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on: August 26, 2019, 01:40:41 PM


Petting is masturbating without getting penetration, according to teenagers is known as "do it with clothes.

For all of us to understand each other.

Just so we're clear.

And so when they ask you say :

I know a lot about sex! I even know what it's like to do Petting for yourselves...! .

If you feel tired, undervalued, exhausted, stressed, diminished of your capacities, your self-esteem is at zero, you want to see life again with optimism, to feel good about yourself... Wow... She's a piece of shit! Practice petting. 

Petting is a very old English and American expression that comes from the verb "to pet", it is expressed as caressing, pampering, kissing...

This sexual practice became very fashionable back in the seventies, as a result of studies conducted by Master and Johnson that for more INRI were marriage and was applied in his day as a technique for sexual dysfunctions, as:

the "anorgasmia", the woman's inability to reach orgasm, what she feels after saying the phrase... What's coming to me?! Followed by Ohh, and ahhh " 

vaginismus" impossibility of performing the sexual act by involuntary contraction of the muscles of the vagina, let's go that it doesn't even enter for God!

the "frigidity" indifference that some women accuse towards sexual relations, what do they care? Ni fu ni fa!

Today it has recovered its activity, as AIDS prevention and in teenagers to avoid the risk of pregnancy.

Once you are informed, because my dear" women in age to deserve", I have proposed that you know everything, but everything, everything ... and I am very stubborn ..

I'm going to explain what it is.

It is not necessary to insist to them that the massage is the simplest and cheapest form, it only needs his hands, feet... to relax the body, his " body serrano ". And as I know, you're all very stressed out, because that's what you need.

To do petting you don't need to be in love, No!, just that there is some sentimental link, it's not a question of doing it with the first one who passes through the street, but I understand, attraction, pherormones ...

The atmosphere has to be relaxing and relaxed, a soft illumination can favour as well as a not strident music. The temperature of the place must be warm.

If they are adults ...undress and undress it, it is essential that both of them are. (I have already said that between teenagers they don't normally undress )

Don't cut yourself! If you've decided to do petting, the least you have to have right now is shame.

The bodies are there to be shown!

I know they're not a TOP Model, but they're comfortable with themselves. And neither are they, even if they think so!

The start should be smooth and the intensity, pressure and frequency should progressively increase. They are not marine octopuses that are already well the sea, they are rather as sirenitas..

You can start with the hands, fingers, lips and finally the whole body, but whenever you have time, this should be done quietly, allowing the approach to be relaxed and without pressure. If you are in a hurry, this is not the recommended sexual practice.

Keep in mind that the massage has to be mutual, that is from you to him and from him to you, because if not your brain that is very clever says: Ah no, nons and it does not work.

Both of you must enjoy yourselves, don't be opusian and expect them to do everything. Collaborate! Then there are those who get surprises. That there are women dressed as if they were mata-hari, and they think. What a dust, it waits for me, and then they are more repressed than a bottle. And there are those who are shy, sanctimonious, repressed and then "in the skin" become true "sexual lionesses", so neither one nor the other. The thing is to mislead the partenaire. Remember you must also touch and rub.

The sexual massage has three phases that you must know and respect, if not, do not put! 

The first phase is developed with gentle stimuli, especially in the temples and at the end of the spine.   

In the second phase the erogenous zones are stimulated, but those male readers should bear in mind that women do not require very direct stimulation, that is to say that the extension of their erogenous zones can be very many. The whole body well touched, brushed, sucked, can be an erogenous zone! Give it to the imagination and be surprised at how there are places that you never thought of and put you at a hundred thousand revolutions.

The male, man, male or whatever you want to tell him, has more pelvic impatience, to call it in some fine way, and predisposes him to have more urgency in penetration. But you know... petting is not with penetration, but we would move on to another practice.

If they directly stimulate the female genital organs, it could provoke an anguish and an early need for orgasm, without reaching it, for now quiet... everything comes...   

In this second phase you should stimulate the line that goes from the nape of the neck to the side of the hips, through the nipples, the waist and paying special attention to the ears, do not know what you will discover in your ears. Crosses would be made of the number of women that excites them greatly stimulation of the ears, being able to orgasm. One day we'll do a monograph on how to suck an ear correctly. There are those who orgasm with their knees or big toe, imagination is a lot and reaches unsuspected limits.   

The third phase is already devoted entirely to the genitals, and then you already know how to do it or have it done... They can make their own postures at this time , insinuations , and will receive as a prize, not the doll chochona but a good orgasm .

A good massage is beneficial for your bloodstream, prevents heart problems and also helps to eliminate depression, and you know:

"A good massage is better than a box of pills."

Making a good "petting" is a unique opportunity to communicate sexually, telling each one what he dislikes or what makes him feel good and anyway also serves to go groping the "partner" and know where the shots are going to go .

As you may have noticed, today's story is to send "male readers" a message...Women of deserving age love to be sobbed... not just fucked!

Good massage


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