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The ceremony of my enslavement (I)


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on: June 27, 2019, 02:47:20 PM
Tomorrow would be the big day, and I was between terrified and frantic that the longed-for event would come: Roby was finally going to take full possession of me as a slave.

My Roby, the most fantastic and best-handled cock in the world.  It came into my life when my marriage barely existed anymore. I got married because I became pregnant very young and both my husband's family and mine insisted, but Paul and I didn't love each other. My precious twins Laura and LucĂ­a, now 24 years old, were born out of my pregnancy. My husband lost interest in sex with me and, reciprocally, I lost interest in sex with him soon after our marriage.  We are still together for the girls but each discreetly with his lovers.

I met Roby, an 18-year-old boy one day who, desperate for lack of sex ration, since I had broken up a week earlier with my last lover, I went to a bar thinking about flirting and tripped over the boy. We ended up fucking like crazy in a hotel and I kept looking for his cock like a bitch out for the seven orgasms he provided me that day. I was tireless, I could spend hours pumping my vagina without ejaculating and moving in such a way that in any position I rubbed my clitoris.

I became addicted to that member and adored him. When I was 42 years old, I was irremediably subjected to that enormous and indefatigable penis that also expelled sperm in an inexhaustible flow. Roby was a mulatto of Japanese and Peruvian and had inherited Latin American oriental refinement and sensuality. He had adorned his foreskin with a passing nail and two thick balls at the ends that it was inevitable to feel in the vaginal walls while pumping and no longer say in the intestinal walls. He completed his beautiful limb with a ring that surrounded his scrotum behind his voluminous testicles, producing an eye-catching attraction that impelled me never to take that tool out of my mouth.

With Roby I began to experience orgasms fucking through the anus, because, although I was not a virgin of that hole, my lovers had always been very conventional, just like me, in fucking and nobody had insisted when I complained about the discomfort in my black hole. Only he and his erect cock, proudly stretching their tip to heaven had the patience to teach me anal pleasures and I was already unable to say goodbye to him without having lodged his limb in my intestines.

Little by little my adoration for him increased to such an extent that he immediately began to become more and more demanding with me and to handle me at his will. He began to tell me how to dress and makeup, to make me go to a gym and swim and tell me what to eat. He made me laser depilate totally the pubis while he was present at the hairdresser where I did and forced me to spend hours and hours with some Chinese balls stuck in the pussy. Soon he began to humiliate me by introducing me to his friends as "his married, mature bitch. He even once forced me to fuck one of them in his presence.

She gave me a picture of her dick to show to my husband saying she was addicted to it. My husband didn't care, at this point we had almost no relationship, as the girls lived in another city working on their careers. That's why we already had separate rooms, and if we hadn't gotten a divorce it was because the freedom we each enjoyed compensated for the double expenses that a separation entails.

Slowly but steadily he led me to his idea of sex: He started by making me bisexual by fucking his lovers whose existence he had not hidden from me, nor did I care if he had them as long as he was the perfect lover with me, or simply with prostitutes. He made me participate in trios with his friends where for the first time in my life I found two holes plugged simultaneously.

And finally one day he told me he'd be his slave. I accepted subjugated by that man and set a date for my formal enslavement. He ordered me to tell my husband and warn him that I would be a week without news of me and that later I would always be absent on weekends to fulfill my duties as a submissive bitch. The rest of the week I would ordinarily work, but half of my income would go to him. The other half for house expenses. Whatever I personally needed, he'd give me.

My husband received the news with indifference, only did the calculations on whether half of my salary was enough to pay the general expenses of the house and seeing that there was excess shrugged shoulders.

I asked for a two-week vacation at my company. One for my enslavement ceremony and another, recommended by Nory, to recover. That extra week for recovery upset me, but on the other hand, incomprehensibly made me flood my pussy.

