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G-point and A-point


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on: August 28, 2019, 03:36:53 PM

I'm sorry to disappoint you, but there are things you can't do on your own. In order to find the G-spot, it is essential to have a "partner", and to collaborate, if not... Nothing!

And also...

If they had a companion and if he collaborated. Not all women manage to reach these points, feel them and enjoy them.

Because... There is not one... but two, yes two! As they hear it:

The G, named after one Ernesto Gräfenberg.

And he A or A-spot.

But if you don't find that "blessed G-spot, or the A", don't worry!

Nothing happens". Rome was not made in a day".


Anyway, today I will explain to you how you have to look for it, in this case "my most loving readers of erotic readings". Because they know that I love them, and that they will only learn from feminine psychology if they listen attentively to what a woman writes... Let them know!

It's all a matter of hours. Yes, of hours, of clocks... 

The G-spot would be located "at ten to ten", imagining of course! That the vagina would be like a clock or that they would place an imaginary clock in front of the pussy.

And point A, at twelve o'clock, bone in the inner part of the vagina and higher... It's easy (read it again)

Its strategic location, which is very close to the bladder of the urine, will make it necessary to urinate before performing this practice, so that the bladder is empty.

So... urinate first!

Place a pair of pillows under your hip or under your ass, lying on your back. Elevate your legs as if you were in a delivery room, legs open, well spread!


You who are explorers of the female vagina, insert your finger, better the middle, which is usually longer, into her vagina.

Trace the vagina and when your little finger is inserted, turn it over so that the fingertip touches the roof of the vagina.

Slide your finger through the vagina in the direction of the clitoris and just at "ten to ten".

Eureka! Like Archimedes said.

You will find to your surprise a roughness, which will differentiate, because your finger has a lot of touch, from the silkiness of the wall of the vagina. It is stronger and its surface is uneven. To get an idea of something you know. I'll tell you, it looks like the skin of the "areola" of the nipple when you're excited, or if, if you pass your tongue over your palate, you'll notice the sensation of touch, it may seem something similar. Do it now! Do you feel it?

This roughness can be, like a coin of a euro, a pea, a bean. And when it is stimulated it can become like a little ball of "ping, pong".

But don't cheer up when you find him and start stimulating him directly. Once you have it located with "your wonderful finger", start stimulating it by circling up and down, without pressing hard, backwards and forwards.

Don't be gross to me and concentrate only on that roughness.

Have you found it yet?


But think, she's just discovered her G-spot and maybe she's scared, she can feel the urge to urinate, that's normal, but she'll have taken my advice and urinated before, it's just the feeling ...

After that first moment, one of intense sexual pleasure will arrive.

The G-spot is very sensitive, but think that once you have practice in finding the G-spot, that I know that you will find it because "you are very clever". You can try to find the next point 

The A or A spot 

No less than 46 years had to pass from 1950 to 1996, for this new point to be discovered: "El" A or A spot".

The distance between two points was never greater.

Scientists could have gotten their heads up by now. I say!

This point would be located at "twelve o'clock", putting the clock in a vertical position in front of the pussy, bone, from point G to the neck of the vagina . very inside, very inside ...

And this one is wonderful, if you stimulate it, because :

The excitations greater and faster .

And can produce multiple orgasms

Let's go, Ostia!

But since your "middle finger" is not so long, so that we are going to deceive ourselves, I am going to propose some positions that would favor this location

The woman face down and the man, yourself behind her.

The woman sitting on the edge of the bed and you kneeling in front.

Or the woman in position "more ferarum", like the wild beasts, more vulgarly called "position of the" puppy "or said in Italian "pecorina or picolina," for its similarity with the sheep...

It may be that they notice a profuse leakage of liquid. Don't scare me, because it's the so-called female ejaculation".

But that would remain for another story, it is not a question of giving ideas..

Once you have located the dots, think that your penis, or cock is very clever, and if your little finger has found it, your cock will also do it.

If it's one of those who didn't find it, try something else, it's the "double-blind" method, and put the clock of those who talk so they don't have any doubt. It's ten to ten!

After she has had an orgasm, then insert your finger, in the same way as described above, investigate inside the vagina, you will notice the roughness that has swollen, that is the G-spot.


Enjoy it


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