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Mixed blood


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on: June 28, 2019, 11:02:48 AM

This is a fictitious story (?) and I hope you enjoy it, because I am sending it as a farewell, because due to time and occupations, it may not be possible for me to continue with this.

As you know from previous accounts, Barbara is a dominant lesbian, upper class, wealthy family, and locally renowned. This, together with her beauty, studies and extraordinary personality, have made her come out immune, airy, from the common criticisms to which people with "different" sexual tendencies are subjected in small places; where their inhabitants have the same proportion of the criteria. As the saying goes, "small town, big hell."

On occasion, we find ourselves in a shopping mall, and as contact is inevitable, we follow the strict protocol of Master-Master treatment.  Behind her, carrying groceries, looking down at the floor and not being allowed to say a word, was that girl with whom a few weeks earlier she had had a delicious session in the bathroom at that party.

We said goodbye with reserve and mutual respect, and before leaving that store, someone spoke to me.

Sorry I didn't say hello, you know I'm not allowed," said the girl.

Yeah, I know; don't worry," I replied.

But that doesn't mean I don't remember our stay in the bathroom yet, you remember it, too," he asked smiling, itchy and submissive.

Sure, it was a very nice thing...well, what can I do for you?  Because your mistress mustn't be far away," I asked sharply.

No, nothing....just while she pays, I ran away to ask you a favor, I need you to review some contracts, of the sale of my apartment, since my mistress, wants to invest that capital. You know it's business, and I'll pay you for your time... can you? -interrogated-

I mistrusted, a mistress like Barbara would not allow her submissive to address anyone like that, except when that someone had used her; and in a matter of business, a master is the one who sees the details.

I think it was more curiosity... or the memory of that encounter in the bathroom... so I agreed.

See you at 6:00 p.m. in your apartment," I said.

Thank you! Well, I have to go. You know, my mistress realizes it and I'll be punished.

So we left things, until the afternoon arrived and I made my way to this girl's apartment, located in a middle class neighborhood, quiet and with some uninhabited houses.

I knocked on the door and immediately she opened it.

Come in, thank you for coming," he said.

When I came in, I couldn't help but notice his apartment. He was apparently arranged for a special session, with scented candles, wine on the table and some of the "toys" that I immediately knew were from his mistress, Barbara.

You're waiting for a visit," I asked.

No, no...she replied a little nervously, at the same time that she took off her robe and let us see an exquisite set of blue satin that only highlighted the beauty of her skin and her delicate curves.

He offered me a glass of wine, at the same time that he apologized, arguing that he would go to the room for the documents. I noticed her a little anxious, but I didn't care. I think it was a little late when I realized that it was a "encerrona", because I began to feel the narcotic effects of wine, rather than some drug put in it.

I felt lethargic, and my muscles were barely responding; when I saw Barbara leave the room dressed in black leather. She was really beautiful, tall, spiky, with round, firm breasts and silky skin. When I saw myself drugged, I pretended the effect too much, so as not to risk another involuntary dose.  So I didn't move, still weak, but I felt I had the ability, at least, to stand up.

All right, all right..." said Barbara, as she whipped a small fist against the palm of her hand.

The master is helpless, now...PAY!!!!!! used my dog and left me badly in front of everyone. -threatened-

You see that video camera," he pointed at the top of a magazine.

Well, everyone will know how he submits to a master, how I had fun with you.

Their plan was very well reviewed, for they already had the rope, with which their submissive tied my feet and hands. For a moment I felt desperation, I knew what I was up to... but my strength and capacity were very weak, so I tried to hide and pretend to be totally helpless, while concentrating on regaining strength.

They started their usual game. Barbara whipping her submissive and telling her what a swine she was. And she, groaning on the floor like a bitch in heat, repeating... "If you love, if you love"... "punish me, I deserve it".

When Barbara fixed her attention on me, I felt a chill at the sight of the black flexible plastic dildo she was carrying in one hand.

This will be for you, no need to tell you the truth ----maybe after this, thank me and pass from master to submissive dog. -He said to the time he was laughing.

He whipped me a couple of times, while his submissive licked his feet in desperation. I realized that he was attached by his feet to a strong leg on the couch. And by the hands, to the base of a coffee table, which unlike, was not very heavy.

Barbara took a candle, and dropped wax on my chest, which really hurt my skin.

Squeal dog! -he shouted at me as he whipped my legs with the little flogger.