The eve of the ceremony I spent preparing and examining my body to look perfect. I went to the hairdresser for another session of laser depilation of the pubis even when it was not necessary, I did the manicure and pedicure, I cut my hair quite short, as recommended by my desired Nory.  Also on his instructions I ate only fruits and vegetables and gave myself several enemas with a large syringe that he had given me... He didn't recommend anything to me about my holes, but I spent several hours with cucumbers and courgettes inserted in them to leave them well widened if necessary.

Examining my body in the mirror I decided I would not disappoint my master. Despite my age, I was fine. He was right-faced and very pleasant, even though he was not a beauty. The new haircut made my face nicer and more youthful. My breasts were of good size, full and with elegant fall. Topped by very wide and dark areolas. Long nipples when they woke up. The ass was supported very well and the legs were robust with long thighs, hard and tapered like howitzers.

That night I didn't sleep, I left the bed, at the height of my totally wet pussy and my irritated clitoris of the amount of times I masturbated thinking that I was going to be possession of my beloved fonador. In the morning, at the agreed hour and with my husband present, I placed a gabardine on my body totally naked, I took my bag containing the few utensils that Nory allowed me to take and I went down to the garden, isolated by a high fence, when Nory entered it with a van of smoked crystals after I opened it when I heard the agreed horn honks.

Inside the van was a cage where Nory invited me in after removing my raincoat and putting on a leather panty with an anal plug and a built-in dildo. He did it slowly and trying to get my husband to see me, who was watching attentively behind the curtains and with whose gaze I came across. He also blinded me with a bandage and handcuffed me to the bars of the cage.  That's how I set out on the journey to my slavery.

After a two-hour drive he finally parked, got out of the vehicle and noticed my cage being transported somewhere.

After a while they got rid of the handcuffs and took me out of the cage. Standing up, they took the blindfold off my eyes. I found myself on a wooden platform and blinded, not only by the sudden recovery of my sight, but also by some spotlights directed towards me.

Listen Leticia -that's my name- you're here to give yourself to your Master Roby as a slave until he repudiates you if he so wishes. You will hear the slavery contract and if you accept it and sign it before the witnesses gathered here for this purpose, you will lose the name of Leticia for your master and you will be called Marrana.

Knowing that I was naked in front of unknown people accepting my condition as a slave caused a great deal of flow to flow into my vagina and began to slide down my thighs. That influx of hormones removed my reticence from my mind and made me want to scream to speed up the prolegomena and begin to live my life as a submissive slave with my Roby.

Yet I was read - a voice that was not Roby's, but another man's - my slave contract. I was talking about the fact that in his presence my being would lack personality, it would simply be a body at his service and whim with no more limitation than not to kill me or mutilate me. That body may be lent, prostituted, sold or permanently given to whomever my owner wished, my flesh being subrogated to the new owner in all the obligations to the previous one. Also that this soulless body could be tortured or punished at the will of the Lord or any other person he disposed of without the need for any justification. There was a section devoted to sexual use in which the possibility was contemplated of being pregnant as many times as you wish, even outside the fertile age by artificial means. Likewise my body could be photographed or filmed in any activity without any right of image.

The statement of the contract was extensive, but I did not hear much of the endless list of obligations and patterns of conduct imposed on me by the signing of that paper absorbed as I was in the possibility of the orgasm that I was incomprehensibly noticing getting there, standing and without anyone touching me.

...... and this contract is signed in a single copy which will remain in the possession of the party named Amo in Madrid on 1 March 2003.


- Do you agree, Leticia, to be Roby's slave under the conditions that have been made known to you?


- Yes, I agree to be Roby's slave!


Get down on your knees!


I obeyed and a woman in her thirties dressed in an attractive red latex outfit that modeled her sculptural figure and made her organs accessible for sexual use through strategically placed openings, fixed me a steel necklace saying:


I declare you a slave of Roby with the name of Marrana, which will be the only one that you will answer from now on before his presence and before whom he deigns to give you in any form of exploitation of your body. This necklace and the other attributes that will be imposed on you will be the sign of your submission. Now you will be baptized.   

Immediately there appeared before me a naked man with an upright cock which, sensing the intention to put in my mouth, I swallowed without hesitation. I dedicated myself with all my ability to extract the juice from testes until, withdrawing his cock, he ejaculated all over my face and head.

