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Initiation to Domination


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on: June 26, 2019, 02:55:54 PM
My beginnings as a master go back to when I was 20 years old, even not long ago, at that time I had my first girlfriend who liked to take a passive role, submissive and obedient, and preferred me to take the dominating role, she was the one who taught me most of what I know today about domination.

A very common mistake is to believe that domination is directly related to sadism, or humiliation to the dominated, although in many cases it is so, my own experience has taught me that it does not have to be necessarily, ie, you can have a loving relationship and take the dominating role as long as the person who takes the role of dominated agrees, likewise it is not necessary to hit or insult so that a dominated obeys your orders and suggestions, you just have to apply a set of basic rules that proceed to detail below.

In the first place we must bear in mind that the person who assumes the passive role must really desire it, otherwise we would be incurring in a violation, and that is not what is sought with the taste for domination and submission, in this way our couple must want to be dominated, assume an obedient attitude and abide by our authority over it, fulfilling all our orders, no matter how many pilgrims these are.

In order to manifest our authority we can do it by means of a high and sharp tone of voice, to answer with monosyllables the questions that our pair can make, or to establish punishments such as not allowing that it touches us, not to touch it, or to provoke small bearable pains in its erogenous parts by means of the rubbing of objects to such an effect, that will produce a physical annoyance besides favoring the excitement.

Another punishment that is allowed to inflict our slave are blows with the open hand on her skin, causing more noise than pain, and to affirm our authority over our partner, and also serivira to encourage us to fulfill our orders.

As for the actions that we can order to our partner, these will come given by the knowledge of the tastes and capacities of this, for example if we like fetishism, and our partner does not like it, no matter how much this attentive to fulfill our orders did not enjoy them, and we will have lost an important part of the relationship, which is also to satisfy our partner.


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