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Sex: what you think and what you are not


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on: September 28, 2019, 12:29:23 PM

Our beloved astronaut Pedro Duque said from the Soyuz spaceship, a few hundred miles up there, that he was writing with a "cheap pen". That after 17 years working on space programs and 11 years as an astronaut, he believed that pens did not write in space.

But he had been told that the Russians had been doing it for some time, so in this space mission, the Cervantes takes one of propaganda and it turned out that if he wrote, that it was not necessary to carry sophisticated pens, not even with pressurized ink.

And he questioned

"Sometimes anticipating things too much prevents making attempts and therefore things are built more complicated "

It's something like the things we think are true and aren't, and it creates a "snowball" that gets bigger and bigger.

On the subject of sex, perhaps these rumors are the most widespread, and it turns out that everyone thinks that one thing is true that is not.

A myth is created

And if in real life, there are many but many myths, in sexology, is a subject that "takes the cake". And we also believe it 

But... What is a myth?

A myth is everything that we believe to be true but in reality is not. It is based on "rumorology", something very widespread in our country, and are generally enveloped by superstition or popular culture.

But they exist for a reason

Because no one explains, or understands, clearly what they are.

And there's a lot of "smartass".

Today I will speak to you my "very loving readers" of the myths of the penis, understanding that it is an issue that worries them and others more, remaining in "this virtual pen" many more that we will explain and clarify.

The penis 

Never has an organ had so much relevance

And never a size gave so much to talk about

The penis is a cylindrical organ, like a cigar that is formed by a tissue that during its erection fills with blood and becomes stiff, hard and grows. But how much? Not everything that some people would like...

This is it!

There is no mystery

Don't give it any more thought.

A penis in a resting state has an extension between 5 to 10 centimetres and around 8 centimetres in circumference. Go and measure it. !

Already? Let's continue...

When this penis is erect it increases in size measuring on average between 13 and 16 centimeters, so ... 25 centimeters not at all.  Cute!

This is a general rule and varies from male to male. There can always be surprises, but it is not the most usual nor the most correct...

Although, the measurement of the penis will depend on the place and the climatology. It will not be the same to measure a penis in a sauna, that in the peak of the Himalayas, since in cold places it becomes "small".

The size of the penis is determined by heredity.

No more, no less!

Another of the myths and in intimate relation with this one is the one that says that "a good penis" is what we women want for our pleasure.

Crassus error "my pretty knights"

The size of the penis is not directly proportional to the pleasure, since all, absolutely all, in the end touch the clitoris with the attainment of orgasm and the G point, even if it is with tiny g. (if you do not read the G point and A -spot) I want to reach 100,000 readings and it is missing a little bit. .

Thus, it is not a question of sizes, but of attitudes in sex, and of "how I move it"...

A rest, a poem:

"It's better to have a small and playful cock

How big and fofa."

Let's go on...

How they do it, how they caress it, how they approach it, how they attend to sexual needs, and therefore:

Nature is wise and very wise. Whether it is small or big.

Don't feel self-conscious if your penis is small or big, that has nothing to do with it, although many women still believe in that myth. I'm sure that the "advanced students" of this practical sexology course will not think about it any more.

Nor does it have any scientific basis to say that a man with a bigger penis is more sexually potent than one who has a smaller penis.

His penis is going to grow between the ages of 11 and 14, from then on his sexual potency is not going to be based on size, far from it. That's what there is!

The captive penis 

There is a myth that has been passed from "generation to generation" by popular belief, is the fact of the "captive penis", or those who were hooked when they were fucking Sure sounds or have heard.

It is very clear that this is just a novel, that goes by word of mouth. Of course, "vaginismus" exists, that is, the penis cannot enter the vagina, or it causes pain during penetration, but...  In the doubtful case that there would be a total closure of the vagina, the human body that is very clever, how you yourselves!

It would do the same way that the penis went from an erect state to a state of flaccidity and rest, slipping shamefully out of the vagina, so there could never be this collapse in the copula.

Another of the most widespread myths is about masturbation 

They don't go bald, their teeth don't fall out. Now... calluses in the hands...

I have commented in other stories that masturbation in previous times and always linked to moral attitudes was considered a sin or offense. But the reality is: The most fruitful way to respond to a person's maximum sexual capacity is through stimulation. Mastúrbense! And know yourselves, but calmly, without haste.  Enjoying that's what matters. No matter how hard you try to achieve orgasm, no matter how hard you try, if that is not well stimulated.

asti de plasti! 

Other myths about women and men; 

Women are sexually jealous by nature.

Not even a stick!

Men and women are exactly the same when it comes to jealousy. It is not a question of sex, it is a question of expressing what these jealousies represent. A man will express his jealousy more violently than a woman and infidelity affects the man more than the woman.

In this case, one of the most widespread myths is that men can have lovers without affecting the relationship. On the contrary, it is thought and believed that if a woman has a lover it is because the relationship does not work.

And the matter is much more serious

The horns are worn the same.. And they fuck the same way...

The problem is that the male, the male, has not been able to satisfy his partner. ? is that the question? Well, not another mistake.

When an infidelity is produced, it is that that was more "dead than Tutankamon". Although it is also true that sometimes some jealousies, with some, stimulate that relationship again... But don't go too far either. Because in the end they will always stay with the lover.

If a man is unfaithful, the woman is supposed to forgive him, but a woman for nothing!

It is no less true than: Many couples put up with their relationship for the lovers they have and compensate in a certain way some aspects. Married people, my dear women, always say that they are either "separating" or "separating soon" and many never do. Let them know!

Myths about pleasure 

Women more than men or the other way around.

Of course no device has been invented to redefine the level of intensity of pleasure, and determine who enjoys sex more, but I'll put a metaphor that will understand it immediately, how do I know, they are very clever!

The man looks more like a lamp, it turns on and off quickly

The woman to an iron, late in warming up but her warmth takes longer to cool down. .

We would say that the difference is in time. Faster, slower, but nobody has said more or less intense. 

About the male orgasm 

Male orgasm and ejaculation are not always linked. It is possible for a man to have an orgasm without running or to run without orgasm.

It is true that commonly, this works simultaneously, but it is not always true.

Men and women are able to have intercourse after eycaculation and even have several orgasms. The man can also be multiorgasmic. Another day we will talk about it... interesting topic 

About attitudes.

Man has to respond to certain canons such as harshness, violence, taking the initiative, the non-expression of affectivity, reason over emotion, and woman passivity, weakness, submission, softness, in this case prioritizing emotion over reason.

Nothing could be further from reality.

We women like men, sensitive, delicate, affectionate, and not rude. And women don't like to feel weak, helpless or submissive... It's not a question of sexes, it's a question of attitudes. Although my dear women of deserving age are afraid of women thrown into bed...

I would like to end the story fantasizing, men have many more fantasies than women ... And evoking now since the returned Caronte of the Space, Pedro Duque of what he saw through the window .not everything is going to be sex ...

"I see three-dimensional clouds, and high clouds that resemble a bride's veil... And the reflection of the sun in the deep orange sea. I see the horizon of an intense blue... And when the sun sets, the earth is all black, and probably down there people sleep, the sun then centered in a blue arc is surrounded by an intense black, jet color. but suddenly in just two minutes the atmosphere is colored on the bottom of orange and the sun is flattened, and only then can I see the upper layers of the atmosphere. I see an aurora borealis and I get scared, and also the mantle of stars that are much closer to me".

Dream of me that I will also dream of you. After all, I too am a myth, although in this case you are wrong because I am real. 



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