My wife gave me a resounding slap and said:

-Don't look us in the eye as we speak to you. I want you to keep your head down and your eyes on the ground.

-That's the way I like it, dear. -said my boss. -Show him who's in charge of this house from the first moment.

Finally he left. That day and thereafter, my wife took over the bedroom and made me sleep on the sofa. When I arrived from work the next day, the first thing my wife did was order me to undress and teach me how to wax.

-Women wax, and you're no exception. -From now on, you will depilate on your own as often as necessary to look like a pretty little girl. I don't want to warn you about it, you'll know when you have to do it, if I have to tell you, it'll be a slap in the face.

He also imposed on me the use of a maid's uniform, with one exception, he wouldn't let me wear a skirt. He only authorized me to wear white socks with a garter belt and a tiny apron, leaving my little ass in the air. She ordered me to remove the dust from the bookstore and she sat on the sofa in front of me to watch me. Soon she began to tell me phrases like:

-What a little girl's ass! It's a crime to hide your ass, pretty girl.

Later, when I served her dinner, she stroked or patted me every time I stood next to her to serve her. That humiliation ended up turning me on, which she naturally observed because of my joint, and laughing at me, she said:

-What a submissive servant! You like to see yourself like that, don't you?

The next day she bought me a tool to prevent my erections. The device consisted of a thin cord that was put in the form of a belt, two other cords came down from the front and ended in a cap where the penis was housed, in this cap there was only room for a penis at rest, and did not allow an erection. The tip of the cap was open to allow urine to pass through. The other function of the device was to force the penis to remain between the legs so that seen from the front, it seemed as if the penis did not have the limb.  This could be achieved with two options; one was a cord tied at the tip of the cap and force the penis to lodge between the legs by passing it through the crack of the ass and tying it to the back of the belt, the other option was to hold the cap and therefore the penis to the scrotum by means of a clamp, when placing it, my wife opted for the latter:

-I want you to have the hole in your ass fast. -She told me to justify her decision. -Now you won't be able to get an erection. If you're not man enough to fuck me, it doesn't make any sense for you to splice. Besides, you'll have to piss sitting down, like the little woman you are. And by the way, from now on, when you want to go pee, you'll have to ask my permission. Do you understand, little girl?

-Yes," I said laconically.

-Yes, ma'am. I want you to treat me like you and call me Madam.

-Yes, ma'am. -I repeated, more humiliated than ever.

To finish off the whole, he put a bonnet like the ones worn by the maids and a necklace on my neck.

-You look very pretty like that, little girl. That will be your work uniform from now on. As soon as you get home, you'll undress, put the device on your dick, socks with suspenders, cap, necklace and apron.

So, the next Friday came, when I had to stay in the office until ten o'clock, to get home around ten-thirty. The boss had the consideration and generosity to pay me overtime, he paid it along with my paycheck. The only downside was that since then my paychecks were deposited in an account in my wife's exclusive name, and I remained working like a cuckold and without a penny in my pocket. I began to think about sending everything to the devil, that is, throwing my wife out of the house and saying goodbye to work, all in all, I could find another one, and as for the tape, because if they showed it, I could look like a cuckold faggot, but my wife would look like a slut and perhaps the boss like an unborn child. But they must have thought of this, because later on I will explain how I was definitely caught in their clutches. As I said before, I got home around eleven o'clock, they were both sitting on the sofa, the boss was dressed and my wife wore only a shirt and socks, without wearing panties. Although they heard me arrive, they didn't pay any attention to me, but I already had my instructions, I undressed, put on my "uniform" and went to the kitchen to prepare dinner. While I was at it, my wife ordered me to bring them an aperitif, I prepared it and as soon as I placed the drinks on the coffee table, she got up, sat down on the dining room table and ordered me to clean it. Kneeling before her, I had to swallow the remnants of semen and streams to leave her pussy gleaming. While I was licking my wife's pussy, my boss noticed the device I wore to hold my penis between my legs. He laughed at me and said:

-I think your wife knows how to humiliate you. That thing you've got there, I find it interesting. I want you to wear it when you present the balance, you know, when you dress like a little girl. With this stuffed in you can even put on panties, or rather a thong.

That said, my wife got off the table and with a slap on my buttocks she sent me back to the kitchen to finish cooking dinner. As soon as I had it ready, I prepared the table and told them that they could sit down for dinner as soon as they wanted, which they did immediately. During dinner, my boss came up with a new idea to lower me and humiliate me even more. He told my wife that it would be good if she made me wear a half-haired wig, and also taught me how to make up my hair, so that I would look more like a woman, he would also make me wear the same wig and make up when I presented the report. My wife accepted the enchanted idea and promised that as of the following week, on Fridays she would make me wear the wig and also teach me the art of makeup.

Then she can also put on her own make-up when you have her present the report. By the way, when will that be? -she asked.

-Next Tuesday. -He replied.

Although my wife considered it a little short, she assured him that on Tuesday I would do my makeup in the office all by myself.