I only knew that if I didn't do something, in a few minutes I'd be sodomized. Barbara gave me more time, going to tie up her "bitch."

Here you stay bitch!!!!!..... I'm going to make a woman out of this asshole," I shouted while I gave him a violent blow to the buttocks.

The painting was very desperate and grotesque (for me), a submissive woman tied (chained with a padlock to the solid iron door of the entrance), a beautiful woman who would be my destructive demon like Master, and an anguish that, for sincere people, I hadn't felt for many years.

Now I'm going to "train" you," he said as he played music, perhaps so that no one would hear my possible screams.

I was lying on the thin, melon-colored carpet when she stood on top of me. He put his knees around me, while I was travelling all over my body with that dildo, with the intention (no doubt) of terrifying me as much as possible.

I gathered all my strength and gave such a strong pull to the coffee table, that I untied myself, flying the pieces of glass all over the room. She was disconcerted, and she managed to hit me in the face (she cut me under the lower lip of the mouth) which made me start to bleed. At that moment, I felt possessed by a rage like I had never felt before, suddenly, perhaps by adrenaline and anger, the effect of the narcotic disappeared completely (perhaps because she was used to using a dose on her "victims" of about 50 kilos, and I, weighed almost double).

I took it with my hand bloody by the crystals and the rope by the neck, with all my strength, so much so that at once it began to become purple by suffocation.

I didn't realize how I stood, how, despite my strength, I was able to lift it at the same time with one hand.

This is the day of your final judgment, you cursed bitch - scream mad with rage - while her submissive was in shock at the sight of that.  So much so that he started peeing on the carpet while sticking to the wall.

Barbara was almost unconscious now, so at the same time as I released her, and she was in the air falling to the ground, I gave her a slap with all my strength, which immediately made her mouth explode in blood.

I saw myself, bloody from my hands and mouth, with my chest burned by the wax of that candle; at the same time that Barbara was coughing, trying to recover the oxygen.

I took her like a rag doll, brutally stripping her of her clothes.

What are you doing, you son of a bitch?

You wanted to give me a dildo, I'll give you a real one, you badly born bitch, I yelled at him while I gave him a couple more slaps.

Noooooo...damned!!!! I swear I'll kill you....I'll pay whatever it takes, I'll do whatever it takes, but I'll kill you," he said while separating his legs.

All at once, I introduced my entire penis. She cried out in a bestial way; while she was bleeding (I didn't imagine she was a virgin). That's when he fainted.

I left my penis inside her, it had been painful for me too, to penetrate an unlubricated vagina and I had never received a piece of meat.

I took the dildo, spit it out, and with one blow, I shoved it up his ass. He awoke from his fainting with such a deep groan, as if his soul was being torn from him.

She hit me as hard as she could, she scratched me, until I was able to tie her hands with the same rope that she had done to me.

He wept with rage and helplessness, to see himself with a dildo buried in his ass (which also bled) and to be with open legs in the missionary position, with a male inside him.

When he felt that my robes were getting worse, he suspected the end.

Noooooooo...that's not...I'll give you whatever you want...but don't do it.

You wanted to make me a submissive bitch, didn't you? I yelled at him while I slapped him-

I'm just making you a woman - to say that felt like a big squirt of semen coming out of my penis and embedded in the deepest part of his being.

When she felt that, she stopped fighting and was quiet, crying and moaning.

As I stood, I saw how she bled as much as I did; not only did our inner juices come together, but also our blood. Well, on the carpet you could see stains of blood, semen, excrement and vaginal juices.

I took the tape from the VCR and got out of there. It's been 3 years since that, I had a 3 stitches cut and I have a permanent scar under the lower lip of the mouth. I was also with a bandaged doll for a couple of months.

She... she was left with a beautiful little girl named RocĂ­o, whom she adores.

It tells everyone that it was inseminated "artificially" and for my part, I have no intention of denying that version. On more than one occasion I had to avoid mysterious cars that followed me, and I had to change my address after a night that some "stray bullets" hit the window of my bedroom.

After that, I sent her a copy of that tape, with a note... "If anything happens to me, your parents will know the surname of your daughter's father and all your submissive ones, they will also know that you are more of a woman than any of them.  Those copies would be the scandal, because not only would they let see the evident and known, by all (that she was lesbian) but that she would leave by earth her reputation of iron mistress; without counting the familiar problem.

I haven't seen her again... and although it was extremely violent, I know that's part of her nature and mine as well.


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