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Job Interview


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on: June 29, 2019, 01:41:10 PM
Job Interview

The current situation of the labour market, where finding work is becoming increasingly difficult, leads, in my view, to a serious problem that we young people are facing: the acceptance of contracts and an alarming loss of rights.

But society does not seem to recognize such a situation and the process to achieve the much desired "work" becomes a whole experience, which sometimes exceeds the limits of normal.

That happened to me recently when I went to a job interview with all my illusions placed in a position that I thought was made to measure.

The ad called for young law graduates to work in one of the city's most prestigious law firms. The salary was to remove the hiccups and the firm made available to the contractor a whole series of advantages.

It seemed tailor-made, and I prepared for the interview thoroughly, willing to take the job at any price. The previous selection had reduced the number of candidates to ten, and I was among them.

I put on my best suit, which I had only worn at one wedding, and set out to face the most decisive test of my life.

I arrived at the law firm, located in a prestigious neighborhood in which I had met a gentleman named Pablo. This Paul would be in his forties, tall, strong, dark, dressed as a type executive, with a grey jacket and black trousers. He saluted me and made me sit down.  The room was small and behind it was a huge mirror that made me feel uncomfortable. He began by asking me my age and my aspirations in life and I quietly answered each and every one of his questions. Some of the questions were out of the ordinary, but I wasn't dismayed:

- Are you a virgin?

No. It's been a while since I left that stage," I replied.

Do you masturbate regularly?

Uh, well, the usual, right? Like everybody else, I guess.

He seemed happy with the answers. Suddenly he got up and picked up the phone.

Now I want you to do exactly what I say.    I want to see how you behave in stressful situations.

He warned two people and told them to join the interview.

Two boys came in, introduced to me as Juan and Luis, two of the company's lawyers. Juan would be in his thirties, and he looked athletic and well tanned. Luis was shorter and had a few pounds left over.

Juan told me to take a court record and read it as if it were before a jury. I went to the center of the room and began to read outlining the best I could and trying not to express my nerves, which were increasing.

Once I read the first paragraphs, I was silent before a gesture of Paul. 

All right, but there's little tension. Do the same, but without clothes.

Look directly at the two lawyers, who were smiling amicably. Luis told me not to worry, that everyone had had to go through the same thing, but that the job well deserved some concessions.

I made up my mind and began to take off my clothes, staying only with my slips on.

I started reading the document again, but Pablo interrupted me again:

I don't know if I haven't made myself clear. I've asked you to undress and you're still not quite there. Do you really think you're up to the job?

Of course, I answered. And then I dropped my underwear to my feet, letting my cock swing, somewhat shrunk by the situation.

Not bad," said John. 

I put myself in the middle again and trying to cover myself a little with the judicial document, I got as close as possible to my sex, which caused an inopportune friction that made my cock begin to gain weight. The eyes of my interviewers were glued to my sex and behind my back, Pablo had a perfect panoramic view of my totally waxed ass.

I started reading and given the situation, I didn't do anything wrong, controlling the tension and abstracting myself from what was happening there.

All right, you're doing great. But now we want you to sit on that couch behind you. Pablo ordered me. 

It was a very old wooden armchair. I sat down, taking advantage of the position to cover myself with folios.

Okay, now comes the final test. It's not easy, but if you beat her, the job is practically yours. You've shown very good nerve control in pressure situations. I want you to drop the court record and recite the first paragraph to me. It is very short, that is to say that you love yourself, because every forgetfulness will suppose you an obstacle in the test, having to also begin again and in different posture and situations. Ready? Let's get started.

I started it. It was funny. Normally I had a good memory to study, but this time I failed in the third line.

You had to say "improper" instead of "inconsistent".    You'll have to start over, but first raise your feet to the edge of the couch and place them on the edge of the couch.

What a horror, I thought. But I didn't show any signs of fear. I was very close to achieving my goal and I wasn't going to give up now. I separated my thighs and legs, I raised them to each end of the sofa placing my feet in the arms of the same one. I think they must have had a very exciting show, showing my bulging testicles hanging out and my anus ajar. I felt humiliated and ridiculous, but I continued.

I started reciting again, but my nerves betrayed me again and I saw Pablo take a video camera out of the drawer. 

No! I screamed, putting my legs together and covering myself. That's not it. I'm not willing to be videotaped.

