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The bathroom


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on: June 27, 2019, 03:01:33 PM

Everything happened two years ago, at a party to which I was invited; I didn't know who was offering it, nor what the reason was. But I did know that it was one of those big parties, where wine ran like water, drugs, music and sex.

I arrived at the address given to me, and immediately I noticed cars with music to everything it gives, boys and girls with plastic cups in hand, taking a bucket, most of them; and the doors of the house open, people going in and out.

I had not got out of the car, when the first familiar faces appeared, a couple of friends greeted me as I entered the house, while kissing on the cheek more than one known girl.

Someone offered me a drink, and after that, I joined a group, where the "bottle" was played. Two girls, already quite happy, by the effect of the wine, had fun giving kisses and fulfilling the "punishments" that touched them. Such as eating a banana placed in another boy's crotch, or pulling down another boy's pants, only with his teeth, without putting his hands in.

At dawn the atmosphere was the best, girls happy and willing to have a good time, dancing and what is never missing, the first couples hidden in the corners of the house.

That's what I noticed when I went to the bathroom, when I opened the door, there was a girl with fair complexion and wavy hair curled around the waist of a boy who did not stop sucking the beautiful and standing breasts he had in the air, while pumping his penis to the deepest part of her, raising it and lowering it with his hands on his buttocks. He didn't see me right away, she, with one hand stroking her lover's hair, saw me, as I moistened her lips, bit them lightly and let you see how excited she was.

He finally noticed my presence -give me a minute, he said- Okay, take advantage of it, I said while I closed the door.

After 15 minutes, while I was having a toy with a girl I had just met, I saw that girl from the bathroom coming towards me.

You've seen the show without paying," he smiled.

It wasn't intentional," I replied, "while I had the other girl hugged at the waist.

Anyway, it wasn't the best thing, I was half-hearted," he said, "while the girl embraced by me didn't fully understand what we were talking about.

I apologized to the other girl, and gave myself the task of approaching this playful and hot woman.

We moved a bit away from the center of the room, with glasses in hand, we started a conversation that surprised me with its frankness.

You've been warmed by what you've seen," he asked me.

I saw so little," I smiled, "but you have a body of ten," I told him.

Yes, it's a pity that I don't find someone who fully satisfies me, they only make me touch my tits for 10 minutes, and then they're running like children, it's frustrating," he replied.

You're Abigail's ex," she said, "you've already made yourself known to me, I've seen you in past meetings with her, haven't I?

Yeah, that's a couple of months old, now we're just good friends," I replied.

Well, that's life," he said, "I'm waiting for Barbara, you know she's a lesbian, I'm bisexual, I love a good penis," he said while discreetly caressing mine, "but I prefer to be in bed with her, she's more patient, she knows how to please a woman.

I pulled her towards me, and we started a flirtation that lasted at least half an hour.

I hope you know how to occupy it for more than 15 minutes, he said at the same time that he was holding my hand.

We went into the bathroom, and this time I made sure to lock the door.

She sat me in the cup, while letting me admire her body, doing a rhythmic dance with the music from outside.

She was a 21 year old girl, 1.68 (approx.) light complexion, long wavy hair, she wore a black miniskirt and an imitation leather blouse that suited her very well, high heels and a delicious perfume.

I, sitting on the cup, caressed her breasts, her neck and lowered my hands around her waist, up to her buttocks. seems that I've had a good one," he said as he measured my penis through my pants. "I hope it's a "long run" too," he smiled, "while I unbuckle the belt and the buttons on my pants.

I uncovered my penis, which began to give a wave massage while we kissed passionately. I corresponded by putting one hand in her panties and doing the same thing, while with the other, I held her by the neck.

That mutual masturbation lasted about 10 minutes, until she lowered her face to my penis and started sucking like desperate. I was an expert suckling!...I had to restrain myself so as not to give her the pleasure of coming to me in her mouth after 5 minutes. I was surprised at the control he had over his throat, as he was practically sticking it down his throat. What an exquisite sensation, to feel the tip of my penis coming in and out of his tight throat. Sometimes she was so strong that she swallowed it all.

