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How do you make love according to your sign


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on: June 12, 2019, 04:17:29 PM
Aries: Both the Aryans and those born under this sign are people of strong character. Sometimes they have the power to appear "bitter" and others tend to perceive them as unpleasant people. When it comes to sex, they're really wild and creative. They like to dominate the relationship and tend to be a little selfish about satisfying their partner, but their relationships are so intense that without realizing it have led their partner to glorious and eternal ecstasy. The bad news is that they can be branded violent and cold right after sex. They are of little to speak in bed, rather "to the bread, bread, wine, wine and that... well that!

Taurus: To love someone from Taurus is to love love love. They are really tender and affectionate when they love, their devotion is total and although it is true that they tend to be reserved and not very expressive and sometimes strong in character when they find a partner that attracts them, their relationships are full and intense. When they have sex they are very original and they don't say no to "nothing". They care about giving, rather than receiving, so a sexual relationship with someone from Taurus is simply exquisite. They are tender, their kisses speak more than caresses...their eyes are so strong and deep that with only one look, many times they manage to excite their respective partners. They are faithful and you will never get bored in a bull's bed.

Gemini: Gemini lovers are calm, noble and very sensitive. Their love for each other makes them unconditional, which means love for nothing. They are tireless and for a single night can give twice as much love as any other sign of the zodiac. Their absolute surrender also leads them to be very dependent on the partner, which tends to make them somewhat insecure and sometimes unstable and jealous. Gemini people love recreated experiences, so it's not surprising that gemini couples live "movie-like" romances.

Cancer: Crabs and crabs are often the quietest lovers of the zodiac. Many times they border on shyness and do not expect big screams or strange poses during the sexual act, of course there are exceptions. On the other hand when they feel they are in love, those born under the sign of cancer are able to give much more than they are accustomed to. Their way of making love is very conventional, but it is also true that they seek pleasure, both their own and that of the couple. For them love can be demonstrated in a thousand and one ways in addition to sex, are detailed and when you have someone with cancer, in love and in your bed, you will not need viagra or aphrodisiacs, they are enough and sobra.

Leo: To be loved by a person of the sign of Leo is easier than to love it. They are extremely demanding and not everyone will make them feel pleasant sensations. The leoncitas are very playful and affectionate, for them the preamble is perhaps even more exciting than the climax of the relationship itself. Likewise, lions like to seduce, surround, flirt and simply stimulate their prey to the point of cornering it and then slowly "devouring" it, enjoying each bite as a delicacy of the gods. I read them also hate to pretend, so in the "precise" moment you will know if you have been a satisfactory relationship for Leo or on the contrary, the worst bed disappointment in his life. It's hard, but that's what "the kings of this jungle" are like.

Virgo: Delivery is what characterizes a woman or man ruled by the sign of virgo. They are excellent lovers, very committed to their partner and concerned about giving extreme pleasure. However, never expect indispensable requirements, each one is different and has its own list of priorities. In other words for virgo sex is completely natural as long as cleanliness, respect and above all love prevail. Virgo girls beyond pleasure seek compromise and very few would go to bed "just for the sake of it". The man is not so reserved, but he is usually faithful and uninhibited when he has sex with a fixed woman.

Libra: Total equilibrium and a certain schedule. For those born under libranas influences is important that their partner respects the bed, is a sanctuary in which not only spills the pleasure, is also the "factory" of children, so they always try to bring the ideal person. It is not surprising that the Libranos are those who make a schedule to have sex during the week and it is almost a utopia that they can violate it. If you fall in love with someone from Libra do not allow sex to become routine, for them is something delicious and as such should occupy an orderly space within their scheme of priorities. They are romantic and like to make love until they get tired because the next time will be until the schedule says.

Scorpion: They say it's the most sexual sign of the zodiac. For scorpions, sex is the foundation of life. Not for nothing is the sign that governs the genital organs and fertility. They're extreme lovers and there's everything. It's going to depend a lot on your mood and the couple, the intensity of the relationship. If they're really in love, they'll be ardent and passionate. If, on the other hand, the sexual counterpart is no more than an adventure, their concern to make them feel will not be as important as that of feeling themselves. A scorpion who likes to have sex with you will be a scorpion in love forever. They are very visual, that is to say most of the time the sex enters them by the eyes. They are usually crazy, creative and experimental, so if a scorpion or scorpion asks you for sex at the bus stop, just don't resist and do it!

Sagittarius: It is not easy to understand human sexuality, much less that of a Sagittarius. They are somewhat complicated but whoever knows how to reach them will gain space not only in their heart but also in their bed. When it comes to "doing it" they are passionate, unconventional and to please the couple would be able to do a few "different" things. They are very sensitive to touch, so caresses for the body often rob him of his calm. On the other hand, the degree of sexuality increases to the extent that the other party knows how to "turn them on", then a sagitarian "emberracao" will be a happy and sexually satisfied sagitarian...because he will take care of the rest.

Capricorn: Those born under this sign are very fiery, so much so that it is one of the few zodiac signs that can actually (only out of necessity) maintain more than one relationship simultaneously. We are not referring to orgies, on the contrary, they are too discreet with their sexuality. What happens is that their livid high temperature allows them to have more than one bed partner (at times and in different places romances). generally do not last long (at least on the contrary can be excessively long without extinguishing that initial flame that ignited their partner. The girls of Capricorn usually take control in a relationship and seek to be loved and respected for what they are and not for what they can make you feel, on the contrary the friend of Capricorn is rather casanova and seeks to sow good reputation (sexual) among their lovers.

Aquarius: Love is the key word for someone in Aquarius. His strategy is blatant flirting, but elegant. When it comes to sex, they're really relaxed. Their sensations are very important, so they let themselves be carried away, they close their eyes and they will only open them the moment they managed to feel "that" in their body. If not, don't expect a call from your Aquarian for a second date. Aquarius is looking for the most special moment to catch your partner. They love and are loved, they enjoy sex, as long as the other party does too. For the people of Aquarius the commitment is important, reason why before taking a decision as important as the one of the marriage, they will have had to live many experiences.

Pisces: Little fish are usually "slippery" or "slippery". Their sometimes tender character and sometimes just the opposite make them attractive to the opposite sex.  They prefer to be loved, but when it comes to answering "hold on" they are very complimentary and sensual. They are free and many times unfaithful, do not doubt that with every lover they learn something and if you are liberal you will get them to teach you (what they learned) also share with other couples the most wonderful thing they got from your sexuality. Pisces boys are usually very gentlemanly in bed, but when they get bored it's best to start exploiting your most intimate sexual goods, so that you keep them held longer in your nets of pleasure and lust.


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