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Of masters and submissives


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on: September 24, 2019, 01:11:31 PM
Of masters and submissive.

They say that men and women are different. I know many men and they don't resemble each other at all, I also know many women who have nothing in common with each other.

Men and women are different both in gender and generally. As a master, on countless occasions I have met women whose desires were common but the ways to make them real were totally different. Every woman a world, every submissive a universe. And to reach all of them, to enter their minds and find the combination of the safe that is their will, is our task, my task in my condition of master. I don't always get it. A submissive is like a standard piece of jazz. On the score they are all the same, but when you play them, they all sound different.

They all sound special. A master is like a musician who begins with an unknown score, an instrument that is alien to him and finally manages to extract a result that pleases both him and those around him. Not every master is a good musician, not even a bad one, but in the same way not every submissive is an excellent piece or a perfect instrument. From the conjunction of a good master and a perfect submissive can be born the deepest of disappointments.

From the conjunction of a mediocre master with a submissive novice can arise the most satisfactory of the sessions. Whoever says that there is a pattern, lies. Remember this I tell you when you have a whip in your hand or when someone binds and gags you. Remember that not all humiliations manage to humiliate. The greatest humiliation of a submissive is disappointment because it is a humiliation that she does not control. Sometimes I have had women at my feet, with their eyes closed and mouth open ready to receive whatever I would like to give them. They were mothers, teenagers looking for strong emotions, bored or excited women.

Each one had a motive. Just like every master has a reason to do what he does. I have seen people disappear for no reason in the same silent way that they came to me. I've seen people who can't stand the slightest pressure. People who promise absolute servility with the same ease that you greet each day when you get to work. I have seen silent submissives who endured the most extreme punishments without a doubt, without displaying their conditions.

I have seen people come and go. During all these years I have learned more about the human condition than anyone around me can learn. And I keep all that to myself. For me and for the submissive who come to me. Maybe you think it's a selfish attitude. Maybe it is.

But it's certainly not easy, let alone kind. Don't be impressed by the stories about submission that you read in these pages (neither mine nor others), words often adorn deeds. The reality is something different, neither better nor worse. Simply different. It's good advice, believe me.


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