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Purchased... (I)


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on: June 28, 2019, 10:58:23 AM

It seems impossible that this can continue to happen, but it does. And not as far from "civilization" as we might think. In fact, the hacienda I was visiting was less than 45 minutes by plane from the capital, a large Latin American city. He had been invited to spend a few days in the countryside by a wealthy businessman, whose fortune came from the almost 200 years his family had owned thousands and thousands of hectares in one of the country's most important livestock areas.

Although I had been warned, I couldn't help but suffocate at the slap in the face of the heat I felt as I got off the plane.   

Welcome to Las Candelas, Don José. 

Cursing the cynicism of the one who had baptized the hacienda with that name, I immediately sought refuge in the van where I hoped to find an air-conditioned appliance operating at maximum capacity.   

Is it always this hot? - I asked.

Sometimes, a little more. 

Whoever answered me, turned out to be called Carlos. He was a 35-year-old man, with a moustache and coppery skin, smiling under a hat with wide wings that never seemed to have been removed in his life. I was also the foreman of the place and, as he told me, the one in charge of satisfying any of my desires during the time of my stay. Don Jacinto, the owner of the place and who had invited me, would not arrive for a few days. Last-minute inconveniences in a big cattle sale negotiation forced him to delay. He apologized to me and told me to have fun and use his house as if it were my own. 

And how does one have fun around here? 

Well, that depends on what you call having fun - answered Carlos, without taking his eyes off the road.

I mean women, females...

As many as you want.

Any pretty ones?

I ran... pretty young ladies.

Young girls don't notice me much anymore, my friend Carlos. 

Although I stay in good shape and still appeal to some women, the truth is that when I'm 52 years old, I can't think of going to an ice cream parlor in search of a quinceañera. 

Here, all you have to do is look, see what you like and tell me. The rest is on me.

Is that the way it is? - I asked, almost mockingly. 

So is my lord... in all this area, Don Jacinto is not only the owner of the land and the cattle. He also owns the people... and much more of the females.

What's that supposed to mean?

What can you have in bed tonight to the female, woman or girl, that you put your eyes on her and tell me.

Aren't you exaggerating, Carlos? - I asked, between curious and excited. 

Let's do the test, my doctor... Before I take him home, I'm going to go for a walk to the nearby town. Any female you like, you tell me and we'll see. You'll see that I don't speak but the truth. 

The emphasis and security I put in his words made me hesitate, so I decided to play along. 

Well, Carlos, we'll see. 

The village turned out to be a square and a little more than thirty houses. Every time a woman appeared in our field of vision, Carlos looked sideways at me trying to measure my taste. To my surprise, some of them were much more attractive than I expected. However, I decided not to make it easy for the foreman.   

Is there a school in town? - I asked, as naturally as possible. 

Tender grass for an old bull," he said without looking at me.

A few minutes later and after making a right turn at the end of the square, we find ourselves in front of a dusty courtyard in which some children were running after a ball. Carlos stopped the van completely and, without saying a word, just waited. Suddenly, the impressive figure of a woman who seemed to have been born to drive men mad emerged from the inside of an old wooden house that I thought served as a classroom.  Sofia Loren could be 20 years old, but this was more sensual, wilder, with wide and seductive hips, black hair falling below the shoulders and golden skin, almost coppery, product of the mixture of race and burning sun that burned that region throughout the year.   

What a female! - was all I could exclaim before Carlos got out of the truck with a smile on his face.

I followed him with my eyesight. I saw him walking towards her and I began to wish that all his words and promises would come true. When they were almost together, a new figure appeared at the door of the school. My body reacted as if it had received an electric shock. With my pulse racing, my mind couldn't believe my eyes.   

It can't be! - I said to myself, out loud.

If the first one impressed me as a sensual and wild female, the girl who appeared now made me feel surrendered, overwhelmed by the beauty that flowed from her body. I would not be more than 15 years old, I imagined, but I was undoubtedly the most beautiful young woman I had ever seen in my life. There was a great resemblance between the two, I thought, so much so that they could be sisters. But one inspired me to roll it over on a bed, and the other to place it on a pedestal to sit and admire it. 

You're both going to the hacienda house this afternoon... to visit him. I told them you'd wait for them by the pool, so they'd come in light clothes. 

