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Playing with my neighbor (I)


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on: June 29, 2019, 12:24:04 PM

From the first day I made it very clear as was my way of being, authoritative and very shameless, not to say slutty, which although at first gave him some trouble, then seemed to amuse him, turning me in very little time into his friend and confidant. So I learned that his sex life was most routine and now with the child in doors was almost nil, unlike mine, so I soon began to detect a certain hint of envy in his voice.

The fact that I was bisexual was the worst thing, because every time I had it within my reach, I tried to make her realize how much I was attracted to her, touching her face and body with any excuse and trying to kiss her if the slightest occasion arose. The truth is that Monica didn't give me a foothold... but I didn't flee either, until she gave birth and I spent a few months without seeing her.

But one day he knocks on my door and shows up to see me with his more colorful face than ever and says almost in whispers: "I want to try new things".

I immediately made it clear to him that if he wanted to be my "adventure companion" he would have to do what I told him to do.

She says yes.

I tell him EVERYTHING he sends him.

She accepts by moving her little head up and down.

So I take her to the dining room and sit on the couch while she stands in front of me and I tell her to take off her dress.

She seems to doubt a little but obeys. It's redder than a tomato but he likes it, I notice it, in the background it's a way out.

I'm telling you to lower your bra so I can raise your huge udders even more.

She does it and I look at her for a while seeing how she blushes even more.

Then I tell him to take off his white cotton panties and keep only the white socks and the matching garter belt, and the high heels.

She obeys and shows me a thick bush of brown hair that I don't like.

So I jump up and, grabbing her by the hand, I take her to the bathroom to have her pussy completely waxed. Monica doesn't seem to like the idea very much but she shaves her crack well while I supervise her closely.

When he has done it to my entire satisfaction we go back to the dining room, sit on the sofa again and tell him to come up to me to taste it. As soon as he stands next to me, I order him to open his legs.

She does it, but little, so I separate her thighs much more calling her PUTA, which makes her open her eyes a lot, but also makes her obey me right away.

She blushes but is so excited that her clam is already drooling. So I caress her crack with a little finger, then I start clapping her depilated pussy and I put two fingers in it.

I'm amazed that being so wide of hips is so narrow, but it excites me.

Then I say "on your knees" and put your udders on top of my thighs. I start rubbing one of her thick nipples hard against my knee.

I say, "Why is your nipple so big, you fucking whore?"

She's ashamed to say she doesn't know.

I tell him because he's a dairy cow... and he belongs to me.

Monica is very pretty with her white socks and with her matching bra down pushing up her big udders. I show him a dog chain, one of those little black leather narrows, and I tell him it's his.

I put it around her neck and make her bend over on all fours.

I order you to squeeze your breast until you express your milk. She's so cut that she doesn't obey, so I hold her hair tight and squeeze her big tit myself. I squeeze him hard and his milk falls to the ground.

I order you to clean it, but not lick it with your tongue... using only your mouth.

He obeys me at once, lying on the cold ground to get there better.

She does it like a good bitch, rubbing her fleshy lips all over the floor to sip her own milk.

I order you to stand on all fours like the obedient little dog you are.

She does it, but to fuck her up I tell her she has to spread her legs more.

Then I insult her while she does it and ask her what animal she is.

She, after a little hesitation, replies that a pretty dog.

And I say, "Well, I want you to get fucked by an ugly dog like the dog in heat that you are."

Then I bring him a big, shaven, black dog tied by a leash. It's a dogo that a friend had lent me for a couple of days to take care of it while I was away and that I had hidden in another room because I know the panic that Monica has to animals, and dogs above all.

So I tie the straps together, enjoying horrors of his fear, and start peeling the dick off the well-peeled dog, stretching it until it is put on a real mast.

She's amazed to have such a big dog by her side and barely breathes the panic.

I tell Monica to sit down and jerk the dog off with her tits. She sits down but she's looking at the huge jaw-dropping dick. I'm sure you've never thought a dog could have it this big.

So I sit next to him and I say, "Don't keep your mouth open, use it for something."

I take the face and holding the cock of the bitch with my hand I pass it by the lips. She's still standing, so I sit behind her, grab her tits tightly and start cracking the mutt's straw with her udders.

The dog enjoys a lot and it grows even more, reaching easily 25 or 30 cm.

I say, "Suck the tip to give pleasure to your partner."

She hesitates a lot until she shyly sucks the tip, which is as thick as her fist, while I squeeze more and more her huge melons.

She says, "please, my tits hurt from jerking the dog so much."

I assure you that there is a solution so that your sensitive nipples do not rub so much against the rough skin of your belly.

I bend down and start sucking on her tit like a possessed woman while Monica moans desperately. With my mouth full of his milk I roll it up like a slut, with all my tongue. His mouth drips from his own milk.

The rest of the milk I spit out between their breasts, so the dog's dick slips easily between them. The dog is delighted to fuck her and feel her hot milk in the dick, so much so that I think it's time to change poses, don't go running before time. So I put her on all fours again.

With difficulty and little by little I am putting the red and disgusting poya in the narrow crack of Monica. She doesn't say anything anymore, she just bows her head and closes her eyes, maybe not to think about who is penetrating her, or maybe to feel better the enormous poya that is making its way inside her.

The dog is half crazy with ecstasy, but I barely hold him, thus achieving that I only put half the gossip in him, although I have a hard time stopping him in every push.

Monica leans on the floor with her hands to withstand the onslaughts, but slips on the milk, falls off her tits and from the blow she gets even more milk.

I, amused by the scene, forced him to put his hands on his back and only let him lean with the nipples on the floor ... so he gets cold outside and hot inside.

I hear her moans clearly, but they're not painful, they're pleasure because she loves to feel like a bitch.

I accompany the dog's dick back and forth slowly for a while, letting more and more of it get inside, until I get it to hit Monica's ass with its little balls.

Then I release her suddenly and I encourage her to fuck her in a wild way, shouting cheerful phrases, more for Monica than for the dog, but I don't care: "cheer up champion, enjoy this blonde milk dog"... "fucks his crack that this human is all for you"... and many more that I don't even remember anymore.

The dog hits an incredible dust, drooling on his white back while he enclaves it with a frantic rhythm, especially when he finally runs.

I let the dog gloat in his run inside her.  Monica moans and moans with her eyes still closed and oozes milk and more milk... the floor is all wet and white.

He's got his lips against the floor sipping his own RAM milk... from RAMERA!!

The dog slowly extracts its huge poya from Monica, which lies on its back, completely exhausted, as soon as the dog releases it.

I think the animal deserves a reward for his effort and I attract him to lick the milk that soaks his nipples. I let him suck a little to get strength and even nibble on his thick nipple to get a few last squirts of nectar. The dog is still releasing lefaditas that fall drop by drop on the white skin of Monica.

At the end I take the dog by the eggs, I approach it to its face and I put the tip of the poyon between its fleshy open lips. Monica, who was panting exhausted without having recovered from the wild dust, limits herself to open her mouth more.

I press with more force the eggs of the dog and this one, after releasing a wild bark, expels a last jet of semen that fills the whole mouth.

Then I force her to wipe the whole dick with her lips, delighted to see how easily it fits all into her sucking mouth. Since she can't resist, I push until I put the dog's balls in her mouth and make Monica suck hard, but I can't get her to take anything out because the dog is already dry, although her genitals are very swollen.

So I untie him and let the dog go quietly to rest.

Monica gets wet and exhausted over her own pool of sweat and milk.

I squeeze her a little more to suckle me, then spit her own milk on her face ... and I tell her that she is a good submissive for dogs.

To be continued...


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