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Sex Addicts


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on: September 27, 2019, 01:32:06 PM

You can't govern your sex life?

You kill straws every day.

He fucks anyone indiscriminately and then regrets it.

Wakes up in the middle of the night to look for pornographic material.

Knows by heart all the arguments of porn movies.

He is eating coconut all day with sex.

There are only three words in the dictionary of the Spanish Language..." Pussy, to fuck. Sex", and by chance whenever he opens it, he finds those three words, wow...!

"You're a sex addict."

Sex addiction is one of the least confessable and visible dependencies of all existing addictions.

Six percent of the population suffers from it. Of these, out of every hundred men there are two women..

But this disorder is not new, what happens is that it is not said. People are more silent in mass". 

But it must be clarified that it is an addiction, because perhaps you "jerk off", "enjoy the sex that is a wonder", and not because of that you are going to be an addict, but someone who "has a good time.

But the "thin red line" is in the fact that your life is subordinated to the "erotic desire", and on top of that you can not control it, influencing their relationships, personal, work, etc..

That erotic dependence can adopt several faces, of the matter in question:

From compulsive masturbation, heterosexual or homosexual relations without any need to have a certain sexual identity, encounters with strangers, exaggerated use of pornography, prostitution. All sexual fantasies become an escape valve for work problems, broken relationships, low self-esteem or personal dissatisfaction.

Apart from sexual behaviour, these people also become experts in the "art of dissimulation" and all this finally causes them slavery and suffering.

Life is only subordinated to sex and you can not stop thinking about this issue.

But... "Sex addiction and passion overdose aren't the same thing."

Don't confuse me.

Being addicted to sex is not the same as feeling a great desire to have sex, nor enjoying it very often. There are people who like to do sports on weekends, and there are people who like to go running every day.

It's not the same.

There are people who go a "chatito" of wine in the meals, and there are people who only get up take the carajillo, because they can not pass.

They are different things

You have to "take the iron out of the matter" and give it what it really has.

Nothing else

Don't jerk me off.

Sex addicts are those who leave work to go to the corner, to rent a porn movie and watch it, who are walking around and go to the public toilets to jerk off because they can't stand it, who spend the "weekend" visiting porn sites. Those who seek to "have sex" with anyone and without any protection, those who spend all day talking in erotic lines, that's it!

Nor should we dramatize

Yes you

You go through the porn pages.

He's jerking off

Makes cybersex

And he's got one-night stands.

And he also loves sex..

It's not the same

It's not the same.

Because they, sex addicts, don't get pleasure from doing it, but a feeling of guilt, and you "my beautiful reader" have a good time and enjoy even the indescribable is a pleasant act and you put "a smile from ear to ear" when you do it.

Everything that is disproportionate, disproportionate and with lack of control is what indicates that there is an addiction being this an unrestrainable and constant act.

But it exists

But it's

And you have to treat it, the medication and the therapy bear fruit. And the addiction to sex is curable, because if not, each time the affected person is more anxious to please his sexual instinct and later feel an emptiness. But the first thing you have to do is to recognize it.

Nothing happens

You have to be brave



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