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Man's erogenous zones


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on: September 29, 2019, 11:58:48 AM
Erogenous Zones (of man)

For "White Voodoo."

A small tribute.



It is said that the biggest sexual organ that the human being has is the skin.

The human body geography is plagued with points that awaken high sensations just by caressing them. They are so sensitive because it is right there where there is a network of sensitive nerve endings that react to any stimulus, especially tactile. And it is precisely their sensitivity that makes them a region worthy and worthy of being explored. For sexologists, an erogenous zone is nothing more than a portion of skin rich in a type of sensitive receptors. These are distributed throughout the body, but concentrate on the clitoris, for the woman, and the glans of the penis.

These pleasure switches do not appear randomly distributed on the skin, but concentrate on so-called erogenous zones. Pleasure is not only limited to the genital organs, eye.


Erogenous zones are places in our body where caresses produce pleasant sensations. These are not arbitrary points, but those in which a large number of nerve endings are concentrated and thanks to this respond with special sensitivity to appropriate stimulation. Thus, they can be divided into two large "zones": 

*The primary zones:

are the most erogenous parts of the body, which respond best to any sensual touch and the best way to reach sexual excitement. Their stimulation is a blatant invitation to sex. For example: the tip of the nipples and the penis or the nipples of the man.              *Secondary areas:

as the neck, the center of the back, ears, throat, lips, the front of the legs, the anus, are parts of the body that respond with high levels of pleasure and excitement, but to a lesser degree than the primary.


However, the entire human body is an erogenous zone, as stimulation of any point is a source of pleasurable sensations.  In addition, each person has an exclusive and different erogenous map, that is, the exploration and discovery of erogenous zones varies from person to person; however, in addition to being recommendable, it is very rich and delicious to explore the territory of each lover until finding each one of his most sensitive points and to exploit them not only in each sexual encounter, but to incorporate them to the dynamics of couple (caf├ęs, cinemas, in the beach, by the street...and to see who to more). Skin contact and stimulation is one of the major components of sexual activity. It is very important to learn to caress oneself and to let oneself be caressed. It is not necessary to concentrate solely on the common erogenous zones (which I will mention later), since the skin is made up of an infinite number of sensitive points that have to be discovered day after day. I repeat: THE WHOLE body is an enormous erogenous zone... although it is undeniable that in some points the sensations are greater than in others. That's why it's very important for each person to explore their body and discover their most erogenous parts and... No, better: explore the other's body and let the other explore our own body, because isn't "exploring" the best thing?....that's it... the prolegomena.

Therefore, the exploration of the erogenous zones can be carried out both alone and in pairs, and you can do it wearing clothes or not. It is usually the sense of touch, it is the most used to give stimulation to the erogenous zones; but it is worth remembering that we can also help each other with the other senses and also, why not, with objects such as sex toys, ice, cords, etc. (I vote for ice). Remember that if our imagination has no limits, our sexuality has no limits either.

Not every stimulation of an erogenous zone will always be pleasant, because not all erogenous zones will make your partner crazy and passionate, so you must pay special attention to their responses. When you find one that really excites your partner, try to incorporate it into your sex life as much as possible!

It depends on several factors, such as the lover's skill in stimulation, or simply in the recipient's predisposition. The discovery and exploration of erogenous zones should be affectionate, sensual, and thoughtful, that is, deciding beforehand which parts of the body are out of play (if any). Furthermore, not all existing nerve endings are the same for everyone and therefore not all of us have the same erogenous zones with the same level of sensitivity. It depends on each person.

It should be noted that something very exciting is to stimulate the erogenous zones with the mouth, tongue, teeth, breath and lips, in addition to rubbing or tapping them (where and how you can). But that of making a journey with the lips...humm.....

The search for erogenous points can be initiated by any part of the body. I personally believe that it is better for the feet, but there everyone.

Start at the feet, slowly climb up the legs, behind the knees, the thigh ... gently kiss the pubic hair (without even touching the penis ... nothing, let them suffer a little!!) and climb up the belly, stop at the navel, stop to rest a little on one of his nipples and ... when the boy thinks you're going to continue upward, towards his lips ... disappoint him and go to one of his sides and descend again. And the feet are full of nerve endings that provide very pleasant sensations. Whatever you do to his feet, try never to tickle him. For starters, you can gently massage the soles of his feet, starting at the ankle and down to the toes. Stretch and massage each finger. Finish with a foot bridge massage. Obviously, apart from a massage, you can dare to play more sensual games, such as pacifiers, lickers, small bites, etc.. One sexual game that can be very satisfying for both of you is to use your feet to play with your partner's genitals. However, it is always necessary to be very careful because with the feet there is not as much control as with the hands. Don't let us crush something... and we've already messed it up!

It doesn't fail. Really. The good thing is to go marking different routes or periplos.  Surprise them every time.

Until they can not more ....he, he, he, he....

 There are still people who continue to believe that greater emphasis should be placed on the centralization of male pleasure in the genital areas, penetration and the speed of the matter, leaving in oblivion the stimulation of certain parts of the body that are highly sensitive and could help men to enjoy and enjoy a better sex life. One thing...the other day I saw in a documentary that 1 out of every 2 men is a premature ejaculator. I thought it was exaggerated, but...

I'm not saying anything... I just think that this can be avoided. Sure. You have to be patient to hit the key. Zamora didn't conquer himself in an hour.

