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My sister owns me.


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on: June 27, 2019, 01:39:55 PM
She was 18 years old, she was my half sister and she was very, very pretty. I always told her that I loved her very much because she was my only sister and because she was so pretty.

One day, while the house was here, I passed by her bedroom and she was sitting on her bed painting her toenails. She looked really beautiful, she was white, brown hair and blue eyes. My father and stepmother were not at home.

I entered the room, she looked up for a moment, saw me and looked down again without determining to continue with her task. The foot on which he was painting his nails was not completely resting on the mattress, only the heel to be able to have the foot lifted up and paint his nails better. This seemed to complicate things a little because he seemed tired of having the rest of the foot raised, but this did not dent, she still looked just as beautiful, she was wearing a small shirt and shorts that did not reach half of his thigh.

So I said to him: 

Alicia, I love you so much, sis. You're so cute. 

She looked up and said to me: 

Really? I'm sorry.

Of course (I replied), don't doubt it.


To which she replied, "I think I should start taking advantage of that," as she looked up again but this time with a smile on her lips and a touch of malice in her eyes.


What do you mean? What do you mean? (I asked him)

Well, if you love me so much and if you think I'm so pretty, you'd do anything I asked you to do.

Of course I'd do anything you asked me to, pretty little sister.

Well, prove it to me (he told me), start right now.


I had no idea what he meant but I was willing to please her. So I said, "Well, what do you want me to do for you?"  Then she looked at me as if doing some calculation, she got out of bed and carefully rested on the floor the foot that was beginning to be painted, the other had not painted it so that one did support it whole. He said to me, "Lie down on the bed." Well, I proceeded to do it, but he said to me, "No, don't put your head on the side of the backrest, lie on the other side. I didn't understand but I listened to him anyway, so I proceeded to lie backwards, with my head on the opposite end of the bed.

"Well" (she said). Then he stood on the bed and said, "a veeerrr...." He passed one of his feet on the other side of my abdomen and put it on the mattress. He had his back to the back, facing me, but he wouldn't look at me. Then he started bending over, it looked like he was going to sit on my abdomen. He kept crouching until his buttocks effectively touched my abdomen and sat completely on it. I must admit that the weight caused me some discomfort and pain in my stomach but she didn't seem to mind and she was getting used to wiggling around a bit until she was well settled.


What are you doing? (I told him)

You said you'd do anything to serve me, so you're already serving me.


Then she lifted her foot whose nails were being painted and I could clearly see the sole of her foot. I was about to put it right in my face.  He brought it closer and I could see better and better all the details, I didn't think it would be so close to the sole of someone's foot. I could see the lines, the slight calluses that cause the part of the heel and the pad before the toes to look pinker and even the toes themselves, I could see... I could no longer see, I had already placed his foot on my face, it seemed to me that the heel had placed it in my mouth, but then he ran it back a little bit because as his fingers were close to my hair (above my forehead), that could ruin the paint on his nails. He was accommodating it a little from top to bottom, sometimes I pressed it a little on my face as to plant it well until it obtained the desired position. Then he bowed quietly to continue painting his nails.


Don't talk (he told me), because my foot moves.


And there she was, most indifferent sitting on my abdomen and with her foot on my face because it served as a perfect support to be able to paint well. As my foot was well planted on my face, I pressed my nose and my breathing was a little difficult, so I had to inhale with enough effort to be able to breathe, but at the same time I inhaled strongly the smell of his foot. Sometimes he would open his mouth slightly so that he could breathe but very carefully so as not to move his foot.

I myself didn't understand why I lent myself to this, I even took care not to open my mouth too much when breathing and I preferred to deprive myself of the air so that his foot, which had it on my face, wouldn't move. I think I had a devotion to serving my little sister and hadn't noticed this before. I wouldn't have thought about it, but I even had a strong erection, and I realized at that moment the devotion I felt for my sister, for adoring her and pleasing her.

After a while, she seemed tired of being bent over so she said, "Gather your legs a little so that your thighs will serve as support. And so I did, I picked up her legs a little and she laid her back on them, but this way she was a little far away to continue painting, so she took her pillow and said to me: "put the pillow under your head". So my head leaned a little forward but it didn't seem to be enough, so when I realized the difficulty I said to him myself: "Do you want me to tilt my head a little bit more, like this?" I said this while I tilt my head further by touching the beginning of my chest with my chin (all this with your foot still on my face).


Perfect (she told me), stay like this and don't move.


She went on to paint her nails. I had a tremendous erection and my abdomen hurt, but I didn't know if it was because of the weight of her sitting on me or because she kept the erection so long, but the thing was that it hurt. He then finished painting his toenails on that foot, but since they had not yet dried and he did not want to put his foot on the mattress, he put it on my shoulder.  I thought maybe she would get up for a moment and then I could rest from the pain in my abdomen but she didn't. I thought she would get up for a moment and then I could rest from the pain in my abdomen. She, without saying anything, lifted the other foot and brought it back to my face. He posed it on her. Once again he moved it a little until he was well settled and began to pit his toenails on that foot.  Sitting all this time on my abdomen but I was unable to tell her anything.

