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Mary's Story


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on: June 29, 2019, 01:42:52 PM
I'm going to tell you a very special story of a story of domination, the truth is that I am not a physically exceptional guy, 74 kilos 1.70 height about 40 years old, I knew Maria we are going to call her that, she, 45 years married a 1.60 good breasts and still good ass, she neighbor around my house the first time we met, she came to my house I did a massage to relax and I told her that if she wanted to be with me to come the other day at the same time, and I was late so she called my cell phone and told me that I was outside the house, when I got in the house and we had sex immediately.

Months passed she separated from her husband, after that I began to practice my dominant side, with her at this point and after 1 year things are as they follow, she calls me every night when she comes home, to see if I will go to visit her with the following phrase "daddy the dog came home", will you come to use it today? if I tell her that I'm going to go she waits for me when I decide to stay in the house kneeling in black underwear with bras covering only the lower chest and a colaless both black, with a glass of rum with tail and cigarettes on the couch (she does not smoke or drink but there is always alcohol and cigarettes for me), and hands on the nape, this position is called (in position). After having a few drinks and smoking some cigarettes, she starts my order by washing my feet with her tongue and then my legs and anus.

After you finish undressing me, you go up to the second floor of the house. And she waits for me again in position with her I play a while making her walk like a bitch on 4 legs from one side to the other, until I get bored and put her in position to hit her tits, a while about 20 slaps for each tit, and then of some blows in the ass to which she says to me "thanks my daddy for punishing me" I put her in 4 legs, in the ground and I force her to suck me the penis and to put the 16 cm until she begins to cough each time that the penis enters in her throat, what the bitch likes is that I hit her face with the penis and that I do until I feel the penis very hard, then I order you to put on the bed on 4 legs and begin to penetrate first by the vagina and if the vagina I feel little wet, I put it in position and again hit the tits seems to like it because the second time I penetrate is very wet, it is always the same.

After spending some time with him, she repeats "My daddy is fucking me" or "thank you daddy". I put the penis at once up to the testicles, the truth is that now does not groan much, but the truth is that at first screamed like a crazy, now this more used to anal penetration and resists it very well, the truth is that I almost do not have to move because she does it with the penis inserted until inside begins the mete and pulls out, when I slap him on the ass, and tell him to move you bitch, move your ass for your daddy, which always tells me between moaning "if my daddy" and then asks me "if the rhythm is right or wants it faster my daddy. When I ejaculate which can be in the anus or in the vagina I cleanse my penis with my mouth, then while I sleep I warm up and massage my feet or back when I wake up that can be at 5 or 5.30 AM makes me a blowjob to go home lightly. That's part of Maria's story.

It will continue.


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