Let's see," said Luis, "that at this point I could glimpse a bulge of considerable dimensions between the trousers. Do you want to be a lawyer? Don't you? Well this is just a camera, quiet, which will be off, is to see how you behave under pressure.

Having said that, I breathed and positioned myself once again, but this time I noticed how my sex began to rise... I didn't understand why but this situation was beginning to excite me dangerously. There showing the most intimate parts of my anatomy to a group of strangers. All for a job.

I began to recite from memory again, with evident symptoms of nervousness and the proximity of the camera on my chest caused a new error.

- Cuddle up here," said Paul pointing to the ground in front of me. Luis and Juan knelt down in front of my sex, I could feel in my thighs the shortness of breath of both of them.

Well - continued Pablo - it is possible that you notice something down there but I confirm to you that if you stop again or make a mistake you will not be hired.

I expected anything from them. I started and, I hadn't finished the first sentence when I noticed that I had four hands on my thighs, a few centimeters from an erect cock and that I was beginning to emit small amounts of pre-seminal fluid. I would shut up for two seconds, go on as I could, until I noticed a couple of fingers separating my buttocks, opening the way to my anal cave. I shut up. Pablo looked at me and I managed to continue reciting. Suddenly, between the fingers that felt the entrance to my anus, I felt a thicker one, I imagine the fattest and began to rummage through my anus until he managed to introduce it completely. I made some moans, but I kept talking so I wouldn't lose my job.

With the same hand I noticed another finger struggling to enter, wet with saliva, which somewhat relieved the passage to my grotto. When I noticed that the two fingers were being pushed all the way to the bottom, I couldn't help but scream, given the pain they caused me.

Boy, here you just ruined your future projects, Pablo told me, you can get dressed and leave now.

No, please - I begged - I'll do whatever you want but give me another chance.

Then Pablo nodded and said it was my last chance. She lowered her pants and showed off her dick, which was much fatter than mine and about 17 cms long. The other two did the same thing and started undressing. Juan had a good body and a totally depilated cock which made it even bigger. The fat man had a horrible belly full of hair and a mini-member.

Very well," said Paul, "now on your knees and come towards me, I want to see and hear how you recite when you have a job to do between my teeth.

My face was glued to my future boss's dick, smelled like a sweaty dick and a sow. I even noticed the heat it radiated. I stuck out my tongue, there was no turning back, and I began to lick his testicles while he closed his eyes for pleasure. I went up to the hole in his ass and inserted my tongue between his buttocks, savoring that hidden tunnel. He pressed my head harder towards his anus to notice how more and more my painful tongue went in.

Suddenly Juan handed the camera to the fat man, who was masturbating, and I didn't take long to notice how a very hard limb was trying to make its way between my buttocks, perhaps desirous of being listened to, he noticed how his testicle was hitting my thighs and buttocks, until he got it right and introduced it into my dilated hole slowly. I noticed how it filled me with hot meat to the bottom and the worst thing is that I was starting to enjoy it, given the tremendous erection I had at the time.

Well, are you reciting or not? - groaned Pablo.

They wanted me to recite with the excitement I had. I began to recite shyly between the tongue and the bite of his glans. When I was almost halfway through I noticed how Juan was ejaculating inside me, nailing his cock to me in several spasmodic shakes that filled me with milk up to my stomach.

It came out of my interior and left his post to the fat, who placed his hands on my waist and after caressing my ass as a possessed began to rub his glans between my buttocks. I noticed how I tried to insert it into my little black hole, abruptly nailing its hard but fortunately small tool. I screamed in pain, but I kept moving to speed up his run.  Pablo for his part seemed about to come, and after some spasms of his pelvis against my face he released an abundant spurt of semen against my face and my mouth, without being able to avoid swallowing something of such a hot and pasty white liquid.  When I could no longer notice how the fat man screamed and nailed my nails to my back while he ran in turn into my ass, which at this point must be full of semen interspersed with the two lawyers who had covered me successively.

They gave me a towel to clean and they came out of the room one after the other.

When Pablo was alone with me, he took out of his file a work contract, which I signed after reading carefully.

I'm currently working in the office with Pablo and I've already won several cases in the courts, but what I like the most is the time when we conduct interviews to incorporate new staff.

So, if anyone is looking for a job, I'd be happy to interview him...


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