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Sentinel symptoms in males


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on: September 29, 2019, 12:33:35 PM

There are certain phrases you must know.

There are certain attitudes you must recognize.

And above all, there are certain people who should not be overlooked.

Because we fell in love

Yes! "Women of deserving age" we fall like fools in the game of love.

And there's a lot of motherfuckers on the loose

And since I love you, and I want the best for you, I'm going to explain to you what the "warning symptoms" should be so that you don't risk it.

We know from experience that "love does not recognize reasons", that our mind in a normal situation should respect. But what the fuck, we have the right to make mistakes, otherwise we would not be human.

Let's cut to the chase:

When they tell you:

"Let's be friends" is that he has no sexual or loving interest in yourselves. Your intention is that they become part of "a harem of damsels", and that in certain moments of trouble they can resort to throwing "a dick".

Whenever you are willing to share that cock with many more, then go ahead, but if you are one of those who, "a cock for life. Forget about those who tell you they want to be just your friends.

That's an excuse.

And there's nothing more to do. 

When they don't pick up your phone, when you call your cell phones, even though they insisted on giving it to you, there is no sexual interest in you. But you can fall into thinking that you are "a bunch of shit", with no religious meaning, and send them "to catch a wind" or perhaps tell them as an excuse that they are not in the wave of them.   

When they while dusting, they are telling them, the kilos they have left over or that the color of the hair is not adequate, very bad suspicion!

They don't want them, but they are "shagging" you out of pure sexual haste. You know when you are in a hurry to ejaculate, you even fuck a melon. What is the repanocha?   

When they tell them that they want a "classy" woman, or the more sophisticated with a "swing", they are indirectly telling them that they dress like a cat, and that their ultimate aspiration, theirs, is to find the model of the ads. They are not interested in you   

When they don't call you by your name while they're fucking, it's very possible that they will do it because they don't remember the many they've already fucked, so they don't care about you any more than any other.   

When they just worry about "orgasm", without telling you if you, the orgasm recipient, have felt the slightest thing, it is that they don't give a damn about you, and all they care about is their own ejaculation.   

When they don't even ask them what things or actions they'd like them to do, it's just a weekend heat, and they go their own way.   

When they don't do "cunillingus" or "pussy food" to you. that's because that's the only dust they're gonna get on them. There won't be any more, I assure you.   

When they feel their orgasm, turn around in bed and say, "Go to sleep! at best, and turn your back, think that if they are with you is because you have paid the hotel and it is not a question of taking the balcony, but at best, he is already satisfied and period.

When the dust is unique, because of their loneliness, and they accompany them to the train saying: yes of course! until the next time, I will call you! that will be the only time they meet. They will not call them anymore.   

When they don't even kiss them with their tongues, those are their friends... to go to the movies they are fine but not for other sexual needs.

When after getting laid you get up to look at your mobile, one of two, you are either married, or you have many more girlfriends than you do. 

When they tell you that they can only call you at certain times, and above all not at night, you are permanently married, and think that you will spend the Christmas holidays with your wife and her offspring, and you will be more alone than the one.   

When they tell you to forget me, do it. Everything you do in later situations will only be detrimental to your health.

You have to be observant in the details because that is the key to success.

And if they do it badly, then fuck them!

I'm not going to suspend them for it.

Yes, I know that when you are in love you don't think about many of these things, and that being loved is the most wonderful thing in the world, but not because I didn't warn you.

And I also know that you can spend your life dreaming of "your impossible love", and even die with it, but...

Things are the way they are!

And remember my maxim

"There are always lonely penises willing to go into her vagina." 



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