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Sexual fantasies


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on: September 29, 2019, 12:59:19 PM

"He who is free from sin who throws the first stone" 

If there is a reason why so many erotic stories are written, it is because of sexual fantasies.

It is an exchange of fluids, because when the reader is immersed in history, he notices that his intimate parts get wet if they are them and in many cases an erection is produced, which leads irremediably to a manipulation and with a fantastic final orgasm.

It can also be that the reader fantasizes with the possible writer of stories, and there are also pleasant sensations that are in the imagination, but that become real in front of your PC screen.

That's a sexual fantasy.

But an erotic fantasy is not a sexual disorder.

Unless that becomes an obsession or that erotic fantasy serves to assault another person, both physically and morally.

Men or women who engage in this type of activity are not sexual perverts, not even sexual deviants, but feel a special feeling or attraction for a series of behaviors.

They are what are called filias .

Even in history it is described that Zeus became a swan to seduce Leda, and Zeus was a god" with three pairs of balls", with pardon from the Greeks.

But it exists, but it is no less true that there is a social rejection and it is normal that they are practiced in the clandestinity, or resorting to the services of the whores... to carry out these fantasies.

Apart from this, the person who feels that predilection for these particular practices and because of the aberration that many people think it is, this produces a feeling of "mea culpa" that can not stand.

For this reason, I determine and say with the face high and strong so that everyone knows that ;

"A sexual predilection that does not lead to an obsession or mania cannot be called abnormal behavior.

So don't scare me, and you don't need to pray two Our Fathers to get rid of your sins... which is not it.

For example, nobody looks badly on the exchange of couples, in certain "status" of society, or "the message to threesomes" or do it with two uncles or two aunts, so that we understand each other, which could also be considered abnormal between quotation marks.

Let us give ourselves nonsense and let us not be now moralists, that the Holy Inquisition already many years ago that perished.

Today I will explain the most common, in case any of you feel identified and underestimate, or give, if it really has.

"All are for sexual excitement."

And as far as I know, it's not that it's bad, it's that it's very good and very healthy.


Voyeurism or voyeurs ;

They are the ones who observe without it being known, or spoiled. They observe people who are "in balls" or couples who are "fucking".

The key to their excitement is being a voyeur, and that's precisely what excites them. 


They are what they wear opposite sex dresses, you see that I don't just say women's dresses, because it can also happen the other way around to get sexual excitement.

Not to be confused

Transvestism is one thing and transsexuality, or homosexuality, is another.

Let's talk to property that then everything gets confused. . .

The case of the transvestite is a person of heterosexual or bisexual preference who needs to dress the opposite sex to get excited.

It can be a single garment, for example a pair of panties, or the whole team. Dress as a nurse or waitress. And it is necessary to distinguish between the people that I know transvestite for artistic or professional reasons to those in sporadically dress of woman or man to be excited in that moment.

.On a crazy night . 


They are those who through inanimate objects, also called "fetishes", achieve sexual excitement.

It can be from a piece of clothing, or any part of your loved one's body, hair etc..

Some people collect the thongs of women who get fucked... and without washing them... 


It consists of showing or exhibiting the genital organs to strangers, as long as this is done spontaneously and in public places.

Do not think that these seek to perform the sexual act" to postpone "No!

They are only excited by the reaction of those who are looking at them. That's something that men are more used to. 


They are what infringing physical or psychic pain in a relationship gets like all others, pleasure.

In this practice the variants are infinite; to hit, to tie, to beat, to insult. Normally in this type of relationship one accepts the "role of aggressor" and the "other of victim".

If it is a person with a hard, violent or imposing character, his sadistic vein will emerge.

If it is a person of passive and adaptable character will come out yours masoca 

Paidophilia or Pedophilia 

It is the real or imaginary realization with young children.  This...( no comments)


Or also called "bestialism", it is about performing the sexual act with animals.

Discard goats that are all crazy

This practice was well known to sailors, who made long journeys by the high seas, fucked seagulls, or sea lions, who thought they were mermaids ... hence the myth. That when they had been so many days seeing sea and more sea, and without female to fuck.. One fantasizes about anything

These would be the most common general rules, but there would also be other rarer ones.


That I would get pleasure defecating in the couple, which is a dirty and forgive me ..   

Mysophilia if you have sexual relations with very dirty people. . which is even more dirty ... 

The necrophilia that would perform the sexual act with dead, which is the sumun ...that race was well known by Egyptian embalmers ... Anda and that is not fucked the Nefertiti....

But like all things that happen throughout history, have certain attitudes that were once considered as phyllies, as described above and today are not considered that way. There are also activities that have been maintained throughout history but always clandestinely.

For example, in rural areas, relationships with animals are known, and if we go to mythology we know that certain gods had a predilection to become animals for sexual relations with humans, not to mention that until recently homosexuality was considered a perversion ... which is already the limit!

But there are limits to be set

As in everything

And when that leads to the extreme of aggression or no consent, that is reprehensible.

In sex everything is possible as long as it is not done by force. Or it becomes an obsession.

One of those who take the prize is the Marquis de Sade who stated that "All beings were born with dispositions for perversions".

Although this must be contextualized in his time, and think that the high bourgeoisie was fond of imaginative sex 

But where's the problem? 

"The difference is between use and abuse."

When these activities monopolize all of the person's sexual activity

When this doesn't allow her to live her normal life.

When all this implies an aggression to other people

When it becomes an addiction, like drugs or alcohol...

This can lead to certain things you need to know   

Voyeurs are usually people who have trouble relating socially.

As well as the exhibitionists   

The paidofilicos usually have low self-esteem and for that reason they look for in their victims, people who cannot resist.   

In sadomasochism it can always happen that someone "goes too far" and goes further than recommended.

Another practice that is not considered as a deviation, is group sex or orgies as they usually only occur sporadically.

And to whom does this happen more to women or men?

This is the "million dollar" question.

But for example, voyeurism and exhibitionism is more of a gentleman's affair. And in the case of sadism too.

Although in masochism, because of its social role, it is more specific to women.

What should be done?

It is clear that each person is free to give himself pleasure" as it comes out of his eggs" but as long as the freedom of the other is respected.

And that the sexual fantasies are wonderful, as long as they are not monothematic or are exclusive to give pleasure, not being other forms equally suggestive and shared with his partenaire.

Only when these becomes "essential, recurrent or obsessive", is when you have to be alert, the red traffic light, because it can be negative for your coconut and in this case you should go to a specialist, that is what you are for and on top of that is your job.



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