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Sex etiquette


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on: August 27, 2019, 01:59:09 PM

Every woman possesses a divine seal, so let them know!

And for you to attract like a magnet...

To make them really wonderful, let's dress up in glamour.

It's not just romanticism or nonsense, no!

It's a way of acting

A way of being...

Because you must be princesses, if you marry any acrobat. (This is a metaphor.. Do you understand? The princesses of sex.

Two things to do mouth;

Learn to smile even if you have the character of a thousand demons.  Smiling out loud makes you look vulgar. And you're not!

Watch the tone of your words. He's not going to communicate. Leave them for when the orgasm comes.

As you must call them, 

Social protocol is those ways of addressing people with rank.

And as I know, you guys fuck a lot, and you fuck tall people. I'm going to recommend how to call them so that they don't "screw up" in moments of intimacy.

Forget Manolo, Juan, Pedro or Eustaquio, you are very fine, so:

The rectors of the University will be called "Magnifico" and "Excelencia" if they are "excellent" Vice-rector and if they are directors of Institutes"; "Ilustrísimos".

If you are a Judge of first instance "Your Honor", but if you are the Attorney General of the State or a member of the Supreme Court, "Your Excellency".

If they are mayors of large cities "Excellency," if they are mayors of provincial capitals "Most Illustrious," and if they are already mayors of their people, "Your Honor.

In the Army:

If they are General Officers": "Excellency", if they are Colonels or Captains": "Your Honor", and if they belong to the remaining members of the armed forces with a "You"... go ahead.

If they are: Diplomats, Ambassadors, or Ministers, who already know how to fuck... "Excellency", also to the foreign diplomats in our country. If they are only Counsellors, Your Honor, but if they are Counsellors and Attachés of the Embassies, Sir.

Noble titles are, in order of category:

Duke, Marquis, Count, Viscount, Baron and Lord.

These characters with noble title, will be called:

"Excellency" if they are Dukes, and "Your Honor" if they are the others described above.

Well, now that you know what to call them and that you have studied it, tomorrow by heart, if you don't copy it a thousand times...

Let's go with good manners before sex; 

The shower, 

Essential, take a good shower nobody likes to smell bad, putting special emphasis on the pudendal parts, rub vigorously, but without scrubbing, and rinse well, it is not a matter of later lathering when you perform cunillingus or felacion.

Put on cream but don't overdo it, the penis in the penetration can slip and, or enter directly nailing itself, or pass by and penetrate the bed. 

Special attention to hair, hairs etc.. The ones with the head and the ones with the pussy.

A good shampoo, and if it is of the "casposos", in the market there is quantity of products, that it is not a question to fuck and that tea is snowing at the same time.   


Very clean, paying attention to the nails. Women don't like "mourning dyed" nails, but if those hands are going to investigate inside their panties.

The short nails, that we already know that to leave the little finger with a long nail is to counteract the "evil eye", but, that nail can do a lot of pupa inside the vagina. except for the guitarists, those who touch them with the other hand of the short fingernail. . .

It wouldn't hurt to put on some creams. Rough hands make chafing and stinging.

The feet

Washed and without roughness, a foot should never scratch, that remains for other types of animals, which already sometimes behave as such, but do not pass. Also if you practice 69, think that your feet are very close to your face, and licking your nose is very difficult. 

Cleaning of the nose,

Don't wipe your nose by sticking your finger in it, we already know that, if we put our index finger on one of the wings and blow from the opposite side they are wiped, but snot is the least attractive thing about sex. Needless to say, they should be wiped with their shirts, or skirts if they're ladies. That's why they invented paper handkerchiefs.

Do not spit on the floor, although in some countries this is allowed, this may be a reason for the dust to go "to norris", and there is no sexual intercourse.


Use the brush, which is for something more than just to make your bathroom beautiful. If you are one of the sophisticated use dental floss, if you do not know how to do it, do not take the risk at the first appointment. 

The place. Your house,

Your house is not yours, as you are probably paying for it, so your house is from the bank, don't bother to think that you have a property.

The bathroom must be super clean. Think that surely the shower described above will make it a duet and it is not a question of finding hairs...

Hide or take your pet to a friend's house.  Friends are there for that and your puppy won't get angry.

Do the same with your children.. And if his ex doesn't keep them, what's his father for too!

Put a dim light, if you have no other remedy use cellophane paper in their lamps. Remember the red passion, don't even think of the blue or the green that relax, and what you least want at this moment is the relaxation and that is you fall asleep.

Use silk sheets, have one always in the closet, they give a lot of game and besides they are very sexy.

Have a change of clothes always for new, you already know panties and bra, of the expensive ones, Save it for the occasion. No scarf panties. Remember!

Buy a sexy nightgown, leave the flannel pyjamas for the winter and when you are alone.

If you don't like candles, the smell of church, and it brings back memories of moral guilt, don't worry, skip the next paragraph and go straight to action....

There go some clues to the colors;   

Red; passion, emotion, action, aggressiveness. Think of the red panties.   

The blue; trust, reserve, harmony, affection, friendship, fidelity. (Where there is trust is disgusting, but not so much). 

Green, nature, youth, desire, rest, balance. Remember the last powder on the grass..   

Yellow; fortune, luck, adolescence, laughter, pleasure. Bullshit! As in theatre, it's not bad luck! It can't be applied in this case.   

The orange; The feast, the dawn, the presence of the sun, the stimulation of the appetite, remember! : the diner, the shape of the penises... 

Pink; kindness, tenderness, good feelings, absence of all evil, gilí pollez, Flowers Power ... 

The violet, self-control, dignity, aristocracy, now you know how to name them, and also think of Easter... 

White; Divinity, calm, harmony, but do not give them an attack of chastity, we must fuck!   

The black; the separation, the sadness, the death, the night.. You better not put these in the "they're a bad thing." But you can always think what's underneath the red panties.

If they're the kind that's been colored;

No more labels... don't shake his hand, grab him directly from the package.


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