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Kiss me a lot


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on: September 27, 2019, 12:43:17 PM

A kiss is not stamping.

There are kisses that make your legs shake.

There are kisses that make you close your eyes.

There are kisses... Oh!... there are kisses that are not forgotten.

And there are kisses, which are so good that they leave your mouth with pain in your hips.

But not everyone knows how to kiss, not all kisses are the same, they don't even feel the same way.

Some people kiss well

And there are people who kiss in grief

And for you to learn a little bit more, today I will explain everything you need to know about the kiss, this story goes with the practice after mandatory. So after reading it, take the first one that crosses you and place a kiss on the nose, with tongue if possible. If not, I will not give them the approval! You can be sure of that!

During a kiss more than 30 facial muscles are set in motion and in the erotic kiss five of the twelve nerves of the coconut intervene, affecting the cerebral functions.

It's not that easy, nor that simple.

I will explain with simplicity, although not exempt of certain complexity, what happens to us when we kiss:

Be very attentive...

All the information will be received by our coconut (some call it brain), and there are five speakers from five different stations (some call them nerves, to mislead) both public and private and without regulation of employment or unnecessary dismissals, or without cuts for the public and another is forbidden to the eyes, because we close them.   

The odorous speaker (or olfactory nerve), is the one that captures the smell of the breath. retransmit this information to the brain, how it smells. In this case if there is halitosis, or bad breath, the kiss is fucked!

The second speaker, the gustoso (or glossopharyngeal nerve), retransmits to the boss that he knows, since at this moment he has the information of the smell. And he says :

-It smells good...

Or it smells like it stinks and tastes like "rays and sparkles" (and thank goodness we have the one with the forbidden sight, that if he doesn't arm himself "the slipper").

Next the movement speaker (or facial nerve), tells the mouth to be put in "kiss position" or "piquito position".Hummm! puts the mouth like a cylinder.

The next speaker who is the lascivious, (or hypoglossal nerve) is the one of the tongue, informs it, that it must make, the movements that it must make inside the mouth of the other and puts it in movement (approximation, rotation, withdrawal, or fast movement).

And finally the informer (or trigeminal nerve), keeps the coconut always and at all times, in constant attention and informed of "what is cooking" down there in the mouths.

So the kiss as you see, is complicated...

Because on top of that, the boss, coconut, or brain, may send information and set in motion other speakers or nerves, narrating other more promiscuous activities, the penis or the intimate parts lubricating them, with which we complicate it even more.

Or not?

But you don't have to think all this, this, I explain it to you because I want you to be very wise.

Let's go to Tajo! In other words, to the muzzles.

That's enough of so much science

Like Woody Allen said: 

"Is it indecent to kiss? Only if you do it right".

Let's be indecent, I love it and I know you too..

Kissing is all feeling, and we kiss guided by intuition, kissing is not an optional subject, nor is it for college credit.

One kisses and that's it.

But there are certain things you must respect:

You must take care of your breath, now that you know that it is the first information that reached your brain, especially if it is one of the two smokes, have smelled an ashtray full of cigarette butts.

If both of you wear glasses, the best thing is to take them off, they are very expensive, and in passion can be that the sideburns break...

If it's a public place, don't sip or make noise.

Swallow saliva before kissing with your tongue, wet kisses are fine, but what is said "saliva drip" nobody likes, nor put on a bib either.

There is only one peculiarity that will distinguish the kisses: "the tongue".

There are "with" or "without."

The rest is nonsense.

The tongueless kisses; 

They are the most sensual, of the senses .

They are those of the "muac", lips against lips, also called "piquitos".

You have to play with them, kiss at the corners, spread all over your face, cheeks, eyes, forehead, and even the tip of your nose.

Rub her lips with the tip of your tongue, without introducing it, only insinuating, between kisses and kisses. 

The kisses with tongue:

These have more sexual charge, if they are well done clear!

They don't consist of "sticking your tongue down your throat", and you should also think that you should let "your neighbor" breathe so that she doesn't choke on your impulsivity.

Begin by gently inserting the tip of the tongue into your mouth, and feel the contact of your mouth. That you don't like .. backwards ..

Caress her, play inside her mouth, caress her teeth, her palate, explore her mouth with your tongue.

Let him play with yours.

You see intensifying the game, "of comings and goings", you will notice how his hands go towards your breasts, and how later they will go along your back until arriving at your ass, or until your own pussy.

Keep accelerating, and alternating the kisses "with" and "without" tongue, suck the ear, neck, kisses, piquitos ...

Make an explosive combination...

You know how to do it...

And...what does it feel like after a good morreo?

Well, it's hard to explain the feelings they arouse.

There are women who explain that it is like "butter that melts" or like a wave that comes suddenly. For you, my dear readers, andantes of erotic readings... You explain it as a deep vibration that floods a football stadium when your team scores the winning goal.

The "experts" for their part believe that there are many chemical reactions behind the thrilling sensations that accompany a good morreo, and they say or explain that they resemble the brain activity that you could awaken when you fall from a parachute "in free fall".

In reality, the disorientation experienced at the moment of discovering a new love is accompanied by the euphoria of the first kiss.

What I assure you is fundamental

If that first kiss doesn't work, you can be sure there won't be a second date.

Hence its relevance

And that's why I'm writing to you about it.

Because if there's no kissing... there's no fucking.

And if they are fond of sex... well, we'll talk about that another day of "sex addicts".

Please! be addicted to erotic readings.

And kiss a lot

Right now... Come on!



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