I didn't say anything, I just made a gesture of approval.

The hacienda house turned out to be a huge and wonderful mansion. In fact, more than a place where a family could live, it was a kind of luxury country club that also had all the facilities of those places. From what was the main house, with a large social area and Don Jacinto's rooms on the second floor, a series of gravel roads led to four small houses, separated from each other and far enough away from the main house, allowing complete privacy for those who occupied them. Kind and helpful, Carlos suggested I use the most distant of all. It was a little bigger than the others, and it also had its own private swimming pool. "Aside from some other toy," he said, laughing. I accepted his suggestion and went on a snooping around the place as he went to order the cabin I was going to occupy prepared. Shortly after, he appeared driving a nice golf cart with all my belongings placed in the trunk. 

Everything must be ready. And the cart, it's so that the doctor can circulate as much as he wants around here, without getting tired of me. 

The cabin, as Carlos had called it, had three bedrooms, a large living room, a small kitchen area and a very complete bar that served both the inside of the house and the outside of the pool.  After I took my clothes out of the suitcase, I decided to take a cold shower. I had a good time in the bathroom and when I came out of it I did it completely naked, without drying out. I felt the freshness produced by the air of the fans on my wet body and I decided to enjoy it. She provoked me to drink a cold beer and I went to the bar in the living room to look for it. 

Do you need anything, sir? 

Surprised, I was completely paralyzed and couldn't say anything.   

I'm sorry, but who are you? - I managed to say, finally, while with one of my hands I tried to disguise my absolute nudity. 

I am in charge of the cleaning...and of taking care of you in everything you need - the latter he said offering me a suggestive look. 

I just wanted a beer - I told him, not knowing very well what to do. 

I'll serve it to you," she replied, heading immediately for the bar.

When I saw her walking, I started to react. He was very young, dark-skinned, with a nice face, a good pair of legs and better buttocks.  While she was looking for the beer in the fridge and serving it in a cold jug, I walked to one of the bar stools, sat on it and decided to try to see if everything Carlos said was true. 

You're here to take care of me all I want, aren't you?

That's right. That's right. That's right.

What if I wanted something sexual?

She just had to tell me," she replied, letting out a playful smile. 

Come here - I told him.

Without stopping smiling, the beautiful brunette came out from behind the bar bar and walked slowly until she stood in front of me. I stretched out my arm, lured her to my side, and dropped my hand on her round, hardened buttocks.   

Do you like sucking cock? - I asked him, settling down on the stool so that I could display my fully hardened limb. 

If you want me to... 

I want you to swallow it all - I said interrupting her and giving her a little spanking.

With wonderful dexterity and celerity, the girl threw herself to devour my cock with authentic passion. He swallowed it, took it out slowly, and again inserted it completely back into his mouth.

There I was, enjoying the spectacular blowjob that the brunette gave me, when I felt a car approaching the house. Leaning to one side, I could see through the window. It was Carlos's truck and there were three people inside.   

We're going to have to leave it for another time, black - I said to the girl, taking her by the hair to force her to take my cock out of her mouth. 

Can't we go on? - she said between mocking and disappointed. 

No - I said, running to my room to put on something to wear. 

And now go - I managed to order him when I was already in my room.

I tried to wear shorts, but I felt ridiculous watching the huge tent that formed on my pants because of the splicing I found. Thinking about what to do, it occurred to me that a cold shower was the only solution. The appeal took effect and, shortly afterwards, I was able to leave the room wearing a bathing suit and finishing drying my hair with a towel.   

Ah...they're here! - I exclaimed, trying to look surprised.

A minute ago.

I was taking a bath and I didn't realize... Did you come alone?.

No, my sister's visiting the stables with Carlos, but she'll be here in a few minutes.

Or... OK. Can I get you something to drink? 

After looking for a couple of frozen beers in a tin, I invited her to sit on some loungers located on the railing of the house. While we were doing it, I could observe her and notice that she had changed her clothes and looked even more sensual and beautiful than I remembered seeing her that morning.   

Aren't you too young to be the village teacher? - I asked, not knowing why.

I am 23 years old, I have no husband and I prefer to work taking care of unruly children rather than taking care of cattle.

