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on: June 16, 2019, 02:56:53 PM
Puberty in men

This growth cycle is characterized by being full of changes in the young adolescent. Until puberty, both he and she have hardly any differences, except for the sex organs, of course. But from puberty and in it begin to be born the discrepancies between the two sexes.   This stage usually begins at age 12 and can be delayed until age 14. All this is very relative because it depends on the socioeconomic level of the country where the young person lives.   This stage presents rapid changes, especially with respect to the body. Mental changes are slower than physical ones, for this reason the young person may present an evolutionary imbalance between mind and body. This leads to the conflicts and problems typical of adolescence. The young person looks like a child, in many cases, as his or her body becomes an adult.   The changes that occur at this stage are that the figure becomes narrower, longer and disproportionate, with overall growth. The skin of the face changes appearance, appearing acne on it and on the neck. Hair is born on the upper lip (which will be the moustache) and also on the chin and cheeks (the future beard).

A typical change at this stage is the change of voice, which becomes deeper. The breasts develop and hair grows in the armpits. At the same time, the adolescent will notice an increase in their respiratory capacity. There is also a general lengthening of the bones, especially in the arms and legs, and in these a general lengthening of the muscles. With regard to the genital organs, the prostate and seminal vesicles grow until they reach their normal volume. The birth of pubic hair also begins, as the scrotum enlarges. The penis also becomes bulkier and stronger, and the testicles increase in size and begin to produce sperm and testosterone. At the same time that all these changes are usually involuntary ejaculations at night (during sleep). They are called nocturnal pollutions, and they are normal at this stage of growth.   All these changes produce feelings of insecurity in the adolescent.  He's going from child to adult, but his mind doesn't go as fast as his body. The resolution of such conflicts will be a natural part of your growth as a person and will help you as you grow to maturity. In this process sex hormones play a very important and decisive role: they are androgens, or male hormones. Among them, testosterone stands out. Women also have testosterone, but much less than men.


Puberty in women

During childhood, both males and females have a very similar physical appearance, with the exception, of course, of the genital organs.  But by the age of 12, the girl is going to suffer some very important changes in her body. Sometimes, even, these changes come before that age.  The sexual glands will develop and the body gradually takes on the typical forms of a woman. This process may seem simple, but it is not. These are complex changes and will involve various aspects, such as anatomical, physiological and psychological.   Since the male also acquired secondary sexual characters at this stage, the female will also acquire her own. You will have a greater development of your genitals, both external and internal, there will be the appearance of pubic hair, and the breasts will grow every day. At the same time, acne and underarm hair appear. The figure of the woman is stylized and her voice is preserved finer than that of the man.   One of the main changes at this stage is the onset of menstruation-the first period. This change is going to represent the possibility of having children. The education that the girl has received from her parents about this process will be vital to prevent the girl from making a drama out of this aspect.   As with men, all of these changes are related to sex hormones. These hormones, in women, are mainly estrogens and progesterone. As in men, hormones will affect brain development and have to do with the psychological changes that will occur during puberty. However, the psychological changes will also be influenced by environmental factors, i.e. the adolescent's own daily life.   Let us now look at a list of the physical changes that will occur in the young woman's body:

In many girls, not all, juvenile acne usually appears on the face. The hair on the head will be configured differently than on the male, in its areas of implantation, especially at the nape of the neck and forehead. The voice will keep a timbre less low than in the man. Axillary hair appears. The nipples begin to emerge and pigment gradually.

For its part, the chest also begins to grow, thus forming the breasts and mammary glands. The fine hair on the arms and back will disappear, while the skeleton of the young acquires greater maturity, and his figure becomes slimmer, making the waist narrower and thinner. The skin will become more oily, which will provide greater hydration, and therefore, will have a greater smoothness. Arms are stretched.

The ovary develops multiple follicles. Pubic hair will appear, growing in the shape of a triangle on the mount of Venus. The pelvis is going to widen, somehow preparing the young woman to be a mother. It will increase the size of the clitoris and its erectile system. The reproductive glands will begin to produce mature germ cells for the ovaries. The fallopian tubes and uterus develop. The mountain of Venus will become more prominent. The labia majora (outer lips) develop and the labia minora (inner lips) are profiled and coloured. The varigan mucosa becomes wetter and pinker.

The muscles of the legs will lengthen less than in men, but unlike them, a subcutaneous fat deposit will appear with a distribution that will characterize the female silhouette, and as a result will soften the appearance of the shoulders of the young woman, so that the woman who is forming has less angular. The same goes for the chains, the buttocks and the belly. The legs stretch. The first menstruation appears. Perhaps this is the most radical change for the teenager.


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