I pulled her by the hair as I stood up, and I started a wild handling, taking away...almost tearing her blouse and bra. I love to hold my lovers with one hand by the neck, pressing with one finger his jaw. She groaned every time the pressure increased, while with the other hand, she inserted one finger into her vagina and another into her anus.

Bastard! You've made me horny! -He said to my ear.

At that moment, my excitement was such that I burst the button and the zipper on her miniskirt, when I pulled it off with a single pull... ahhhhhhh..." she moaned.

I had her in thong, with her breasts in the air, nailing my fingers to her on both sides; at the same time I was pulling her hair so that I would be exposed to her neck, which she sucked with true lust.


I also broke the tiny thong she had left, and at that moment, I felt the first jet coming out of her vagina, which I used to embed my finger firmly in her vagina and lift it like this, nailed, to leave her sitting, with her bare buttocks on the bathroom sink.

She was like crazy, screaming and clinging to my waist with her legs.

Give it to me now! Give it to me now!

I didn't make her wait, I let her go all the way from a single covering, while she hugged my neck and bit me on one shoulder (she left me the mark of her teeth for a couple of days).


Her vagina was wonderful, she could do some contractions that squeezed my penis in such a way that in less than 10 minutes of hard pumping, I felt in first orgasm.

Where you want it," I said.

InĂșndame papito!!!! Leave it all inside! I want it all," he shouted.

I gave her such a hard covering that I knew she had a device, because I felt in the deepest part of her vagina a small object, at the same time that three explosions were shaking my body... I felt as if semen was sprouting from me, as if it were an overflowing river.

She came down and wiped my penis with her mouth. You left me shaking, daddy," he said.

But we're not done yet! -I said to her, "as I held her by her hair and put her face on the floor, watching her wonderful ass upturn. want to fuck me too?...hit him then daddy!...hit him hard...-gemia-

I knelt behind her, resting one hand on the edge of the toilet bowl and another holding it, pulling it towards me by the hair.

I pointed my penis at that little hole, and apparently I didn't expect it so immediately, since without saying a word, I recharged my almost 100 kilos while I pulled her hair, penetrating her with a single blow.

Ahhhhhhhhgggggggggggggggggggfffff... The truth is, it hurt me, too, because of the violent penetration. But once inside, I removed my hand from the cup and took it by the hip, accommodating and putting a little more penis into his dilated anus.

She didn't talk, she only trembled with her eyes closed, and with her hands she squeezed my wrists so tightly that her fingernails also left marks on me.

I started pumping, and the minute she woke up from the trance...... ahhhhhhhh....... broke my ass, motherfucker!!...ahhgggffff...-gemia at the same time I was pumping her-.

I felt my legs numb already, when I felt the second discharge come, without telling her anything, I turned her by the hair, leaving her kneeling on my wet penis and with a slight touch of blood (effectively, I had torn her anus)... she guessed, and although my sperm came out in spurts, at a distance of 10 or 20 centimeters from her mouth, she could "cachar" each spurt with her mouth, letting escape only a few drops that went to give to her breasts.

You really fucked my daddy," he said, "while I wiped my penis with his shattered thong.

They touched the bathroom door more than once, something that never worried us, we threw ourselves on the floor of the shower to smoke a cigarette, while she caressed my chest.

Now, as I'm coming out, you've shredded my clothes," he said.

That you know, plus I don't think there's anyone left at the party without hearing your screams and moans," I said.

She smiled, if is that not all the catches in the bath are equal...." she said, "while I was getting dressed.

I hope to visit you sometime and that you lend me your bath," he added as a farewell.

Yes, perhaps," I replied, "as I left the bathroom, leaving her lying on the shower floor, her clothes torn all over the place, drenched in my sweat and sperm.

The party continued from the most animated, some already vomiting, others asleep, others having sex.

As the parties almost always end, with lawsuits, shouts and blows, no one was surprised that a lesbian was slapping her "wife" out of the house who had her clothes torn; at the same time that she was shouting: "Fucking whore!!!...I can't leave you for a moment, because you already have a cock inside".

That lesbian is called Barbara, and maybe on another occasion she will tell you how our lives (vagina and penis too) crossed.


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