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The first slap


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on: June 27, 2019, 02:16:48 PM

I remember that I was in the middle of the race, when I met the new student, who had changed shifts. It was... it took my breath away, it's one of the images I'll always keep.

Climbing the stairs to the lecture hall, Professor Domínguez, who taught Political Science, one of the most feared subjects of the entire degree, got in my way. He had a reputation for being strict and ruthless in exams.

In my subject there are only two grades! -he shouted, "the one that most of you will get, unsatisfactory....and the one that a few will get...satisfactory. I've never put a good, very good or excellent. So get ready for what's coming," he warned.

Within weeks everyone knew that it was not a threat, and their work of political analysis turned into insomnia and anxiety for the whole group.

Everyone recites what the books say...that they don't have an opinion of their own??? Are you tomorrow's lawyers? What a pity! -he mocked the whole class.

There was no lack of the one who wanted to bribe him or the girl who offered him a sexual favor in exchange for a satisfactory grade. But being a retired politician with a more than stable economic situation and a reputation to take care of, they could never reach that kind of arrangements with him; Not even tears moved him, because more than one girl opted for that strategy to be reproved in the matter.

But, to return to the subject... we find ourselves in front of the entrance of the hall...

Good afternoon young man - I salute myself - I want to introduce you to your new colleague, she has been transferred from the morning schedule, I want you to update her on the rules of the class and to help her in her first political rehearsals...

I looked at her... I ran out of breath, although I could hide it very well....God!!! it was beautiful!!!.....

Hello how are you," he said smiling.

Hello, nice to meet you," I replied.

Well... I'll see you after class," I said, "so I explained to you how to do the teacher's work.

Well, young men, I'll let you know the class is about to start," said the professor as he retired.

It seemed to me an eternity the time I contemplated it...tall, light complexion, long wavy hair and that body...which...was perfect, a venus.

As I could, I disguised my enchantment and said goodbye... see you later, I said.

From that date, we weren't separated anymore, we were school sweethearts, the most popular was like a fairy tale...until the repressed part in me arose.

Thus, the first month of courtship passed, however I felt that she saw me, despite having the same age, as a boy with whom you do not spend more than a simple courtship, not as a man for a passionate relationship.

All that changed in the week of exams, when the events made me see her as she really was, and aroused in her the most ardent passions, which later I could not control.

On the first day of exams, we met to study as usual in my house, my sister was with us in the room, after lunch. She played me a pretty bad joke, took the dessert and said: Do you want? And in a playful way I drop the frozen piece on my shirt at chest level before it could reach my mouth.

I didn't think about it, I just felt a warmth all over my body when I saw her and my sister's laughter....PLAFFFF....I had slapped her!...from laughter, she went to a face of disbelief...I couldn't believe what I had the most beautiful and popular girl in the whole university.

My sister was frozen too, as she took her bag and came out of the room indignant (I never thought to return).

How bad you looked," said my sister.

Let her go," she shouts to listen to him, "I'm not her whims.

At that moment, I felt that I had lost that woman's monument and that there was no remedy, when surprisingly, she entered the room again with a napkin.

Sorry love, it was just a joke," he said as he knelt to clean my shirt stained with dessert.

Well, it wasn't to my liking," I replied recomposed.

In those moments I saw...something wonderful....I felt that a woman with a wonderful body had played me in that slap in a very risky bet....but win! And she returned to my submissive and loving.

I fired my sister, we were alone "reconciling" our little lawsuit. From that moment on, I felt I had the authority. My kisses were already whimsical and demanding. She was at my service, no longer the typical student job, trying to "warm up" the girl. He was a man being pleased by the woman who wanted to earn space in his bed.

To close on a high note, at night, as part of that happy reconciliation, we went out to party with friends...arriving at a very popular bar, and as usual, everything was paralyzed when she entered, there wasn't a single man who didn't turn to see her lustfully, with eyes full of desire.

We had already had a few drinks, danced and were in conversation with friends, when a guy comes accompanied by another one after him, more drunk than him.

May I dance with you? He told her

I have a boyfriend, he answered by intertwining his hand with mine.

Ahhh... it doesn't matter, maybe he's not jealous," he said trying to be funny.

I saw her angry gesture, and I guessed a sharp answer to that guy, but I didn't give him time....before he could say another word, I punched him dry in the face, bursting his nose in blood as he turned his back to the ground. The other guy took the opportunity to kick me in the side, which only made me more angry, and ran with the same luck as his friend. When I noticed his two friends lying in blood, those at the other table let themselves come to me, but at the same time, all the friends present stopped as well. So it all came down to threats and screaming.

She saw me surprised, and with some excitement... What a barbarian! That wasn't necessary," he said.

You think? So any fool can come and grope my wife? -I replied angrily.

No, my love, calm down, while I wiped my knuckles reddened by the blood of those two guys, and once clean, while we were going to the car, I kept kissing my left hand, which had swollen slightly, apparently from the dry blow with the nasal septum of the first type.

Before getting in the car, a friend with no malice said when he said goodbye:

What do you expect with a woman like the one you're killing?

She smiled at the compliment as the friend walked away.

I turned to her, seeing her from top to bottom, looking at her in that white Marilin Monroe dress, I couldn't blame that couple of guys for trying.

She never ceased to see me surprised and excited....get on," I ordered, "even a day before that order would have cost me a lawsuit with her, but now she was submissive and happy to obey her man.

Needless to say, that was our first night of true passion, he didn't mind missing sleep at home, and arriving at dawn, as long as he continued to enjoy his man and satiate him in everything he asked of him, until he left my bed wet, with a mixture of sweat and intimate liquids.

The next day, we saw each other as usual, I was smiling, not because of the scolding he got from his parents, but because of the difficulty he had in walking with his legs closed and sitting down.

It was a wonderful semester, I got an excellent grade in Political Science, I became the most beautiful and popular girl of the university my wife, who pleased as much as I wanted in my birth.


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