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Title: Pathways of progress
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The last year of studies before the faculty was already finishing, her 17 years was the only data that said that she was an adolescent, her blonde figure, rather high 1,72, firm and sensual breasts hid behind the uniform of the school before denominated "the one of mixed ladies" for many years, the group of companions met always between them the most akin were the four Maria Luisa, Emilia, Fernanda and her Cristina, they were inseparable.

In the previous summer they went to the coast making of the night and the beach tools to free the repressed sex of that city that caught them in hypocrisies of conducts, the rented apartment served for the parties and the circumstantial couples, only Fernanda was novice in the sex, learning to enjoy not only with boys, also between them.

Each one had her own, they were all beautiful and well formed, their bodies respond to any rule of good taste or lust, in those months they decided to study in Buenos Aires, but the crisis hit, far away they could think of vacation, the meetings in the house Maria Luisa left them far away the only solution to get out of the village, a strategy, a way to follow, look for an opportunity to be professional, unite them even more.

Each one looked for the possibility in her family and friends, a scholarship, a job, Emilia's mother, in her house broke the ice between the parents and their daughters, possibly because she has been separated for many years, her independence and management of that inquisitor society, I find them asking directly.

What do they want? 

They all said medical school, that's what they always wanted.

What help do they have in the family? How much money?   

It took them two days to answer this question.

They managed to get an apartment near the faculty, from a cousin of Maria Luisa's father rented at $400.00 with no deposits or anything.

Each of the families could collaborate with one hundred and fifty pesos, ($150.00) there was approximately $ 1,200.00 missing between all of them.

They are in joda, one of them said that they would have to changuear to work of whores, a silence was made to the minutes that ceased the last laughter, already all had understood that whores were it at least in the summer, the mother of Emilia, was target of comments of the society, many indicated her that it was their profession that allowed her to live well, more, the father of Fernanda had fights with his mother by a supposed encounter.

The comment of unsaint requests of friends of the parents was put on the table, only Cristina was directly offered money, all had done by the desire to do it, now in the crisis the values were cracking, the others by the age of the interested parties and by the perception, said that I saw them face that something was going to give.

The town was visited by several businessmen from the countryside who lived in the capital, they knew that they would have to know already, if that was the vein, when he told Clara (Emilia's mother) that once in his life he did it for money and up to that point he repented, although it was for not seeing any solution, having to feed his daughter, what he does is receive gifts from their lovers circumstantial, travel, clothing, perfumes, his face denoted concern.

They agreed to meet the next day, Clare asked them not to tell their parents, the crossroads was terrible, they were getting closer and closer to the oldest profession in the world and they were not under any illusions of not knowing that this whole society would crucify them when they started.

Cristina without commenting anything with her friends, found the old man (55) who had offered her money for her sexual favors, sat in the usual bar, (in front of the beach) looking at him attracted him, took his cell phone as the other time and in the same way they called her from the bar by her name, This time not short, he repeated the same thing two hours $ 300.00, reviewed his clothes, was juvenile, normal, apparently did not have any sign of whore, the silence of she indicated a place for him to get in the car and crouch in it, short and nodded with the head knowing that he was looking at him.

I hope she went out and went to the appointment, saw the car in the right place got into the same and crouched in the crop of the companion, looked at the driver, who smiled, a few minutes passed until they asked her to sit, she did not know that house, got out and took her to the room, double bed, was naked , knowing that it is the first thing to do, the brake and offered champagne, took a sip perhaps a reflex act of fear that had, the penumbra of the piece was clarifying in the reflection of his eyes, the mattress was hard and the old man also undressed, to see his penis, his astonished face led to an exclamation !How big! The smile, the viagra made him feel like a stallion and his penis was always huge, he realized her inexperience, so he gave her another drink that totally uninhibited her, she thought that a little cheerful the situation would be more passable, the hands of that man caressed her, his fingers in the vagina produced lubrication, sitting on the bed, at his request he gave her back, that enormity was opening, the elasticity of her vagina was stretched to the maximum, the lubricant and contraceptive allowed the total between, !Joy! drunk, cheerful, intimately felt full of sex, that bar of meat was much bigger than anyone who had penetrated her, I finish and began the game of going up and down, the frenzy took over, I never would have imagined the enjoyment she had being a prostitute, who was selling her body, but that did not matter the fullness of the enjoyment was with her, both ended, had not had to disguise as he had been told, thinking he understood that it was not to get tired, it did not cost him more enjoyment of his first engagement.

She asked him why he was doing it, she told him the truth, the conversation passed from a delivery of sex to a dialogue between two generations, the time had passed, they were only in sex that pose and was the only relationship, I miss him not asking for more things, (this from the passage to prostitute that had done).

Her questions about why she invited her, if she had the poster of puta, smiling said that she invited the women of which she knew the name and I add, you are not the only one that accepts, she asked him for a telephone both they were exchanged his name was Carlos. He was a widower, his comments put him away from a freeloader, gave him the money and left her at a bus stop, with money for a taxi.

Cristina did not say anything at the meeting, her friends did not cheer up, but in their eyes, you could see that knowing whores for sport, wanted to try, if that was the solution.

The four went to register, they saw the apartment, some savings from an aunt of Fernanda would help her for a while, the visit to the house of Emilia's uncle completed the picture, seeing them told them that it would have no problem getting public relations work in congresses or events, but they were not responsible to anyone if they accepted invitations from the attendees, which was clear to them.

Cristina did not say anything, until already registered, seeing that the work approached them opportunities to prostitute themselves they met, that night the congress was of a laboratory of traumatologists.

All without exception received invitations non santas, determined the price, $ 200.00 payable before starting, Maria Luisa and Cristina went to the rooms of those interested and Emilia and Fernanda used the apartment.

The ways of prostitution are many, the way of dressing now, indicate the profession, the photos that they send to their clients offer that something more that the "girls" handle from the base to enjoy that they learned being whores.