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Being in love


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on: August 28, 2019, 03:06:23 PM

Is your stomach ticklish? Does your voice tremble?

Do you feel palpitations? Do your cheeks blush? ?..

Don't worry, you're not ill... You are in love! 

"That state of transitory imbecility, - according to Ortega Y Gasset, - and that cannot be maintained for too long."

But... Do you think you do all that?

No! No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Falling in love is the result of complex chemical reactions, which make us all feel the same sensations, even if we believe that only we feel it in the Universe.

You, at this point, are no longer the owners of yourselves. Your brain is in charge.

There are emotional or chemical reactions to falling in love,

And they are precisely the ones that make you "get out of control of your life" "get out of control".

Let me explain:

When we fall in love with someone, our organism triggers an alarm signal, which causes us to send thousands of messages to our brain to stimulate some very curious substances: endorphins. 

Everything is fast and very fast, everything is urgent. It is as if it were in ADSL.

In the same way, if there is a loving disillusionment, people "gorge themselves on chocolate", called by some as the vegetable Prozac. With the consequent weight gain.

"A good way to forget a failed love is to eat a chocolate pudding."

That or that another love comes out 

"The stain of a blackberry, with another you take out..."

But don't think that endorphins last forever...

Their activity lasts for only 2 or three years, then you will know that look for new alternatives such as coexistence, mutual interest or things like that. 

How does it work?

I'll tell you how the story goes;

In the first phase, the brain that is very clever perceives through the nose a message that is called pherormone (you already know that).  They remember those smells that we give off and that make you wet your intimate parts... and that produces an erection and the desire to fuck you....

Well, that's it.

Then there's "the attraction."

The brain is flooded with a substance called phenithelitamine (FEA) and then comes the calm. They are in love!

The brain that is in charge, let's not forget it, sends endorphins to give that tranquility, in men it produces inappetence and in women it accelerates the appetite.

From here, one feels the need to touch the loved one by means of "the substances of the embrace" acting in the following way:

...The hand in the hand

...The arm on the shoulder

...The arm at the waist

...The hand on the head

...The hand on the body

...The mouth in the chest

...The hand in sex


No doubt love is a disease

..and it's a hooking drug!


All these substances can make you spend the night "making love". Or talking without feeling tired or sleepy.

Another thing is "the day after".

You know dark circles under your eyes, tiredness, desire to sleep... That's right! With a smile from side to side, stuck to the mobile all day...

If the next day the partner doesn't even call her, it's bad!  Start falling out of love. Everything was a "good powder". There is no falling in love.

Why do we fall in love with one person and not another? 

It seems that it has a lot to do with our childhood memories, and there are more daring ones who say that we already built our mental map between the ages of 5 and 8, so before that love comes, you have already formed an idea of what it should be like. The thing is that you find it. !!

Our rational part is turned off, giving way to the irrational or emotional part... And we are put a face of asshole,

And it's just, "losing your head" is not a casual phrase. It is a truth like a Temple.

As a general rule, the human being is a sensitive and loving being.

But love is blind

We fall in love with what we long for

Or we fall in love to perpetuate the species. And the other person has ceased to have defects, is ideal and wonderful.

But keep in mind that some of the probes I will describe now.

Stay tuned.

Many people are addicted to being eternally in love and end their relationships when that "magic" ends, which is when they realize it wasn't as perfect as they thought.

And also many people become obsessed with impossible loves. 

You can't love someone who doesn't love you. You don't stone time.  !.. 

You will only win in disgust, and total for nothing, because he will never listen to you, even if you do the impossible. It will pass from you, ignore you, and even despise you.

Do not waste energies uselessly.

Everything is forgotten.

Everything passes.

"There is no evil that lasts a hundred years... nor a body that can resist it"

Thus, in falling in love emotions get out of control And endorphins are released, they are like our internal morphine.

Our brain that is very clever makes that before a pleasant event, a flechazo, gives us a sensation of well-being. And start this whole process...

What factors influence the attraction?

That they are similar


May there be a reciprocal pleasure

That they are competent

Physical attractiveness

That they have the same culture

And at this point you'll be wondering..

What does this have to do with sex?

An obvious reason. Women of "deserving age" fall in love. A good fuck can make them fall in love.

And there are very clever

And there are some very skillful.

And you, who feel guilty for hanging on to a penis, who feel that kind of mental uneasiness.

I'll tell you, it's all chemistry

That you are not to blame, in any case your brain... but you "women of deserving age". No!

So, don't give me "mental jerks", and if you fall in love, then you fall in love Point and ball!

Live the moment and enjoy it.

If you can't, if he doesn't belong to you, don't despair either, you know the motto:

"There are always lonely penises ready to go into his vagina"

And maybe

And maybe

Be a lot better than the one you fell in love with.

Don't get sad or melancholy on me. They already know a lot and they'll know how to get out of trouble.



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