She had her foot well placed on my face, I had already become accustomed to the smell of her feet, I even liked it because it was the foot of a girl as pretty as my sister was, and I was pleased to serve her.

She then took the remote control and turned on the television, which was in front of her bed. She could see him well because he was in front of her but obviously I wasn't because I was looking the other way. I always tried to keep my eyes open, but I didn't see anything anyway. When I wanted to open them, I felt that my eyelashes bothered me because they met the sole of his foot. Sometimes when I had her fingers in my eyes, I could see a little between them the face of my sister, and I found that she had stopped painting for a while to stay watching television.

I thought then of the discomfort of having her foot on my face and of having her sitting on me and of the pain that this caused me so that she, with the greatest indifference of my sacrifice, would devote herself peacefully to watching television.

But despite his disdain I didn't care, it was my only desire to serve him.

In this way, between watching television for a while, and painting another, he ended up painting his toenails. I thought he'd get up then, but he didn't. She took that foot off my face and put it on my other shoulder. But he stayed there. Sitting on me with her feet on each of my shoulders and with my legs as her back.

Since the pain was already becoming too intense because of her weight and I also think that because of the erection I asked her: "Alicia, have you finished painting your nails?" 

Yes (she told me), but I'm comfortable here. 

She didn't even look at me. I made another attempt: 

What happens is that...

Hey shut up that you won't let me listen to TV (he said), and you don't see that I have to wait for my nails to dry.


She already saw it as an obligation for me to serve her in her wishes. He had noticed my devotion to her.

Alicia was still there, about me, and I didn't say a word. However, now he looked at me eventually with a malicious smile, as if to say: I have you.

She knew, she let it show in her eyes.

Time passed and I was still there. And she about me.

But after a long time, it happened. He passed one of his legs over me. She was still sitting on my stomach but with her legs and feet on the side of the bed, ready to stand on the floor. And so it happened. I felt tremendous relief. It felt like my stomach and all my organs were back in place inside my abdomen. It was a feeling of total relief. And when I say that she ordered me, I don't mean that she shouted it, she said it quietly and barely saw my attempt to get up. She already knew her words were orders to me, so she didn't even have to make an effort.

I instantly obeyed my beautiful sister as a dog obeys its mistress.

She left the room and I stayed there, waiting for her and trying to get over all the time she sat on my abdomen.

A short time later he returned and placed on the telephone table next to his bed a drink and some biscuits.

Then he said, "This little pair of pants doesn't make me so comfortable," and proceeded to take it off. He unbuttoned it, and he slid himself down his beautiful legs to the floor. She was wearing beautiful panties. Perhaps what made them more beautiful was the shape that they themselves drew, since one could appreciate the shape of their vulva and their beautiful, or rather, very beautiful buttocks. Then she quickly climbed onto the bed, passed one of her legs over me and let herself fall with all her weight on my abdomen. "Ayyyy!" I exclaimed, but she didn't listen, she didn't even look at me. The pain was terrible, but she stayed there.

Then she said to me: "Put your legs down a little to be more reclined backwards...there, stay the same". My head was still leaning forward with my chin touching the beginning of my neck, which made it comfortable for her, being so reclined, to put one foot back on my face pressing it back. I liked the smell of her foot, since, although I felt humiliated, it was my beautiful sister who did it, and the pain and smell of this humiliation did not matter to me as long as she was well.  Indeed, I felt that in an eagerness to please her, I was humiliating myself. This was being taken to another level.

He said, "Kiss me, but all over the plant." Even more humiliation. She gave these instructions calmly, with the certainty that they would be fulfilled. And he was absolutely right, I was unable to question his orders, so I started kissing his foot over and over again.

I didn't use my hands, I moved my head from side to side, up and down so that I could kiss the whole sole of his foot. The other leg was stretched over my body and passed beside my head. Meanwhile, she watched the television peacefully as she drank her drink and ate what she had brought for her. I was still kissing the foot of the one who was my worship even though I was nothing to her, perhaps a simple thing to use at her whim.

Her weight hurt my abdomen but I didn't care about the suffering as long as I saw that she was comfortable.

After a while he changed his feet. I figured he wanted the same thing, so I started kissing his other foot, too. The heel, the arch of your foot, the pad, each of your toes, the heel, and so on and so forth.

After a while he took his foot off my face and said, "Lower your legs more." She then reclined more and began to slide over my abdomen and chest. My face was still leaning forward, so I could see her between her legs approaching me. She helped herself with her legs to keep leaning forward. I could see her panties getting closer and closer to my face. Just like I had before, I never thought I would be so close to a person's crotch. As it approached I could anticipate that my nose would get stuck between her vaginal lips and my mouth would come to be right in my sister's anus. I took one last look up at my sister's face and she, with a smile, said to me from her height and looking at me between her legs: "You are mine". I looked straight ahead again and he was quick, his crotch quickly hit my face just as I had anticipated, he could see nothing, everything was dark. She shook her crotch in my face as if to press and bury as much of my face as possible in her parts. I felt then that he lay on my legs and there he stayed. I felt the characteristic smell of those places, the same as before, when breathing I had to inhale strongly, which caused the smell to penetrate more into my brain.

