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on: June 25, 2019, 09:53:39 PM
Once I was asked what I intended to do this story, at that time I thought about the postures, now I also continue to think, but not of them in terms of sensations, but of them in the form of putting on.

I don't know if you explain to me, normally, when you talk about postures, you look at the pleasure it causes in her, in him, or in both, the degree of penetration ... and not in the drawing of this posture, although they always have one attached.

I mean:

Either you have an ole physique like the drawings and an elasticity of balls - sorry for the word - that it seems they too must have, or there are postures that are only imaginary.

You see, my girlfriend who is fond of this kind of reading and curious by nature - like any good woman - is interested in kamasutra, yes friends, that beautiful book, where hundreds of achievable postures come out.

Well, she was infatuated - like any good woman - in making each of those postures, to me the beginning seemed like a great idea, more than anything, because she has always been very reluctant to anal sex and in that wonderful book came out several postures where you could clearly see that it was anal sex, and as everything would be drawn lots, fixed that I would ever touch.

Our first posture was "the union of the Scorpion."

Sounds good, huh? You see according to the little drawing, that I, an uncle of 1.93 height, brown, black eyes and 92 kilos (ie, beer belly) lay face up, with the penis erect (something essential), while she, 1.75 height, chestnut, honey-colored eyes and 85kilos (woman of very good vision) nailed my penis in her vagina and then lay back to rest her head on my chest, and then slowly move slowly.

Easy, isn't it? Bullshit! I'm sorry, explained in this way it's easy, yes, I thought so too, but when my belly said I'm here, my girlfriend fell to one side, because she was not allowed to stretch at all, and to top it all, her elasticity is not that of a chewing gum, so when she was going down she was stuck in place, because of the back pain that came.

Total disaster, a little frustrated, we decided to try another one.

Our second posture was "the wheel's mobile."

It's not what you're imagining, you see, she lies on her back, I lie on top of her and I penetrate her. The first image is something similar to the missionary, so far everything has been great. We looked like two kids with a new toy, for having achieved the first step, the second one was that I, without taking my member out of her vagina, would pass a leg over her thigh, and little by little to go up it, until finally being in 69, with my cock inside her vulva, and then to initiate the movement.

Well, the first great part, obviously we were sick of doing it, who hasn't used the missionary's, all of them!, but the thing about going up and putting me in a 69, I touch my balls, no, seriously, I thought that position would be easier, but no, or you have a cock of an extreme length or you get it out, and tell me to me, as pussy I put it being in a 69 again inside, which by the way, cost me mine, but I put it. But the problem was not that either, it was that my weight imprisoned her, leaving her almost without breathing and to top it all I did not know how to move, since, the typical mete-saca was impossible to do.

I thought that after that disappointment, my girlfriend would let it go, and we would basically dedicate ourselves to our postures, those that had always worked for us, those that made us happy and with which we reached orgasm without so many complications, but no!

The very bastard put me on a diet, every night I took a walk (almost like a dog, but without moving the tail) in order to lose some weight, and get their purpose and stubbornness to practice all the postures of the Kamasutra.

After losing a couple of kilos both and a few centimeters wide, we tossed the coin again and chose the postures, the luck decided that we tried with: "the union of the tiger". 

To me if you want me to tell you the truth, the animal fauna unions, I was swelling my balls, who the hell wrote the booklet?

All in all it seemed very easy, what happens is that I had already thrown in the towel.

My girlfriend had to lie on her back and open her legs wide, then I had to penetrate her and she had to surround my waist with her legs, for later, lie down to the right side, and exercise movement.

Hey, prize! it came out, and the first time, we were in the clouds, hit you, hit you, hit you, when my girlfriend started screaming, I thought that was a huge scream of pleasure, but no, my weight had slept his right thigh and when he made a gesture to get rid of the tingling, there was a cramp in his calf!

Neither of us managed to reach orgasm, although we were content to get the posture.

To finish what we had begun we chose another, we touched "the position of the star".


The truth is that the title was very eye-catching, but there were no eggs to make it, if you want me to tell you the truth, I do not remember exactly how it went, I only know that my legs were intertwined with his like my arms and in the end we ended up united in a kind of eight.

As you will understand, I refused to do it, but after hearing several of his recriminations, such as: you don't take it seriously, you don't support me, you don't make him feel like it... I felt like telling him WINS!, WINS!, HEAVEN, WINS ARE THE WINS I HAVE TO CAST A POWDER AS GOD commands AND I WILL NOT ALWAYS BE LEFT IN MIDDLE.

But I preferred to remain silent and obey. After an hour of trying to make the posturita, that if a leg here, that if an arm over there, that if you hurt me, that if I do not feel anything .... He gave up, finally ... I thanked God for that, I would have even kissed the field of Bernabeu, although then I would have washed my mouth with soap, but oohh god siii, at last.

I thought I had won the battle, but it wasn't so, the next day erre that erre with the subject, I had almost two weeks without being able to put it in as I like, so when I came with the posture of "the lotus position" I let out a huge laugh, she looked at me with every flip, and I told her not to talk, that this posture was unviable for us, that I didn't count on me, that if you had thought that I was the uncle of boomer, if man yes, the clown with the blue color that is stretched in the advertisements of chewing gum, besides my beer belly (the one that cost me so much to create) was not going to allow us that posturita. And I said to him:

You know what, chati? I'm gonna make love to you like a GODDESS.

I look at myself with an incredulous face, as if to say, you have just invented it, because and a milk, there is also the "position of the Goddess". 

So I sat on the bed, I leaned my back on the wall, I piled her from the waist, I made her sit on top of me and ride me, easy, right? Well yes and very comfortable, also she gets to have several orgasms, and apart from kissing, touching and magrearle what I want, allows me to hold more in action. A bargain, folks, whatever I tell you!

But first of all, a piece of advice, the positions can be invented by yourself, all you need is imagination, dialogue with your partner and a lot of desire to make sex fun, which at the end of the day is all about having a good time.

A hug for them and a kiss for them.


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