They finished their dinner and while they were having coffee on the sofa, I went to the kitchen to wash the dishes and once I had finished, I went back to the dining room to tell my wife that I had finished the tasks. That's when the most horrible thing of all happened. All the humiliations I had suffered before were nothing compared to what was ahead of me. Indeed, my wife got up calmly, and as soon as she was in front of me, she ordered me to turn my back and put my arms behind me, handcuffed me and made me bend the trunk over the table, leaving me standing, but with my chest and face against the table, in that position, my ass was in pomp. Then he tied a strap to my necklace and tied it to the table, so I couldn't get up. He also immobilized my feet, between them and with the legs of the table. In short, it immobilized me completely. Then he brought the filmmaker on a tripod and put it in such a way that I could be seen in my whole body and on my side, and he forced me to turn my face towards the filmmaker. She disappeared for a while, when my boss told me laughing that that must be my natural position and that I adored my wife because she knew how to treat me properly. She appeared again, with a large artificial cock attached to a harness that had been put on and a small pot in one hand. At that moment I knew what was going to happen and I began to implore to be released although, of course, I did not make the slightest case.  I soon discovered what the pot really was. Vaseline. My wife smeared my anus, both on the outside and inside, inserting a finger into my hole.  And then, grabbing me by the waist, she encullated me until the end and began to pump. My boss mocked me and said humiliating things like:

-Look at the little raped woman. Look at the little girl as she puts her little ass.

She approached me and, grabbing me by the hair, lifted my head all that the leash gave and began to slap me. When my wife got tired of teasing me, she pulled out her artificial penis, but far from ceasing my torment, she removed the clamp that held my penis to my scrotum and tied a string to the tip of the cap. Then he took a dildo with him and shoved it up my ass. So that I wouldn't take it out with sphincter movements, he passed the string that came out of the cap through a hole in the base of the dildo and tied the other end of the string to the back of the belt.  So being perpetually penetrated, he went to my head and ordered me to clean his "penis" of my own shit, and while I was giving him a blowjob, my boss stood behind me, took off his belt and started hitting me with it in the buttocks.  By the time my wife finished, I had red cheeks on my face and ass and was crying with pain and humiliation. They laughed at me, telling me that I was crying like the little woman I was. To finish, they made me apologize for being a submissive little woman, they also made me thank them for the rape and promise them that I would be an obedient little girl and a helpful maid. And all this in front of the filmmaker....Now it was definitely in her hands. My boss, no doubt encouraged by my humiliation, said:

-We'll have to give the little girl a name. Raise her head by the hair. -He asked my wife.

When she had fulfilled her request, he took off his dick and peed on my face, telling me at the same time:

-From now on, you will answer Violet's name. Understand, little girl?

-Yes," I said.

My wife slapped me on the buttocks and said:

-Call it Master, stupid maid.

-Yes, Master. -I replied with a total surrender. My wife untied me from the table and kneeling and pulling the leash, took me to my boss's pool of urine and ordered me to clean it with my tongue. He was ecstatic to see my wife humiliate me and laugh at me, mortifying me once more. And the truth is that dressed only in a pair of stockings with a garter belt, an apron, on my knees with my ass raised, penetrated and licking the floor, my appearance must have been one of total submission and humiliation. They tied me back to the table, and they, sitting on the sofa, watched the film they had just made for me. I could not see it, but I could hear my supplications, cries and the words they made me say at the end, along with the imposition of my new name. Then my boss took the recorded tape, telling my wife that she would be safer at home, with a slap on my buttocks he addressed me ordering me to go to the office the following Monday, wearing the cap and a pair of panties or a female thong.

-When you get there," he ordered me, "you come into my office with any excuse and you'll pull down your pants to show me that you're wearing panties and your penis hidden backwards.

He also reminded me of the paper he had reserved for me for the following Tuesday, he told me that he himself would provide me with the clothes, the wig and the make-up set I was to wear. He encouraged me to become a real little woman. He also said that that day was for him, one of the best I could remember in his life, first of all, because he had fucked my wife, and also because he had enjoyed seeing me repeatedly humiliated.

-You were born for a submissive maid, Violet nenita. -He said to me.  -Your wife and I will see to it that you get what you deserve. Take care that I don't have any complaint from you about your wife, because if not, I'll make you wear this dick that you have inserted in your ass right now.

He said goodbye to my wife with a morreo and left. I stayed there, tied to the table and with my ass still penetrated since my wife ignored me completely. She went from one side of the floor to the other, doing her thing until she finally approached me.

-You humiliated me by ignoring me and look how you have to see yourself, little Violet maid. I have defeated you completely. I could have had a lover without you noticing, but I wanted to humiliate you in this way, letting you know, and also, that this lover was your own boss! And if that wasn't enough, you had to cleanse my pussy of its semen and my juices.

He laughed at me, and rubbed my buttocks as he continued:

-Since I saw that you accepted all that, without your manhood coming out, it occurred to me to humiliate you even more by dressing you as a woman, which is how you deserved to be treated. The rest has come alone, making you go naked, dressing and using you as a maid and feminizing you with rape has been a joy for me. But you've already seen that it's not all over here, I'll teach you how to make up and you'll look more like a baby every day. You have also seen that your boss collaborates with me for your complete humiliation. And you know, don't you dare disobey me or the tape will run through the office.


It will continue...(If I have time to write, of course)


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