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A good run


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on: September 26, 2019, 01:20:49 PM

There are nights of lights and nights of shadows...

There are good bullfights, exits on the shoulders of the bullring, cutting off two ears and the tail at the end of the task, but there are also "bullfights" with the respectable's whistles and without any white handkerchief, and there are even occasions in which the matador has to aim at the bull so that it dies....

There are regular bullfights.

And there are those of sorrow.

The reason for this story and I make a small confidence, to think that human nobility exists, even if there is someone who has given you the puyazo and has stuck the stock to your soul.

The very rich bullfighting language occupies a considerable area of the Castilian vocabulary, as well as its sometimes erroneous application to the daily use of the social fabric of the Castilian language. So let's "take the bull by the horns" and don't stay watching "the bulls from the barrier", because today I will explain that similarity that our bulls have, without any pejorative sense, with our beloved "men" and they will realize that "more cornás gives hunger", so don't worry and it hasn't been long since everything arrives. In the meantime learn .

So as they say in the bulls...

"I offer this story to the respectable, which of course is yourselves." And I throw "la montera" into virtual space...

For starters...

It is important to qualify that men like bulls will be recognized by "their bravery", or as Barga Bensusán says the "threshold of bravery". Those are the ones who will recognize at the end of this story, because they are stupendous in the broad sense of their sensual faculties. Don't let them escape. Let's recognize them and love them or fuck them as you like. And besides, after reading it, they will acquire a good knowledge of bullfighting, which is always good culture...

For this purpose, you must be very attentive to the "lances" (that is to say, to choose within that range of possibilities that are presented on any occasion), since you can find yourself in your "long sexual walk" with different types of men. Or did I say bulls?

They get scared when they have to make a commitment, when they see that they want to introduce them to their families and they think that they are being hunted, when possibly and without remedy, any girl hooks them in the same way, and on top of that, she even takes out "the livers". But, think... They want to believe that they are the ones who choose, when in fact they are the ones who make the choice of the male.

They have tired them ("Aplomados") and for that reason they sharpen the sense, they are what they are very "corridos", and that they have visited along "their paseíllo" great quantity of "vaginal abodes" and they are by all means "burriciegos", having the defective sight at the time of choosing.

Normally, these have passed "many springs or herbs", and are gray, and separated or divorced, and for that reason have been run on many occasions are called "pregnados".

Of this kind of men... Or did I say bulls?

Of the separated and divorced... Quarantines!

There are senses, or sensitive to punishment, that are fond of the practices "sado maso", and some, not all... He has a good plant and gallantry, called "trapios". These of good plant are brave. Then I will explain how you notice this, which is I would say one of the things that you should pay attention to very but very attentively, because it will give them the key to many things and discover in them, which are the host in many ways, do not scare me by these copies, because I assure you that after knowing one, you will not want to fuck anyone else, although there are also "meek" with lack of that quality, and from these be delivered as from the plague, because they will make you suffer a lot, and you are no longer to suffer, but to enjoy in the broadest sense of the word. You have fought enough in life, you have been fucked enough, and now it is your turn to "dolce vita". Don't forget it!

We are talking about nobility

.Do not mislead me

Of the nobility of men. . .

To measure the "bravery of the male" there are some qualities that you "women of deserving age" have to observe, these specimens being uncios in their species and I would say the best lovers,

As the main premise, he will tell you that a man is a virgin in his bravery, which is supposed to be so, until he comes out in the ring of conquests.

From there and as you can recognize these brave knights

That's the question.

I'll give you the answer. 

They're brave by nature. 

Those who quickly attack any stimulus you send them, remember the pherormones, if you do not read the story that is very good, I assure you!

The younger ones, since they are not run and have never been attacked by any "lizard" and have always led a life of flowers and roses, because they trust and go forward, "without enduring", a bullfighting word that is used to explain that they do not shy away from other bulls, paying attention to "the bulge", which in this case will not be the body of the bullfighter but of his "body- Serrano" of the possible flirt. In this case, it will not be the body of the bullfighter, but of his "body- serrano" of the possible flirt, and "without being relieved", not understanding this as a jerking off, but doing the practice of the less risky approach, sometimes practicing this practice with difficulty because of his inexperience.

They always "attack" or practice the sexual approach with rectitude, bullfighting nobility, bone with clarity from the front and never zigzagging.  They speak to you clearly, and not like the meek who never give you the slightest explanation, thinking that they are always right and on top of that, blaming you for everything. The meek don't know!

Doing in many cases a natural veronica or a windlass to the left, which as you know very well are ways of bullfighting a bull, there are times that even kneel down or make the jump of the frog, but that rarely.


If they fall in love and lose the "chaveta" for a woman, they push with their kidneys and with their head fixed, even if I have a "puya" nailed and they are saying that "nones" -I don't like you uncle and on top of that you don't put me!

Not looking with their movements, nothing that relieves their pain but quite the contrary.

They never show their pain, they don't hurt, they don't retreat, they don't even retreat, known in the bullfighting language as "repucharse", let's go that they don't repuchan even for God!

They are always going to "the means", or the central part of the question, even if they are terrains that are out of their reach, and are not their own. They are able to study Aramaic if necessary or sign up for aerobics or yoga classes if you do it. It's just that they're cielines!

They repeat "the onslaught" in spite of the negatives of their beloved, only if they see her go through the street but up to a certain limit.

That limit to which the famous writer, called "Threshold of Bravery", makes reference, when he reaches the conclusion that it is useless to continue attacking that it is completely useless, and that the girl will not pay any more attention to him, then he retires, but in this retreat he is accompanied by many, many heifers that will suffer in their flesh their disillusion...

If they think that it has a rival, they will attack directly before him going, in spite of that they go a couple of hosts in it, although it retires and they put him but of "two thirds of banderillas", it will continue insisting to load the rival until the death. Even if they are given the relevant "warnings".

She will die at last, "swallowing death" with her mouth shut because she never explained to her colleagues that she could not be tied, and that she was to blame for the "cha cha cha".

So even if you obey "the deception" of any pilingui, and make the walk through the different groups of friends

A good brave bull or a good brave male will always act this way.

And that's how they find out that the bulls are going, or did I say men?

Well, pointilleros, areneros, picadores, banderilleros or the most bullfighters. Masters in the art of flirting know that I love him equally whether they are brave or even tame...



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