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on: August 27, 2019, 02:33:25 PM

It's Freud's fault. Yes, sir.

And since we've been "dizzying the partridge" talking about sex for over a hundred pages,

And as everything has to be celebrated

Today I'm going to talk to you about one of the sexual techniques that you love most, you very dear "man of deserving age."


The blowjob.

Being the sexual act in which the mouth, that wonderful mouth of hers, enters in direct contact with the penis, the cock, so that we understand each other. Also using, and at the same time, other verbs such as lick, suck, caress, bite, suck and swallow, which are those that accompany this pleasant act. .

And as always, and it is customary in me, we will make a variation to the main theme. As it is done in the music the variations to musical works.

Varying the tone, from major to minor with any of the notes, the rhythm, and the character, be it cheerful, carefree or jocular.

And as musicians do, so look... Me too!

. The thing is that the main theme does not vary. Let the same melody always sound in the background, in this case the sound of "a good suck".

It's Freud's fault, who with his theories modified some sexual attitudes. It was Freud who, with his theories, modified some sexual attitudes, giving us to understand that everything came from childhood.

So, if you like a good blowjob, it's not by chance. Nothing ever happens by chance, but because the first thing you did after coming out of your mother's pussy, was to hook your tit and suck, and this was your first sexual satisfaction.

And how the memories are recorded on the hard drive of his memory. For this simple reason. You want at all costs and above all that you practice a "good mamadita".

Because you love it.

Because it excites you.

Y... Because they have a good time. !

In that binomial that I always use, we will see how they have to do, my dear students, a good blowjob technique, relating it (what, they thought I wouldn't?) with the basic rules, and good manners in eating.

In the table and in the mamada is where you will demonstrate that you are ladies

Let's see how:   

Don't eat fast, you won't win any contest, to make a good felacion you should never be in a hurry. He should always start with the tip or glans, the most sensitive part of them and slowly go around it, to continue up, down, to the side, and should only eat fast. when he feels that he is reaching orgasm.

Never put your elbows on your knees, your elbows must be free to handle with your hands, the handlebars or handlebars (for my readers of Ibero-America), with a "low rise" movement, using the same technique as before: First slow and then progressively increase the rhythm, the speed, and the character, remember the musical variations.


Don't talk with your mouth full. 

It's not the time to talk, everything you've had to say will have been said before, or if you're tired of your penis being in your mouth, take a "break" ... you know ..., suggestive look and some obscenity.  In this case it is allowed

If you want to cough, do so by pulling your cock out of your mouth.   

If you feel like sneezing, avoid it, squeeze your upper lip with your index finger, horizontally, yes! The one you masturbate with, that very same... Leave in this case, your hand that will be massaging the penis and apply this technique. How will he be so enthusiastic and won't even notice it?

If you need to blow, don't make noise. Of course don't burp. In some countries it is allowed. I recommend that you do not do this.

Don't scratch any part of your body, that's super wrong, I swear by snoopy.

And you can make the penis return to the state of morcillone, so you will have to work hard again to make it hard again.

Always eat with your mouth wide open. There is nothing more sensual than seeing your cock disappear into your mouth, but keep in mind that your throat is limited and has a stop. So if you find a megaplus with which goal two thirds has enough.

Place the napkin on your knees, never put it on as a bib, and never finish the double, the napkin, make no mistake ...  Place it on the left before getting up. You're making a good meal, so don't be a prude!

Never tear the penis to pieces with the teeth, in that case, you should only use the lips, if you use the teeth can return to the previous situation, so all the effort you have done so far, will not help you ... And to suck well a good cock tires... ¡¡

Drink if you want at the end, but do not sip, or blow, the semen is warm but not so much, I do not know is eating a soup. use another verb, the lick that they love

The blowjob I know little by little, a little piece and for inside in the mouth, not who to do everything very quickly, Remember..." right hand on the handlebars, left on the testicles and mouth already know where. "It's easy!

Read it again.

"right hand on the handlebars, left on the testicles and mouth already know where"

If you're in an orgy, start with the penises at the ends following with the others, like the cutlery in a good restaurant. You'll never make a mistake!   

Suck your fingers at the end, you can also put them in the mouth of the "partenaire" and let him suck them, this makes them a hundred!   

Do not make up in these cases, this should have done before, now is not the right time and will serve you nothing, because the view of him, will be fixed on how you apply the technique, which at this point is perfect!

If you feel the need to touch up those wonderful eyes of yours. Make a stop on the way and go to the toilet, you already know at the bottom left.   

Never extend your little finger when making a good blowjob, even if you think this is a symptom of good education, he will divert your attention to that little finger that rises, you are not an extraterrestrial!   

If you smoke, do it later, use an ashtray that, they're for that. Do not burn the bed.

Brush your teeth before and after. Your mouth will be cool. . Go to the sink, you know bottom to the left... But don't use toothpicks, let alone put it behind your ear.

Increase breathing rhythm and speed

He's getting it.

It's coming



Learning this will increase your self-confidence and you will handle yourself more fluently.

Tomorrow more than today is enough And... if God took Sunday off, I deserve it too.

Good weekend


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