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Learn to flirt in less than a week


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on: June 09, 2019, 03:20:46 PM
If you want to learn how to flirt and get all women to fall at your feet follow these steps and you won't fail. guaranteed, if you're not satisfied we won't refund your money, you'll have chosen a better girl!!!   STEP 1: Choose a girl at random from among all the girls of the university except those of multishit, architecture (they are very good but they are silly) and Canarian (islanders, without comments... bad experiences of the end of career trip).   STEP 2: Make sure that the girl you have chosen is a girl, today with this surgery you never know.   STEP 3: Make sure that the girl in question does NOT have a boyfriend, and if she does have a boyfriend then... a) find another one and go back to step 1 b) take the boyfriend out of the way and continue reading.   STEP 4: This step is the most important of all: If you want to conquer this girl you MUST FALL YOUR FRIENDS WELL, IF YOU DO NOT FALL YOUR FRIENDS WELL FORGET THIS LADY AND THAT YOU WILL FAIL STREPITOUSLY IN THE ATTEMPT TO CONQUER HER.   STEP 5: Once you've gotten your friends to like you, you should try to like her because if she doesn't like you, we're on the same page as in Step 4. STEP 6: Once she's liked you, you should try to be her friend, and most importantly, make her trust you above all others.   STEP 7: (it is a secondary step but also valid), get used to ask for notes to the girl in question and above all RETURN IT WITHOUT WRINK! so it will show you that you are tidy and that she can trust you.   STEP 8: Try to find out the tastes of the girl in question (VERY IMPORTANT: THROUGH HER BEST FRIEND) that friends talk TO each other VERY MUCH.   STEP 9: Organize group outings and try to get close to her on these outings. VERY IMPORTANT: Do not try to go out with her alone the first few times because otherwise the girl in question will think that you are a degenerate and will have to go back to step 1.   STEP 10: Once you have reached this step it is time to try to have an appointment with her, invite the girl in question to dine the dish she likes (important: that it is in a restaurant because if you invite her home the girl in question will think that you have bad intentions and should return to step 1. and then take her to the cinema or theater or anywhere that is to the liking of the girl in question. If you fail to get an appointment go back to step 9.   STEP 11: Once the appointment is over, tell her that you feel very comfortable with her and that you want to repeat the experience another day.   STEP 12: Repeat step 10 but this time marking a detail with the girl in question, it usually works to give her a bouquet of red roses.   STEP 13: Once the first 12 steps have been made, you will see for yourself that the girl in question starts to hit you and call you home a lot, this is the ideal moment to tell her how you feel about her, do it by referring to step 9 or 10. STEP 14: Once you have made her go out with you and be your girlfriend, you must keep her making her happy and above all: women are always right. If after following all these steps you have not achieved anything, it may be due to: a) You are stupid. b) The girl in question is stupid, this blinding loss or failure may be due to the influence of friends (see step 4). c) You have no fucking idea of flirting. d) Women don't want you.


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