I gasped for air but she was undaunted, she didn't care about my suffering. He only inhaled what little he could get from between his legs. Everything was dark. Then I heard when he said, "Kiss me." Same order as before. I didn't hesitate to do what my little sister wanted. I started kissing her anus over and over again. "In my vagina too (she told me)", so how could I try to raise my head a little so that my lips could touch what was her vulva and kiss her too.

In this effort I sometimes managed to see part of his crotch and how great this is when it is so close and how it occupied my entire face and more. Then I would lower my head again so that my lips would remain in his anus and I could kiss him. While she was here she leaned further forward pressing my face hard against her parts. I think she didn't even hear the sound of kisses as they drowned right there, but she could feel the movement of my lips in her crotch doing her best to obey her.

Time passed until suddenly the phone rang. I felt then that she moved and began to "take off" everything from my face. She leaned back and answered the phone sitting on my stomach now.


Hello....yes, all right I'm coming, wait for me (he told the person on the phone).


She got up, I can no longer say from the bed, but she got up from me and went to get some notes from the school.

She was really beautiful. He went to his backpack. His figure was beautiful, not to mention his buttocks, the same ones that were on my face before.  I could see his fair skin, impeccable, and those deep blue eyes.

She took the notes and said, "Get up out of bed, Raul."  Well, it looks like it was all over, I was really exhausted and sore, but now there was a new feeling about my little sister. His soft personality now inspired me fear.

I felt little and fearful of her, perhaps because of the humiliations I was being subjected to. I was making me feel like an inferior being. And so it was, who has the right to command another person to have his face serve as his feet and his abdomen serve as his chair, who has the right to command another person to kiss his crotch, his buttocks, his anus, who has the right to command another person to kiss his crotch, his buttocks, his anus? I had been ordained, and given the affection and devotion I felt for this person, I had to fulfill. And this person knew it, and he was taking advantage.

There she was, so cute, but she was eating my dignity.

When I was about to leave, he said, "I didn't tell you to leave, Raúl. Sit on the floor with your back on the bed." I tried to say something: 

But... the thing is...


She bowed her head tenderly to one side and stared at me calmly but fixedly with her beautiful blue eyes without saying a word. It was like a supernatural power over me. I obeyed him.

As soon as she told me to, she said: "Tilt your head back on the mattress". I as an obedient dog did it without hesitation. She stood in front of me and looked at me gently from her height. I felt I had to obey her, she intimidated me. Looking at it from the point of view where I was, I felt more this sense that I belonged to her. That my sister owned me. Yes, my little sister was my owner, she had already told me when she told me that I belonged to her.

There he was then standing in front of me. He looked at me. Then he turned his back on me and here he came to humiliate me again. He was going to sit on my face. My heart started beating fast. I could see her buttocks approaching my face. Definitely up close, things look bigger, they look the size they really are. My sister's buttocks were getting closer and closer to my face, everything is seen in absolute detail: the pores, the lines of the skin, the fabric of the panties, the small filaments of the cotton of the panties, but suddenly, nothing is seen anymore.

My sister's panties had reached my face. The pressure on my face increased rapidly until it stopped. He'd already sat down completely. But now she's starting to settle in by shaking her buttocks a little. The smell again. My nose was in between the crack of her buttocks and over my mouth what I think was her vagina. I couldn't see anything at all and the weight on my face is overwhelming: the pressure, the lack of air, the pain in the back of my neck was also unbearable. All this because someone decides that your face should serve him as a chair. In this case my own sister, whom I love so much.

He used me as a mop. Taking over my life. My life was under her buttocks and she used it as if it was worthless. While I was there I heard that he picked up the phone and continued talking to someone apparently from school, talking about pending tasks, about science, about teachers, about classmates, and so on. Time passed and I suffocated breathing the little air I got from its parts. I heard him say to the person on the phone, "Wait a minute," then he spoke to me again, "Don't jade like that!"

It was unbelievable, even though she was sitting on my face and I couldn't breathe well, I didn't want her to make any little noise that would bother her, even though this was because my lungs couldn't find any air.  I tried then to find my vital air from between her buttocks, from her anus, without making the slightest movement, nor the slightest sound that would disturb my little sister, my owner. I had become an unworthy being, he did with me what he wanted and didn't care if I suffered or not. All he cared about was magnifying his ego by taking mine away. I followed the pressure on my face. This situation depressed me, but my depression made her stronger, which gave her the ability to continue having that emotional advantage over me to continue humiliating me and turn this into an endless cycle from which I have no way out.  Whose only end may already be my expiration under my sister's buttocks.


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