And how is it possible that a woman as beautiful as you hasn't married yet? - I asked, with sincere curiosity.

I've already had a man, but I didn't like the way he treated me and I left him.

What happened? What did he do to you?

He wanted to make me a whore in the big city... and I preferred to come back here, to the village. 

Your answer left me not knowing what to say or what to do. She's the one who got me out of doubt.   

If you're thinking the fun's over, you don't have to. I know why I came. And I know, because my sister has come - she talked to me looking me directly in the eyes, almost defying me. And it went on.

You must be someone very important to Don Jacinto; otherwise Carlos would not have insisted that my sister come.

I don't know if I'm that important, but why do you say that?

My sister is a virgin...and in this land all virgins are broken by Don Jacinto himself. 

Again I was speechless. Thoughtful, I stood up. I walked to the bar, looked for my cigarettes, lit one and asked her if she wanted another beer. He said yes. With two cans in my hand, I sat back on the couch I used to occupy.   

Listen - I said in a stern tone - I want you to have something clear. You mustn't, and you mustn't do anything that won't provoke you. I don't deny that I'd like to shoot you, I think you're a spectacular female, but I don't want you to do it because you think you have an obligation to do it. 

She looked me in the eye and stirred her body in the lounger to be totally in front of me. He spread his legs slightly apart, leaned the trunk forward and brought one of his hands to rest on the bundle my dick formed under the bathing suit.   

This morning it felt like an obligation - he told me - Now, all I want is to feel this cock inside me. 

Listening to her words and throwing myself at her looking for her breasts and lips was all one. Anxiously, desperately, my tongue intertwined with hers, and one of my hands went through the cleavage of her dress to seize a naked breast. I kneaded it, crushed it, squeezed it until I felt that it must be producing great pain. Then I heard her say: 

So my male, mistreat me, use me, make me suffer. 

Even more excited, if that was possible, I got up, grabbed her by the arm and pulled her behind me into the house. As soon as we crossed the threshold of the door, I stopped, turned to her and gave her a beastly slap.   

Is this what you like? - I asked her, as she stroked her sore cheek.

I like to be a mare that you have to tame if you want to ride it. 

His words, the intensity of his gaze, the gesture of his body with the unprotected face thrown forward, constituted quite a challenge to my masculinity. With rage and violence I took her by the hair forcing her to emit a cry of pain that she could not contain. Without any consideration, I pulled her a couple of meters and carried her to a wall against which I pushed her, crushing her face, her breasts and her whole body. Then I stuck my body against his back and his buttocks, put my mouth to his ear and said to him: 

You're the kind of bitch I like... the kind of bitch who snatches me. Now you're going to be my slave, my toy, a piece of meat I'm going to have fun with. Then, together, let's deflower your sister, let's teach her how to fuck... and let's make her a bitch just like you. Got it?

Yes, master," she replied, in the respectful tone of voice used by submissive women who are satisfied to surrender. 

Now undress," I said, spitting in her face and releasing her to drive me away.   

As I went to the bar in search of a new beer, she stood and watched me.   

What are you waiting for, bitch? - I yelled at him.

Immediately, the light white cloth dress fell at her feet. Underneath, he only had a small panty of the same color that highlighted his shapes and the beautiful color of his skin.   

You're a beautiful bitch," I said, unable to hide my admiration. 

So that you may enjoy it," she replied, insinuating.   

I want to see how you move, how you use your body to excite me, how you masturbate while I look at you. 

With his gaze fixed on me, he placed one of his hands on his chest. Slowly, with her fingertips caressing her skin, she began to descend down her body until it reached her lower belly. At that moment, he opened his legs slightly and put his fingers inside his underwear. Without taking his eyes off me for a moment, he continued with the slow movement of his hand until it reached the wet crack in the middle of his legs. After a few seconds that seemed like hours, his hand emerged from where it had been hidden. Little by little he made her ascend to the height of his face. There he separated his fingers to make me notice the viscous substance that impregnated them. Then, as if it were a slow motion movie scene, he opened his mouth and, stretching his tongue to the best of his ability, began to lick his own fingers.   

Hello... - a cheerful, youthful voice was suddenly heard to say. 




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