Three other men did the same and then the woman in red latex approached, who urinated on my face once she reached the orgasm that I complacently gave her with my tongue. It was the first time they pissed on me and I felt so whore and humiliated and so satisfied to be so that my hand went to my clitoris.

A flash of lightning hit me in the head when something slipped over my buttocks.


- You're a bad start, Marrana. You heard the rules of conduct a few minutes ago. No orgasms without authorization.


Without time to recover I found another pussy to lick in front of my mouth. This time the latex was black and the woman older than me, maybe 45 or 46. When I licked it, I perceived that his clitoris was pierced by an estimable gold ring. Just like the previous one, I urinated on my head and, as before, I felt enormous delectation in recognizing myself so depraved. I no longer had doubts, I liked to be a slave, I liked not to think, I liked the total surrender of my body forever, without possible rectification. I would have wished at that moment that my Master would give me to a legion of men and women.

After that, the black latex woman hooked me a chain to the steel necklace and we all went, me crawling, to a huge bathroom. There both women were collecting in their hands the semen mixed with urine and giving it to me to eat. They licked themselves what they couldn't pick up with their fingers. Then they showered me without omitting to put their fingers in my two holes very deeply to clean me I don't know of what. Once I was dry they made me climb up and put me on all fours on a hospital-type stretcher.

At that moment the men who were supposed to be drinking a few drinks entered the bathroom as well.

Then my Master ordered me to show my holes by opening them well with my fingers so that his guests could check the quality of their new slave. Yeah, he said "new."

I deeply thanked my Master for the opportunity to show me and satisfy my eagerness to show those strangers the only thing I possessed: my body. But that idea carried the error. My body wasn't mine. The obscenity with which he showed me, handling my fingers inside my holes and pulling as much as I could of the sphincters so that they could perceive my interiors in the darkness, as well as the way I rotate my buttocks insinuatingly and spread my juices all over my crotch, provoked the denunciation of the black latex woman:


- The slave is behaving like a whore. He thinks his body belongs to him and he's trying to excite us.

- That's right, she thinks she's a whore when she's just a piece of meat. That deviation will have to be corrected and soon. said one of the strangers. I may find pleasure in being a slave and you can't allow that, Roby. It would be dangerous. I wouldn't be a slave, but a complacent prostitute.

- I'll correct it, folks. With your help I hope.

- Count on us, Roby, for such a nice job you're asking us for.

- Certainly, in spite of this, she has a good aptitude as a slave. It will be necessary to work hard on these holes and repress this masochistic tendency that deprives us of the pleasure of torturing.

- Okay, let's calm her down. Pack it up," he said to the women, "and let's have some drinks, men.


The two latex women put anklets on me with a separator bar open to the maximum allowed by my legs and flexing them they tied my wrists to my thighs by means of wide leather straps. Then they introduced a heavy gauge dildo into my pussy and, after injecting a good amount of liquid into my intestines, they sealed it with a large anal plug and both plastic phalluses were retained by another leather strap attached from my belly to my kidneys to a wide belt, also made of leather. I was fitted with a hood that didn't allow me to see or hear and a ball gag in my mouth. So they abandoned me for a time after which I felt agonizing.

To be continued ...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Currently I am the happy slave of Master Nory, who lends me or prostitutes with whomever she wants on weekends. On weekdays I work and I am the wife and mother who is expected of me. But I am a wife ceded by my Master Nory, since my husband pays her half of my salary that Nory does not receive to be able to do with me what he wants. I have rediscovered my husband on his sadistic side and I feel happy with him as I have never been before. I will tell you about the situation in the following chapters.

By express imposition of me I love Nory, the best lover of the world, in spite of his 18 years, I communicate to you that any man, woman or couple who wishes to enjoy my body like slave a weekend only will have to ask it to his address of mail that I transcribe next, telling him that they will do with me. The most imaginative monthly proposal will be the one I have for free.

Petitions from my body to:


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