However if the man wants to make a "good role" (what the hell ... if you need to encourage him to make "a good role" ... some need help), must be willing to keep the erection of his penis as long as possible and to do so needs not only encourage his imagination but be trained to do so and in particular needs to be stroked in their erogenous zones.  Because of course, men need to enjoy erotic play, as it offers the necessary stimulation to have a firm erection and prepare not only the penis, but also the body and mind for intercourse. Nothing of a "here I catch you, here I kill you". That is why you must give vital importance to the recognition, exploration and stimulation of your erogenous zones, which will help you enjoy the ecstasy that only sexuality can offer.

Here I leave you a kind of evaluation of some zones. I hope they help you...

Let's see.  The most sensitive areas of men are basically in three points: face, thorax and genitals, although the palms of the hands and feet should not be discarded. Give kisses on the palms of the hands, for example.  You can start to put the heart to 1000 if you start with slight caresses on his hands. Alternating the soft caresses with the firm ones and adding some kisses and licking. Hands have more than 40,000 nerve endings waiting to be stimulated. Put your partner's hand over your mouth and run the palm with only the tip of the tongue. It's an unusual and very exciting feeling. Another way is to draw circles from the inside out (in a spiral) on the palm of his hand with your fingers. Go up and down his fingers with only your own fingertips, and caress them gently.

The nervous receptivity of the fingers is used continuously to feel the textures, shapes and roughness of things. This sensitivity makes them a very suitable medium to feel the body of the couple.

In men, the area that goes from the navel to the pubis is full of nerve endings. To excite them, draw a vertical line along that path, not only with your hands, but also with your tongue and lips.

Lick, suck, and nibble.

You can draw a horizontal line through the abdomen, from hip to hip.

Then also the English are especially sensitive in men. Run the groin with your fingers, and massage gently from the hip to the inside of the muscle. Combine it with kisses on the inner side of the thigh. Run your fingers all the way down the inside of your groin towards your penis until you reach the bottom of your testicles. Press the perineum several times, play with her pubic hair. This technique can be an excellent prelude to oral sex.

 The inner thigh, where the skin is softer, is a very sensitive area that can be a source of pleasure if you caress, lick or kiss. Try circular rubbing.   And the buttocks. AY! The buttocks! They contain many nerve endings that can be easily stimulated by small pats or rubs. The man, once excited, you can drive him crazy with passion by pinching or massaging his ass. If you make love in the posture of the missionary, take advantage and gently hit his buttocks, or squeeze them with force. They love that.  Caress one of the favorite spots of men, where they converge back and butt. Use both hands. You can also make him lie face down, sit on his buttocks and lick and kiss his whole back. On the sides of the spine there is a series of nerves that can be stimulated very effectively orally or manually, always up or down. In front of the sacral bone there is a more sensitive area than the rest, where the back and back meet.  The prostate... I would dare to say that it is the male G-spot because of the intense sensations it produces. The only way to reach this muscle directly is through the anus, although it can also be stimulated through the perineum.  The anus is great sensitivity in both men and women. It can be best stimulated with gentle circular movements with the fingertip or with the tip of the tongue.   The area between the genital organs and the anus is very sensitive to stimulation and which few people enjoy. It is the perineum. In the case of the man, it is even more sensitive, because under the skin it meets the prostate. Press hard with just one or two fingers on the skin behind the scrotum. Don't do it for more than a second, but repeat it several times. The combination of perineal stimulation and oral sex is extremely pleasurable.

 All without forgetting the hair... the massage of the scalp produces a very pleasant relaxation, so it is recommended at the beginning and at the end of the sexual act. Use your thumbs to give your partner gentle circular massages.  Also massage the temples and the center of the forehead.  The male and female eyelids are full of nerve endings that are easily excited. The kisses, the soft lickings with the tongue and the soft caresses with the fingers, produce very pleasant and stimulating sensations.

 The sensitivity of the lips increases with excitement making them very sensitive to the rubbing and caress of other lips and other parts of the body. The tongue allows gentle caresses on any part of your partner's body and is for many people, the vehicle to get the most sensual and exciting sex games.   The areas of the neck, neck and shoulders can be stimulated with the hands or mouth, as they enjoy a special sensitivity producing pleasant chills. You should proceed with energy, as their skin on the neck is thicker, and in addition, many men interpret an aggressive mouth as a sign of excitement. Instead of sucking (which leaves obvious marks), use your tongue and teeth while kissing the area. Start slowly and then exert a little strength using your hair (if you have enough) to move your head from one side to the other, as they like a little aggressiveness. The more pressure on the male neck, the more pleasure and excitement you will produce.  Psychologically, the nape of the neck transmits a feeling of confidence to the one who receives the caress, and of tenderness to the one who carries it out.

Oh, and the of the basic have to bear in mind that the ears are very sensitive parts of the body, and contrary to the general belief, those of men tend to be more so than those of women. There are two very sensitive parts in both sexes: the earlobe and the back. Try the following technique: insert the tip of your tongue into your ear and trace circles. Then lick the ear lobe and squeeze it between your lips, squeezing it gently. You can repeat the movements and alternate with caresses in the other parts of the ear with your tongue and your lips. You can also blow a little behind the ear. If you add a dose of affectionate words and soft whispers to these caresses and mimes, they will surely melt your partner's pleasure. Use your tongue and lips to moisten his ear, then exhale. Your warm breath against his moist skin will drive him crazy. Try gently biting his lobe and please... avoid inserting your whole tongue into his ear or making too many baboon sounds, which is a bit wrong....




Very good luck... J


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