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How to fuck to the rhythm of the stars


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on: September 24, 2019, 12:18:17 PM

I will not be the one to affirm it, but I will, but the stars vitally influence human affairs. And therefore to sexual matters.

"Sex is the motor that moves the world to the ups and downs of the cock."   

Galileo claimed that... "And yet it moves," and he was condemned for centuries, I hope that I will not be condemned for this statement, nor excommunicated... even if it is true that the cock moves... but bad!

But the movements of the cocks in receptive vaginas make turn this "jodido" world, never better applied this word...

If you are one of those who read the newspapers every morning to see the horoscope, I recommend that you continue reading this story, since it will clarify how those "noble men" fuck with their "noble contraptions", according to the day of their birth. 

The zodiac is divided into twelve equal parts that have constellation names, so let's locate the exact point of the celestial combination, between the sun and the moon, and see how they fuck according to their sign. And since the Mesopotamians invented it in the 5th century before c, we, you and I are not going to be any less!

So we will divide that sky, into 12 equal parts, "so that no man flies," and you will see and see that "men of equal signs fuck alike.

Don't cut to ask what sign are you from heaven?

And they will be able to check if they can satisfy their sexual needs, because that is what the "art of good fucking" is all about.

It's simple

It's practical.

Because you can be sure that after reading this, you will have everything "clearer than water." Of course! When the water is clear...

The ari... years 

You are the explorers, with your cock in front of you, you will look for caves, caves and whatever lies in your own bodies. You will be unrestrained in sex as long as you put your irresistible "battering ram". You will want to be actresses of your fantastic sex movies and attackers, although also a bit selfish with you at the moment of climax, but you are very good at the prelegomena.


The tauri...years 

The onslaughters will adapt to any sexual style that you propose because they are insatiable in sex... Even if you are not distracted by the various rags, especially the red panties. Because they themselves are easily distracted in the coital act, being in general not very creative, and for more INRI do not worry.

Don't" enter me to kill" with these gentlemen, although from time to time they can place some banderilla to them, because possibly they will go to "the means"... Or you are misled by the "mockery", with other vaquita ... think they are very misleading, although terribly sensual and when "are put, are put" being excellent lovers, to the last consequences ...

The Gemini...years 

The Don Juanes of sex. They are generally not very faithful in sex, perhaps the least faithful in the zodiac. And for that reason they love the difficult women and the mature ones, we will speak another day of the syndrome of "Miss Robinson", that mature one that seduced to Dustin Hoffmann in the Graduate, and of how it has returned to be fashion, the mature ones with the young boys or "toy-boy"...

You "deserving women" will love those young, fresh and juicy cocks and they will love your mouths and experienced tongues. Don't doubt it! 

The canceri...years

The omni-powerful. They believe that they are indestructible as "terminator", preferring in their sexual cravings to women without much experience, for that of teaching, being excellent "sex teachers" in each of their practices and worrying much for the learning of "their inexperienced students". Among these, they prefer them "innocent", and that they do not have any initiative, although they do not discard the experienced "sex doctorates". 

The leoni...years 

They are the curious, always intrigued on any sexual issue or any woman, it pisses them off that they don't pay enough attention to them that they think they deserve .. They are the center of attention and they will always want to dazzle you... and they will dazzle you, I assure you, have the sunglasses at hand.

They can do it and they do it!

They love to feel idolized, and since they are so stupendous, they take for granted that she will have pleasure in their coital acts, not worrying at all that they do not take it, since they are very good lovers and in addition they believe it.

The virgoni...years 

They are the erotics, specialists in the eroticism of women, they will know everything about them, intuiting at every moment what they like or like and indulging them in all their desires, they are so generous in the "art of pleasure" that they will be pleased for a long time if they fuck with the men who appear under this century. They are the eternal lovers, they fall in love almost every "five minutes", although of different women, getting lost by a good thong in a good ass. Fetishists in everything concerning women's underwear and different lingerie, if you fuck with these remember not to wear "panties scarf" that this would banish them forever from their lists....

The librani...years 

They are infidels by nature, they enjoy sex and are very patient for that, they love to explore female bodies as well, but bodies in general, not just you Remember that and keep it in mind!

They consider that it can be an insult to consider sex as a tramite, and they are always obsessed with keeping up with the times in sex. 


They are the savages in the sex, something rude, but if they want especially risky experiences, choose one of this sign, they prefer the turbulent and fast passions, bony "here I catch you here I kill you" (to see classes of powders in previous histories). They are very direct in the sex, and they pass olympically of the "previous sexual games", although they are the specialists in doing it in any place, against them they do not worry too much for their sentimental companions. 

The Sagitari...years 

The certain ones, love the sex as habitual practice, and for that reason they are experienced in all kinds of vaginas. They are crazy about very difficult women and if they are impossible, they are better, being insatiable when they achieve their most precious objective, if they manage to achieve it... of course!

They go straight to the point, to the G and to the A -spot, as they know so much, they don't waste time in finding them because they always know, "where they put their eye they put their dick", they give a pleasure that you shit! Don't waste them, they don't have waste. 

The capricorni...years 

Zodiac yuppies hate non-traditional sex, and can't stand the unexpected at all, don't ride on them, they don't like it. If you are not sure of doing it "super good of death, mortal", don't get into it. They don't pull down their pants if it's not worth it," because to go for nothing, well, no! They set themselves very difficult goals, and they don't stop until they've achieved them.


The Aquari...years 

The adventurers, are the expert lovers for demanding women, if you are one of those, these are the right ones. They are for this reason very passionate but only there... they are the most expert in the previous games, and fireworks but of final firecracker to be expected that ... everything arrives, with them you will be able to live exciting adventures, think about it! 

The piscini...years 

The volunteers, always put a lot of desire in everything they do, although they are not too seductive, they are basically wild in sex.

They always like to walk along the cornices and reach the limits, being specialists in the different sexual variants, in all possible...

And this is as far as we've come...

My dear men of deserving age already know...these are their characteristics, I know they love this nonsense ..

From the 10 to the 15 they live always peeling "the banana",

16 to 20 are the ones who eat the little flowers.

From 21-30 they eat all that they throw to them..

From 32-40 they choose what they want to eat.

From 41 to 50 he speaks much more about what he eats.

From 51 to 60 they chase the hoods, but they eat the grandmother.

From 61 to 70 sings sings but does not eat anything

From 71 to 80 alas! my dear grandparents "pain here pain there and to fuck na"

Good weekend



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