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My little bird


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on: June 27, 2019, 02:37:49 PM
Friends I have another story of Rosa and this time I do not participate the maid, if not an ex boyfriend of Rosa.

It turns out that one day Rosa tells me that she met an ex-boyfriend that week and that he was still feeling something for her, and that she invited him to the house the next day, Rosa's eyes were shining in a way that made me so successful that I even had in mind what she was planning.

My love look I have already two weeks to go out with this pende jito and it's time to have fun with him, good to have fun ha ha ha ha.  She went out with him and he was falling in love with her again after I found out that the guy was a dummy and that he gave her a lot of things and treated her like a queen.

Tavo arrives today Julian is a former boyfriend of mine and is super in love with me, and of course I'm not, and guess what? What a fucking woman! Today we're going to have fun like crazy ha ha ha ha ha. Until then I didn't know what would happen, at 10:00 PM the poor man Rosa introduced him to me as her ex, and she was attracted to him again, and she introduced me as her cousin.

About three hours went by and between drinks and little mouths that the bobito served as well as buying them, she got very mellow with him, and in one of those she sent him to buy some condoms he ran out with a smile from ear to ear.

Pussy daddy I'm already super wet to think how it's going to be when I see sucking your dick, take it off that I want to suck you, mmmm that big, you like what's happening right? When the dummy arrived and saw his beloved woman sucking his dick his face was incredible and more incredible was the face that Rosa made, she continued sucking my dick and he dropped the condoms.

The poor man threw himself on the floor and like every little fool he started crying and crying and crying while she laughed and laughed Mira Julian I love you very much, but you must understand me you for me you are like the child who spoils me the one who pampers me, the one who buys me flowers, the one who massages my feet, the one who takes off my shoes, the one who washes my car, the one who washes my clothes you understand me Julian?  I'll tell you that the silly boy threw himself to the floor and started kissing Rosa's sandals while I told him that please don't do that to her, that he loved her, and that she was his dream.

If you've just told my sweetheart your dream, because you'll never ever fuck me. That I shouted at him while he was banging like a madwoman on top of me I tell them that he put him to kneel in front of us and to wait with his burnt sandals for us to finish screwing Julián my little fool stay at the foot of the bed while we finish and then we'll talk about what's ours, do you think my love? Well Julian stayed at the foot of the bed until I came, and when he was about to come the evil Rosa shouted at me.

Throw milk in the face of my little bird, put the face bird to drop Tavo's milk on your face that will do you good for your complexion ha ha ha ha ha ha When I came she stopped her hand over the head and said. No no no no no no little bird you won't be a good boyfriend for me, you had to drink milk not to make a disgusting face ha ha ha ha I don't know what you will do so that I don't think this way, but you have to decide YA Y APURATE The little fool knelt at Rosa's feet while I begged him not to let him do anything to keep her.

Well just to start I want you to do a pedicure for both of us, and you move because now we're going out to dinner, and we want that pedicure before six ha ha ha ha ha.

We lay down on the bed we put our feet on his face and the bobito began to cut our nails, to take out our cuticles, to put on creams, to massage us and to spoil our feet, while Rosa and I smoked and we mocked him, I swear that it was so exciting to see how that little bird as Rosa told him was dying to stay with her, that he did absolutely everything because she didn't let him. Well Julian, we're going to dinner, we're going to go, my love? The little bird said that if with a look of happiness, Well get dressed and hurry that I do not have all night.

When the dummy got dressed up, she said to him. You know you better stay, looking good you are very ugly and you look bad and I do not want to see me with you, is more you embarrass me ha ha ha ha ha stay here waiting for us to arrive and please show me your love and have the bed ready for when I arrive that my imagination that I will be tired and in my ear said or "inscha" ji ji ji, you understood my cute bird? Well we went to dinner then we had a couple of drinks in a bar and at about 3:00 AM we went home and when we arrived Rosa was already drunk and came with sandals in the hand CHUCHA DE TU MADRE DESPIERTATE, you saw that is the love you say you have me look the bed does not have the sheets that I like, you know bird I do not love you anymore, and I want you to leave my house.

Julian threw himself to the floor and begged him not to let her because he didn't know that she didn't like that sheet that would never happen again. Rosa gave the sandals to the little bird and told him that for her to forgive him she had to lick his sandals like a paddle while he stayed on his knees watching me fuck her. You can imagine that grotesque yet exciting scenario.

Later I'll tell you some of Rosa's mischiefs and I hope you like it there. END


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